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Another FAO Discount Code %15 off!

Perfect to use on the Wonder Woman trunk. It knocks $52.50 off the total of $350. Of coourse shipping is $35 but still make the blow slightly less painful. The code is LDFALL. I have no idea when it expires!

**Ugh...i was just about to order it when i noticed they were charging sales tax to order shipping in Illinois...which adds up to $33 or so...thereby negating the discount altogether. Grrrrr. Stupidsales tax. I have a friend who's fiance lives just over the border in maybe i can have it shipped there and she can bring it back to me when she goes for a visit. hmm...$35 is a decent chunk of change...or maybe i will just hope it will be a raffle prize at the halloween convention and i will throw all my tickets in it!

Blowout Sale at Doll Market

-Cinderella Command Promenade for the bigger gals at $20.
-Ghost of Christmas Present for $75.
-Alice in Wonderland Queen's Tango Outfit $16.77
-Lilac Angora Boutique top $6.77
-Lilac Angora Wrap Sweater $7.77

Tonner Halloween Convention Info Updated!

The agenda and workshop schedule is up on the website. Sounds like we are getting an Elvira doll to me for the main event...the Mistress of the Dark Banquet.

New Fayrietale Empire Clothing Line up for Pre-order

Lots of nice things in here...get your orders in quick.

I love the teal peasant blouse and the stripey vest corset top. The Tarot Gown is stunning too! I also want the rainbow stripe stockings and the gypsy belt!

Dangerous...I just bought a ton of it. So so cute and really pretty affordable. This stuff would look awesome on the new ballerina witch doll!

Labor Day Sale at Cherry Tree Hill Yarn

Cherry Tree Hill Yarns is having a Labor Day Sale. Weeee! I plan to nab some more sock yarn...

Creepy Cute! Crochet a Cthulu or Zombie!

I just ordered this book, Creepy Cute....I cannot wait to get it! I saw some of the little amigurami critters from it at Stitches and knew it was a must have. So stay tuned for a sea of cuddly zombies, sea creatures, and vampires, etc. And use the code ETSY to get %25 off from Quirk Books. Here's an interview with the creator Christen Haden and a pattern with a creepy yet cute fuzzy alien!

Tonner Fall 2008...My thoughts..

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to hear this...

Pirates of the Caribbean
Will Turner's outfit looks great. I still wish he were tan. I am also not convinced on the sculpt. I look forward to seeing real pics of this guy. Tia Dalma is an exciting idea. I hope she does not have an open mouth sculpt. The price is way out of my range but I imagine it's due to the details of her outfits and the dreads and such. Can't wait to see pictures!

DC Stars
Well I love the DC Stars...this women of power fashion lineup is very fun and interesting. I am still super super tempted by the fancy dress Wonder Woman...I am trying very hard to resist. The rest I can live without but I think they are all pretty fun and actually not too insanely priced for what they are. I knwo lots of people are bummed about them being exclusives...but I am not too horribly upset about that. Perhaps it's because I also come from the comic/action figure land where annoying ex…

FAO Wonder Woman Trunk Set

Its a brutal $350...but that was to be expected. It comes with the trunk, original doll and outfit, a cape that looks like it's styled after the red, white, and blue cape from the television show, a sword and shield, a little festive wonder woman cheerleader looking outfit with new red and white gauntlets to match the boots, a white grecian little number with a blue cape and gold gauntlets and sandals, and a stand. It is in stock and if someone wanted to get this for my birthday next week...i would not turn it down.

I believe this code will get you free shipping SHIPFALL8 on orders over $120..which is actually a killer deal as those trunks are HUGE to ship.

I am pretty darn tempted by this. I know it's ridiculously pricey...but I love wonder woman!

More Tonner Fall/Holiday 2008 up!

Tonner's Davy Crocket...looks like Mulder!

We have actual pics of Tonner's Davy Crockett character figure courtesy of Angelic Dreamz. He looks pretty darn good and someone pointed out that he looks a bit like David Duchovny...and I agree. I think I might need a Mulder and Scully set for my collection.

Steampunk Costumes Rule!

I have always been a huge fan of the steampunk aesthetic. I am tickled pink to be doing not one but TWO steampunky plays this season: RUR for Strawdog and Pillar of Fire for College of Dupage. Yee Haw!

So while researching for Pillar today, I can across these awesome examples that I want to share with the class:

Steampunk Justice League: The Guild of Justice-Minded CitizenrySuperman & Powergirl looks fabulous! And Here's Batgirl! I love them all.

