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Knitscene Spring 2009 Preview is Up!

Click for preview...

I like the rainbow yoke pullover, the mumzy scarf is cute, the tempest beret is swell, and that's about it...sort of disappointing as I usually adore all the Knitscene stuff. It all seems sort of bulky, shapeless, and blah. But perhaps in the flesh I might like some of these more.

2009 Robert Tonner Up! Sqeeee!

Check it rantings to follow...

Love the new Basic Deannas! Great outfit and shoes. I think I might get the platinum...

The Woman is Certain Bette Davis is pretty fabulous...but I think I am resisting...

There's a stunning Breathless Mahoney...

I might just lose my mind to see the Antoinette...hoping that means Marie Antoinette and big huge frothy dresses. Too fun!

I adore the new raven haired Joan Crawford...I think I might have to get her...

Serrafina from Golden Compass is FABULOUS!!!! The hair and the dress are great. The face sculpt looks beautiful.

AHHHHHHH! Hawkgirl!!! I am in heaven. Green Lantern!!!! So wonderful! Catwoman!!! They are all fabulous! I love it. AHHHH Deluxe Dolls on the beefier body! I am so thrilled and will be getting ALL of these! The Green Poison Ivy is killer too! Not as crazy about the new wonder woman face sculpt though. But man...these costumes are awesome. I am gushing with joy at all the DC goodness! I think I will make the Delux…

Woot! Green Lantern on Ebay!

Check it out...he looks awesome. The sculpt looks new and promising. Seems to have a nice chin on him. Do not pay $285 for this doll though. He will be on sale monday. I am bummed that it seems like his punching fist hands are painted white. Maybe Tonner will surprise us with swappy-outey hands though.

Cute Free Sweater Pattern at Interweave from French Girl Knits

I just ordered this book...hopefully it will be there when i get home tonight (if I ever get home tonight...mad mad overtime this week). Here is a free pattern that did not make it into the book. It's very pretty. Called Viviene.

Tonner Doll Specials Online!

Lots of good deals out there right now with stores trying to clear out last year's stuff before Tonner posts the new line on monday. So here are the good scores:

Superman $100

Decent deals to be had on last year's dolls...I am tempted to score a Davy Crockett to Mulderize him (i think he would make a swell Fox Mulder from X-Files...and Wicked Witch of the East would make an awesome Scully). The Sun Sophisticate Shauna is $99...I totally want this outfit but I am not wild about hairstyle nor the color. But I do not have a Shauna sculpt. But part of me thinks I might have a decent chance of getting this one in the Tonner Convention Factory Sale. Pulp Fiction Sydney is also $99. Penny Lane Ava is $89...the outfit is cute and the hair is nice. And Cavalier Sean is $99 which i would not mind picking up to make into Nightwing...

Must resist....

And Cherished Friends...lots of nice deals....

New Specials at Tonner Direct & Save $15!

Click here for Specials... Some decent deals on the Deveraux sisters...and a really nice deal on the Breathless Mahoney dressed doll for $85. They also have Phantom Zone Supergirl up for sale (gorgeous doll and a killer outfit!).

Plus you can save $15 with a promo code:
SAVE $15 on orders of $75 or more NOW through 2/1/09. Just enter promo code 091575 at checkout. I am fairly tempted by the breathless mahoney....must resist.

Dick Tracy Outfits on Sale at Angelic Dreamz

Nice outfits for the girls for $50 bucks...

Grant a Wish Convention Info is Up!

Check out the webpage for information on the Grant A Wish Convention. I am thinking about going...we shall see.

2009 International Fashion Doll Convention

The theme is sci-fi. I sort of want to go...not sure if I can with where this falls and my oh so hateful summer theatre work load. But I think this could be so so fun and Vegas is semi-affordable. The registration goes live on February 15th.

2009 IFDC
July 29 - August 1, 2009
The Orleans
Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Limited to 300
Registration is open now.

2009 IFDC Registration

A Celebration of ALL Fashion Dolls

You are cordially invited to the 7th Annual International Fashion Doll Convention. Bring your family and join your friends for a 4-day getaway in exciting Las Vegas, NV. Meet your favorite Divas!!! A special souvenir doll just for this occasion will be presented. There will be the goody bag, salesroom, competition, raffles, bowling tournament, workshops, seminars, artists' gallery and manufacturers' exhibits, the FDM Awards, Charity Auction, special appearances by your favorite dolls, doll manufacturers, doll dealers and doll artists....And there will be surprises!

New Knitting Books Coming My Way

Wee. I just ordered French Girl Knits and Glam Knits...can't wait to get them. I will let you know the story when i get them...

So far my Yarn Diet is going well. I have been deleting every yarn sale related email without even opening it. I finished one pair of socks and started another pair already. So now to finish up some sweaters.

Hollywood Ahoy Convention in August

Evidently, Sandra Stillwell has some sort of convention in the works. It sounds fun!

Chick out her blog to get the details.

Superdoll Restock...

Hurry...they have restocked some of the recent dolls and outfits.

