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Couture Doll Millinery Currently on Ebay!

Check out my latest dolly millinery creations now on ebay...

Green Bird

Fleur de Pecher

Creme de Fleur

Lilac Deco

New Ellowyne & Evangline line up at Wilde Imagination!

Click to see it!

Get $13 off of $75 with the promo code NEW! I already bought the Blue Ellowyne...she is adorable. The new basic ellowyne's have great hair and very cute little outfits. There are also new wigs and of course Sybil...who is a very affordable $24. I think i will be getting her. I like all the new dressed dolls but I must be good and stick with The Case of the Blues...and hope I can get those outfits separate.

For Evangeline...there is the stunning new Blue Moon outfit at $125 which includes the great blue wig as well. There are also some new footwear options and I overheard the folks at Wilde Imagination talk about some new affordable fashion options on the way for Evangeline. I am imagining some boutique separates or something. Expect to see them at Toyfair or Idex.

Tonner Convention 2008 Extras For Sale

Head over to Tonner to get the extras...

Convention Swag....

Here's my favorite...the Ultra Basic Goth Tyler...worth the price of registration right there...and the stunning Swept Away outfit I picked up in the facotry sale...I have been dying for this outfit for quite awhile...and it looks beyond perfect on Tyler.

And here's some more of the bagged goodies from the factory sale"

I scored a convertible foot doll...awesome-ness...Supergirl will get this bod so I can switch between her high heel and flat foot shoe outfits. I also got a bendy wrist Esme and a Jac sculpt for super cheap. Uptown Urbane Tyler who I plan to keep only for the the body and sell off the rest and the Joker outfit...which is super awesome since I had plans to make my white alien Cosmo doll into the sexy joker for Harley Quinn. So these were all great finds for me.

Back from Tonner Convention...Exhausted and Poor!

Well another Tonner Convention is over. I had a great time and spent lots of dough. Luckily I actually made some dough too! I will give the full run down and take pics of the goodies later today...In the meantime, head to the convention blog to see pics of all the dolls and centerpieces....

I cannot wait until the next one, which will be in June in Chicago again and will have a pop culture theme. Weeee. I cannot wait since that is exactly what I collect. I will be focusing on making costumes for the the super hero characters next time as well as more hats. Perhaps I will actually be able to get some competition entries done this time around!

Tonner Newsletter &] Website Updates- New Specials & Free Shipping!

Lots of good deals. I am oh so tempted to get the Joker for $75. And there is a new Lara Croft outfit pictured on the mainpage! The whole website has been redesigned and looks swell.

And there's free shipping for orders over $150. Good through Oct 31st and the code is 08FS150.

The October Tonnerspace Newsletter is also up. They have preview images of the new teenage body sculpt that will be used on the new FAO Dorothy and the upcoming Twilight Bella doll. It looks great. I cannot wait for it!

Countdown to Tonner Con!

Weee. Just a few short days away....yet I am completely unprepared. I totally forgot to buy raffle tickets early. grrrr. Oh well. I have finished several more hats though as well as made some cute little hat stands for them and at least two hat boxes to sell. Plus some more outfits, though not as many as I would have liked. But baby steps...I am just starting to dip my toes in this whole 'craft business' concept. I just realized I still have not made business cards yet...ahhhh. Better go do that now...

Superfrock Newsletter

Dearest Patron, Collector and Enthusiasts.
14 October 2008
Well, we are fresh back in London from the wonderful city
that is Moscow!
What an awesome time we had there. We participated in the Moscow Doll Salon and
it was a great pleasure to have our re launch of the Chalk White™ Sybarites received
with such acclaim.
We attended a magnificent dinner on Red Square on the Friday evening and were
awarded the ‘bright debut in Russia’, a much coveted award for first time visitors to
the Salon.
It was an even greater honour to meet with our many (far more than we ever
imagined) collectors and fans in Russia, many from Moscow and many travelling
hours to meet us. A truly wonderful experience. Our heartfelt thanks to the
organisers of the event, who made us feel most welcome, the warm and friendly
people of Russia and also the many new friends we made among the spectators and
the other exhibitors from around the world. Our very special thanks to our wonderful
translator Julie, who not only went beyond her call…

Virtual Tonner Convention Blog

Only a few short days away! Tonner is once again bringing the fun to everyone with another convention virtual blog!

Haute Doll Sybarite Exclusive: It Girl Raja

Wow...this one is stunning as well. The new face sculpts are amazing and the paint job on this one is killer. If only I weren't poor. And I sort of prefer to buy these Sybarites with a fashion on them...not just underwear.

LE 200

Exclusive to Haute Doll and the latest from Superfrock is the It Girl Raja, Clone 0501.

Raja arrives with removable wig and lingerie shown. She wears logo sandals that match her outfit. Raja is a basic 16-inch Sybaraite and can wear all Subarite clothes.




Doll is expected to arrive at the end of December. A 50 percent deposit reserves your doll today.

Pre-Tonner Con Sale!

Well I was getting ready for my sales table at the Tonner Convention and thought...why don't I try to get rid of some of this stuff BEFORE I get there...items from a non smoking house...but I have cats...they tend to stay away from the dolls...but just so you know. I have refs on ebay under alyrenee. I also have a few trades at the end. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship international. Paypal or money orders.