And I saw these guys at the Comic Con...the costumes were totally amazing! There were lots of steampunk cosplayers.

So sketches and images of my version of steampunk to come soon...and if you are interested in learning more about steampunk, here's a forum.

Coney Island Coquette Socks

Coney Island Coquette Socks
Originally uploaded by alyrenee Made these festive numbers for my sister... The yarn is the self-striping Felici yarn from knitpicks in Coney Island. I think they will look festive with her crocs and scrubs.

Gelato Twilight Socks Finished!

Gelato Twilight Socks
Originally uploaded by alyrenee I am getting good at the socks me are the last pair completed and on my festive homemade sock blockers! These are for me me me.

Mini Millinery for Fashion Dolls!

I had some fun with some hat straw, flowers, and feathers. I will be doing some more of these. I just need to source the hat straw and get sewing. Here are the first two tiny dolly fascinators!

Wonderfully Restyled Sybarite Club Kids by Anthony in Hawaii

Fabulous styling work and photography...very fun.

Gary Fletcher Patterns 20% Off Sale

Enjoy. I just made "Setting Trends" and it is adorable...the instructions are a little hinky but there are now computer discs with helpful images that come with the newer patterns. I also just put in one of the mini-zippers last night...very nice and super helpful. I will be buying more.

Tonner Devereaux Sisters up for Pre-order!

The sisters and their outfits are up for order at Tonner Direct! Evidently they do have the smaller bust-line. Most of them start shipping as early as August 19th! I am happy to say that I am not tempted. They are nice but I was hoping for either something more authentic or a little more edgy a la Erte' perhaps? They are nice though and the hairstyles on the basic dolls are quite nice.

DC Stars Message Board

Like I need another message board...ugh. But this one is about my current favorite thing!

And I am about half way done on my Donna Troy custom doll. I have the jumpsuit finished. Just need to rustle up some boots and armbands and do a head swap!

Kir Royale Layne is Actually Carrie

I thought she looked more like Carrie...and indeed she is Carrie.

GothikaGlam: Clothes for Naughty Dolls

Stacey just launched GothikaGlam...a line of dark clothes for 16" dolls. There is some very cool stuff in there. I am tempted by Margeaux. It has some very cute accessories and I love the top.

FS/FT Dolls..must purge

Gotta clear out some room and the duplicates. Prices do not include shiping. I will do international. I accept paypal or us postal money orders. Trades wanted below. I have postive feedback on ebay under alyrenee. All items from a non-smoking house. I have cats but they stay away from the dolls. Cheers!

$125 NRFB Aquaman King of Atlantis (the one with the sequins and batman face sculpt)

$100 Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Dressed Doll complete (one rhinestone has gone MIA from her belt...but it is not noticeable)

$80 Central Park Sydney w/ perfect untouched hair and complete outfit or nude for $60. I will even change her to fashion feet upon request. *HOLD

$200 Lonely Heart Ellowyne from Convention...

$75 Nude Now What Ellowyne (now sold out)

$40 FAO Tiny Kitty Fascination (no box)

$400 Mini-fee Shu Shu w/custom faceup..normal skin

$100 Metallic Misaki Haute Doll complete

$15 Nude Riviera Susie with a slight shoulder split

And I have the FAO Wizard of OZ trunk that is taking up lots of space...It…

And yet more pictures from the Tonner Store Event!

Here's some more pics by Terri! Lots of really nice pics of the American Models. They look stunning but I just don't have the room for those gals....

The Save Me Ellowyne dressed doll is sooo cute. I love the sparkly boots and the long tomato red hair...tempting. must resist.

And yet more Tonner Dolls! Weee

I went to a and there are even more pics when I return! The videos are up as well.

Mera Queen of Atlantis is a fun idea...not my cup of tea. I do like the festive headdress though.

Looks like FAO is getting some exclusives again. I am guessing the Wonder Woman trunk set, the Rapunzel, and it looks like a Joan Crawford with raven hair....maybe the one from the Jungle Red outfit.

There's a 12" marley-sized Little red Riding Hood coming too. Looks like the Alice sculpt. And it seems like the gray polka dot dress Marley is a part of the Regina collection.

The final production doll of Snape looks pretty awesome...wonder how he would like with Lara Croft?