Dolly Steals of the Week...

Cherished Friends has a killer sale. I sooo want to buy some of those dolls just for the outfits...very tempting.

Twilight Dolls up for Preorder. Squeal!

Tonner put up new pictures of the upcoming Twlight Dolls. They look great. Also welcome is the news that doll stores will be carrying the line which opens up the chance to get them at a slight discount. Try Cherished Friends or Angelic Dreamz. Angelic Dreamz gives you free shipping for all orders over $150 but you have to pay the full whammy when you order...which I hate to do on pre-orders. I might take my chances and wait to get these when they come out...hoping that I can get them for less. I worry that they might become uber-popular and be hard to get...but ordering them now sort of goes against my new year's resolution.

2009 Madame Alexander Doll Collection

You can see the collection here...I like the Grace Kelly doll but thus far I am resisting. I know lots of people are excited about Mr. Cissy though.

Tonner Green Lantern Alert!

Weeee...looks like the latest Toyfair has a Green Lantern preview from Tonner! Squeeeeeeal!. Not sure which lantern though...I am guessing Hal Jordan..but who knows.

NEw York Comic Con Tonner Exclusive: Lara Croft

I kind of want this one...but doubt I will be able to get it..


HURLEY, NY- January 14, 2009- TONNER reveals its New York Comic Con (Feb. 6-8) show exclusive, "Forging Excalibur Lara Croft™, Tomb Raider™, " available in TONNER booth number 1127.

NYCC LC Exclusive Forging Excaliber, is 17" tall, limited to only 100 pieces (certificate of authenticity included) and will sell for $174.99 in TONNER booth number 1127.

Effanbee 2009 Preview at Cherished Friends!

Some little girl dolls up for viewing...

Tonner Convention Breakout Events Posted!


AHHHHHH! A WONDER WOMAN EVENT!!!! AHHHHH With Circe...I hope she has purple hair!

Oh and Tyler's getting Married! That's fun.

And Twilight at Midnight...squeal!

Things That Are Awesome: Lynch's Dune

First of all...Dune by Frank Herbert is one of my favorite books. I read it at least once a year and usually one or two of the sequels or newer prequels as well. I think it rules. I know that many think that David Lynch's film is an abomination...I, on the other hand, love it. Adore it even. Yes they totally mess with the original story in several ways. And in general, the film is a bit of a hot mess at times. But the cast is fabulous(Brad Dourif alone makes it worth the rent)...the costumes are glorious...and Kyle Maclachlan's hair is mesmerizing.

So I am halfway through Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson's Butlerian Jihad book...and I thought I would dust off my vhs Dune tape. Sigh...I am now watching it again...for the second time this weekend. I have not seen it in at least two years now...and I forgot how awesome the costumes are and just how very often I crib from this film. I pretty much took most of the inspiration for Keziah Mason in Dreams in the Witchho…

I am off to the Hospital...Baby Time!

Weeee! My sister is in labor. Baby Kenzie Johnston incoming....huzzah!

Last Day for Wu Club Registration...

Ugh...I think I am joining...

Give us a Secretary of the Arts! Sign the petition!

Just do makes sense....

Wu Avant Garde 2009 Previews in New FDQ

wow...these look awesome. I like that blonde. I might have to break down and get one.

FDQ will also have a video blog of interviews from IDEX next week. very cool.

New Male BJDs- Lucien, Bradley. & Jenry by RDG

New boys alert...The sculpts are nice and evidently they look alright next to Sybarites and the like...I think they are 17.5 inches tall. Basics will set you back $450.

Wilde Imagination 15% off Sale

Wilde Imagination has a 15% basic Ellowyne and Prudence dolls and the outfits. The sale runs until January 17th. The code is ESP. I am resisting...

Vampire Line Up at Fashion Boulevard

Weee! More cool stuff I don't need. So of course, I ordered the warrior coat and the roses are red blouse. very cool.

Selling off Ridiculous Amounts of Stuff on Ebay! various collections have reached an embarrassing critical mass. So it's time to purge a bit (mostly so that I can work them back up to an equally embarrassing state in like 2 years). So please check out my ebay auctions filled with everything from shoes to Buffy Figures to Barbies to an Mp3 Player to lots of CCG card games and role playing game stuff. Like I said...silly amounts of randomness!

Twitter has occured...

I finally gave into the Twitter phenom...follow my glorious ramblings aqui...

2009 Resolutions...

#1 Make an Effort...this applies to lots of stuff....
#2 Yarn diet until Stitches Midwest...
#3 One doll comes in, one doll goes out. I have hit critical doll I need to be ruthless about my collection now.
#4 Live for the dream of my weight on my driver's was a lie when I 16 and got the license in the first place...but its good to have a dream....only 40 lbs to go.
#5 Swear f*&k*n way this will happen but I would like to try.
#6 No new clothes until I am a size 8...the 12's will work for a little while longer...
#7 Eat less move more.
#8 Get to 45 minutes of running.
#9 Support the little guy...less buying at the big box corporate.
#10 Say "no" more.