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IT Gloss Convention Thursday Haul and Thoughts From a Distance

It is tough having a proxy...I miss being there horribly. And it is sort of exhausting super-stalking everyone on flickr and the boards for info. But it was the more sensible way to get the swag this year (not wanting to leave the wee lad for the long weekend).

Official Welcome Bag Doll and Companion Accessory Kit
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls and 500 Accessory Packs

I believe this doll is on a Poppy Parker high heel foot body (last seen at IFDC) and is a part of the ITBE line.  This is the first Erin/Collette sculpt.  I think she is super cute but I am not sure I will keep her.  I will definitely be keeping the outfit because I think it will fit in perfectly with the Urban Safari fashions from the recent dolls.

Sheer Sensuality
Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss Official Table Centerpiece
Limited Edition of 350 Dolls

Thursday Night Dinner featured Sheer Sensuality Vanessa as the centerpiece doll.  She is LE 350 an…

IT Gloss Convention Doll List...In progress

Doll count: 39

Thursday: Welcome Doll Erin-original sculpt on high heel Poppy body LE5o00
Accessory pack for Erin with fur vest and hat LE 500
Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin Centerpiece- Vanessa 1.0 original sculpt  LE350 Le Smoking Adele Makeda- Adele 2.0 w/model muse skin tone LE 500
IT Water Bottle
Azone Gold Booties

Angel in Blue Poppy Centerpiece LE 300
Starlight Poppy Souvenir LE 500
Friday Night Bazaar Red Fashion (variation of Vanessa's purple dress) LE 500

Sensuous Affair Giselle- Centerpiece Nu Face W Club luncheon Chrome Noir Erin Souvenir Evening Siren Ayumi Companion- new sculpt LE 600
Intrigue Elise-Centerpiece LE 300
Intimate Reveal Agnes Souvenir Convention Doll LE500

IT Direct Salesroom Dolls:
Wild Thing Poppy
Hanne Erikson After Hours
Dial V for Victoire Mini Giftset
ITBE Jolt- Amelie/Misaki
ITBE Oopmh-Ayumi
ITBE Zing-Amelie/misaki
FR2 replacement bodies!
Convention Collection: Nightshade Kyori Dark Moon Poppy La Villa Lumiere Simonetta- Studi…

Couture Sewing Behind the Scenes....

Watch this video...

So this is amazing...and I do a great deal of these same steps and techniques when I make a wedding dress for someone...and also when I make costumes.  All of that tedious thread tracing even. I only WISH I had that amazing pleater thingy though.  Hopefully this gives some insight as for why custom made garments cost you lots of mullah...

It also makes me want to wear a labcoat at work.

Fashion sleuthing. ..FR Urban Safari

So I think I might have found some of the design inspiration for the recent  Urban Safari lineup from Integrity Fashion Royalty in the Spring 2011 Gucci designs. I don't know if anyone had found these already. If so then I was not aware.   There is an orange dress very similar to Elise, a vest outfit like Desert Sands Kyori, and a cropped vest with corset number a lot like High Visibility Agnes. I also spotted seam and laced eyelet details on a skirt. You can see more photos in my Urban Safari board on Pinterest.

New York Comic Con~Lady Action~Wonder Woman 52 and Supergirl Costumes for $99

I believe this is the Captain Action booth #341...According to a another website, they are seeling the Wonder Woman 52 outfit for $99 or the outfit/Lady Action set for $199...which is a swell deal if that means the outfit plus the doll.  I have yet to find confirmation that this Wonder Woman 52 outfit will come with a wig or not.  So it is a mystery.

The Supergirl outfit looks so much like the original DC Stars Supergirl...I am not sure I even care to get it.  The wig looks nice, but I have never been a big wig doll fan.  I can't tell from the photos if the boots have a heel on them. The biggest difference in the outfits is in the gold belt and gold edging on the boots.  part of me wants to be a Supergirl completist and just get it....

Info on the outfit:

Look up in the sky- it’s our Lady Action Tonner Supergirl outfit! Get ready for the just-announced CBS Supergirl series with this lovely Supergirl outfit especially designed for the Tonner Lady Action Doll. This limited edition …

Tonner 2015 Convention in Dallas 5/28-5/31

So. ..yee haw? Not for me. I will be saving my money for Integrity Convention and a potential trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal.  But collectors have been begging for something out west for years now.  So good for them.