Lonely Hearts Ellowyne $200 *SOLD*
Amazon Princess Wonder Woman Complete $90
Witch Repaint $60 *HOLD*

Euphemia Repaint $80 *HOLD*

Custom Millinery:
And I will be selling lots of little hats for Tyler, Gene, Sybarites, etc...
Sunny Sunday Morning Yellow Straw

And the Grey Silk hat is still available here:

Outfits made by me:

Reversible Silk 2pc $15

Hot Thai Silk Dress & Hat $40

Cotton Skirt $5

Peach skirt & Rever…

Cherished Friends 3 Day Sale!

Man...what a great sale. They have Elizabeth Swan Court Gown for $50...brutal. I so want to get the High Seas Elizabeth...but perhaps if I wait long enough, it too will be $50. Also some nice deals on the Golden Compass dolls. And Amazonian Protector Wonder Woman for $50.

Ultimate Shauna: BJD at Angelic Dreamz

You can see a preview picture of the upcoming Ultimate BJD Shauna over at Angelic Dreamz. It's been a busy day for them over there. Shauna looks fabulous. She might actually tempt me. I keep waiting for the one that makes my jaw hit the floor though. More information will be on their exclusives page shortly.

Angelic Dreamz Sybarite It Girl Exclusive "Inque"

Angelic Dreamz has a new Sybarite clone for sale. The face sculpt looks new and it may be the photos...but she seems to be more 'tan' than previous dolls. Not sure though...

Inque, IT GIRL

Wig is removable not attached. She wears Logo Sandals that match her outfit. "Inque" is a basic Sybarite 16" tall and can wear all Sybarite Clothes. She comes wearing lingerie shown.
Ltd. Edition of 200 Dolls.

Angelic Dreamz Exclusive
Pre-Order Item
Arriving Mid November

Multiple orders will be cancelled and not honored.

Flat Rate shipping USA
only $15.00 via UPS Ground.

New Tyler Clothing Line from Lyanne in NZ

cute stuff...See the rest of the line here as well.

Resurrection in moscow: Sybarite Art Show

Man these look gorgeous!

Scary Sockfest #2 Nevermore Sock Finished!

Weee. I finally finished my first pair of socks for the challenge. I am woefully behind, but I have already learned some handy-dandy new skills like Turkish Cast On and tow-up it's all been worthewhile. Plus..awesome new socks too boot. I also did the finishing work on a pair that has been languishing for awhile waiting for the ends to be woven in. And also did the same on one of my many coffee cozies...guess what everyone is getting for christmas this year?

DIY Demon: Lil' Plush Cthulu

I crafted up these little plush Cthulu critters as a thank you gift for the Deathscribe judges. Ain't he cute. I will clean up the pattern and post it eventually.

Paul Pham's New Doll "Grey"

More info will eventually be on this website...\

Evidently, she is limited to 50 pcs. The damage is $650. The designs for future "Numina" dolls look killer. Can't wait to get the new issue!

Here's the info up at FDQ:

Take a look at Paul Pham's gorgeous new doll, Grey. She is a 16-inch, resin ball-jointed doll. Each of these exquisite dolls is hand painted by Paul. She is wigged and dressed in a spectacular couture gown designed by Paul and ships in November.

Due to the limited quantity of dolls, the chance to purchase Grey is limited to subscribers only, and orders will be placed in a lottery to determine those who may purchase the doll.

New FAO Exclusives: 22" Scarlett & Judy Garland WOZ

I never even knew there was a 22" version of Scarlett? Evidently, there is and FAO has the exclusive. She is $350...

And there's also a Judy Garland doll up. I think the picture looks a tetch scary...I will need to see better pictures. For now, I stand un-tempted. She is $140 and says she's 15" tall...not sure what body that is then. Maybe it's this new teen body Tonner is planning to use for the Twilight Bella?

A Few of My Favorite Chicago Things...

Favorite Restaurant: The Chalkboard...I could eat that Gouda Mac & Cheese until it kills me. And then i would eat it in heaven...along with brioche blue cheese sandwich and tomato bisque. yumminess.

Favorite Bar & Sunday Brunch: Four Moon Tavern 1847 W. Roscoe St. ...filled with awesome from the wonderfully surly and love-able bartenders to the fan-flipping-tastic omelets...I love sitting at the bar on a sunday late morning...

Favorite Comic Book Store: Chicago Comic Vault...they are celebrating their two year anniversary on Oct. 11th and I plan to be should too....

Favorite Local Yarn Store: Knit 1 yummy in there and friendly and just the right size as to NOT get overwhelmed with yarn porn...and I love the coffee place next door, Stubbs.

Favorite Dive Bar: The Mutiny...they have a bar dog..need I say more. It's friggin' awesome in this place. And they have killer tailgate parties for Bears Games.

My friend is a Beekeeper! Bzzzzz.

How cool is friend Jill and her husband Matt have started up a Bee-keeping business. It's called Reed's Bees. Head over to their blog to learn more and donate to support sustainable natural bee-keeping.

Au milieu de l’hiver Tyler Exclusive Doll

Found this in the news section of the Tonner site...her outfit looks like a mini version of one of the American Models. The Tyler has great makeup too!

Au milieu de l’hiver Tyler

Special Tyler exclusive for Kathy Moreau’s Boutique Museum in Paris France Tyler will be presented, and available for sale, at the French Fashion Doll Collectors Club “Open Day Luncheon” held at the Novotel Paris Est on the 12 October 2008. To reserve a doll or for more info contact Kathy Moreau:

Tel: 33 1 6003 20 59 Email:

Nice Article about Doll Repaint Artist Noel Cruz