And the production version of Will Turner. I am still not sold on him. I will need to see him in person I think. The hairline looks good though. I like what they did with that and as always the outfit looks very detailed and wonderful.

Here's a link to some more pictures by Marcia…

Weee New Tonner Dolls! And I am selling my kidney!

SLEEPING BEAUTY...I am very excited. It looks like Aurora has the Lana face sculpt too. Weee. I have always been a big sleeping beauty fan! I will try to resist as she really doesn't fit in my current collection...but it is darn tempting. If he makes a new Prince Phillip I will swoon...Prince Phillip was always the cutest Disney guy. He should look just like James Marsden.

New Truffle Boutique Separates are very purple..I will need to see them all to be sure, but I do not think I am tempted.

FAO Rapunzel using the Breathless sculpt...too purple and froofy for my taste. She does seem to have crazy long hair.

In the Regina Collection, there's a nice looking Layne with good hair and a pretty cute cocktail dress. You can also see a raven bobbed Marley (no not the reggae master...te he) in a gray polka dot dress just behind Layne.

And of course the Devereaux Sisters...which I really need to see closer pics of before I am swayed. I love the concept though. I wonder if they are sm…

Head over to Tonner to see the rest of the line!

Robert has a nice little welcome video on the blog!

And don't forget about the 15% off at the Tonner Store all day!

Knitty Summer Surprise Patterns & Other Knitting Updates

Hey Teach! is super cute. I love it! Then there's Tank Girl by Vicki Howell, a cute tank with festive drop stitch detail. And finally a floaty lacey pullover called Sea Tangles which though cute, scares me. I am still scarred after my first attempt with fluffy lacey yarn...

The new Interweave is coming soon! Weee Preview pics are up on the site. The knotty or nice socks look fun,the backstage Tweed Jacket looks promising, and the Whisper Stripe Pullover looks great but EXPENSIVE in all that yummy alchemy yarn. No way could I afford that one...ugh.

I picked up the most recent KnitScene just before my vacation and I am most definitely attempting that swell renaissance-y hoodie...Riding to Avalon.

While on vacation and during my prolonged sick leave I managed to finish two pairs of socks and even block one! Shocking I know. I made my own sock blockers out of some salvaged gator board..or that kind of plastic corrugated card board used to make outside for sale signs and sometime…

Sloper for DC Stars Superhero Male

Lyn Waring makes great slopers if you are into patterning costumes for your fashion I do...and are too lazy to make your I am. She just released the one for the beefy Tonner superhero male dolls like Batman and Superman and will shortly one for the new athletic 17" female a la Lara Croft! Weee! I highly recommend them if you want to give a go at making costumes for your dolls!

Ultra Exclusive Phobias at Superdoll Soon

As if collecting Sybarites wasn't stressful enough...Superdoll is planning to torture us some more by randomly putting ultra limited fashions on their website in the coming month. I believe there are four Phobias in all each limited to some where between 3 pcs and 20 pcs. Ugh. But they do look cool but might not be everyone's cup of tea. No word as to when or how much and you can see a preview of at least two of them in the October issue of Haute Doll. So I recommend obsessively checking the site every four minutes or so if you want to get them. I am currently doing that so that I can get the pieces that go with Swallow...should some nice soul stumble across them and want to order them for me, I will not complain. After seeing the pictures of Swallow in the new Haute Doll...damn am I happy I bit the bullet and ordered this doll. It's way too much money...but I adore her. So I definitely need to sell off some more stuff. Between her and the upcoming Tonner Convent…

August '08 TonnerSpace Newsletter is Out!

Check it out!

Tonner Virtual Event Blog

American Model Winter Solstice won a DOTY! Congrats Tonner!

Some Joan Crawford news...the awesome doll used for the Jungle Red Outfit might be appearing as an actual doll in the collection! This is great news indeed and I am glad I have held off on ordering any I think that one was the best.

There is a report on Comic Con...and a mention of Twilight that makes me wonder and hope that Tonner might be getting this license. Do you hear that...the sound of millions of teen girls (and women) squealing....

In the Upcoming events part...there is a blurb about the DeAnna Denton collection that will be debuting at the Modern Doll Convention in late September. I have no idea what that is...anyone else?

So there you have it!

Slayathon Fast Approaching...

Don't forget to attend Slayathon...the annual charity event for the Make a Wish Foundation where we watch a marathon of Buffy and Angel to raise money for sick kids! It is always an awesome time and this year's Slayathon is happening on August 23rd. If you cannot come, don't worry! You can still show your support by donating via paypal through the Slayathon website! Tell em Alyrenee sent ya!

I'm in love with a Wookie!

Well not was more of a one-night thing. But here is a taste of the craziness that was the San Diego Comic Con...

Victimize Wig at Superdoll

Superdoll has posted a new wig for the Fashion Victims called Victimize!

Victimize... something you would do with a Trapeze!
Awesome black and blond 2 tone new romantic inspired wig! Adding a bit of 80's pazzaz... a delicious vibrant citrus ponytail attached with metal clamp and PINK satin bow!

one per customer. Ed 100 pieces worldwide.
In stock and ready to ship!
Price: £25.75 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%)

Tonner Dolly Days of August, Virtual Raffle, & 15% off on Aug 9th!

For the 'Doll Days of August' at the

14 Hurley Ave. Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 339 - 2960

Saturday, Aug. 9 from 11AM - 2PM Meet Robert Tonner and see selections from the BRAND NEW 2008 Tonner and Effanbee Fall/Holiday Collections! Some of our newest characters will be on hand, including the Sisters Devereaux!

Take advantage of SPECIAL SALE PRICES storewide for one day only, and be the first to own the Sisters Devereaux! Enjoy light refreshments, win door prizes, and see the newest Tonner and Effanbee collections on display.


If you can't be with us in person, join us virtually by participating in our blog! We'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at all the preparation leading up to the main event and we'll continue with coverage from the event festivities and even pull a 'virtual' raffle for those who couldn't join come to the store!

Enter our virtual raffle by leaving a comment with your email address, n…

New Ellowyne Woe & Whipped Cream

She's very cute and I love the hairstyle and color. And use the promo code WOE to get free shipping on your order.

Fletcher Pattern Company having a 10% off Sale!

They have great patterns that are easy to follow...try them out. Also a great place to get tiny zippers, buttons, and belt buckles.

Phantom Zone Supergirl at Tonner Direct!

She's very limited and will not last long. trust me...she's a gorgeous doll! And they still have free shipping on orders over $200 using the code 08FS200.

Haute Doll Sybarite Exclusive- Haute Swallow

She is up for order at a whopping $725 for non-members.

***Haute Swallow Sybarite LE 250
This Haute Doll exclusive is the final in the Couture Trio.

Couture Swallow Sybarite is a redeveloped face mold in the line with the original Venus D'Royce.
- Fully airbrushed body and facial paint
- Applied lashes. Felted articulation
- Black mid calf lace up, buckle up stiletto boots
- Black patterned diamond hose
- Black tulle underdress
- Black patent and lurex silk overdress. Matching silk panties
- Winged bolero in custom sequin
- Firey red attached wig in nape bowle. Side part and laser cut swallow detailing
- Padded box and doll stand

Limit two dolls per customer.


The outfit is pretty spectacular and I like the face paint and red wig. But...yeah I don't know. There will also be a crystal and mohair twinset and an outfit called Mass that will compliment Haute Swallow. I am not sure if this makes me want her more or the ch…

Tonner Fall/Holiday Collection is up! Squeal!!!

Head on over to Tonner to check out the full Fall/Holiday Collection!

Here's what's new...

-A bitchy looking raven wigged Sydney called Pulp Fiction.
-A new strawberry blonde Shauna doll Sun Kissed Sophisticate in a very cute Ellowyne-esque dress.
-A brunette Tyler in the dread ponytail with a red dress and big bulky coat.
-A russet long haired Syndey in a purple gown.

I am only tempted by the Shauna because I like the dress and I still don't have a Shauna/Queen of Hearts sculpt yet.

Wizard of Oz
-A Winkie Guard! The outfit is awesome but it's too bad they did not give him a handsome head sculpt...I would have bought him for sure if he were handsome...
-Ballerina Glinda and Elphaba at a ridiculous $179 price idea but way way out of my price range. I don't get why these are so expensive when they don't even seem to have the pricier fabrics on the costumes. It does not even look like silk and not a micro-sequin in site. These are both limited to 150 p…

New Wonder Woman Exclusive: Diana of Themyscira

There's a festive new Wonder Woman at Tonner Direct for $159.99. The belt and jewelery look awesome on this doll and I like the hairstyle. I am not sure I need her yet...but she is tempting. She is limited to 200 pieces.

They have also extended the free shipping for orders over $200 until August 11th. The code is 08FS200.