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Arcadia Knitting Makeover Sale this Weekend!

I might have to break my yarn fast...

Arcadia Knitting's Big Make Over Sale starts Saturday, July 31 at 10 am and continues Sunday, August 1 at 10 am. All yarns and needles will be 40% off. All books, patterns and notions 50% off. All display models must go. This includes sweaters, scarves and afghans. All fixtures are up for sale: couches, chairs, shelving, mannequin, etc.

DIY Bridal Fascinator!

These are like little art installations for your head!  I made all of these with bits of scrap fabric, old buttons, and other sneaky recycled flotsam.  They can be pinned to the head, sewn on a barrette, or sew a pin back on it and use it as a decorative brooch or mother of the bride corsage.


Materials: (all found at any craft store)
Decor (can be any and all of these options):
scrap fabric
silk flowers
paper flowers
found objects

Hat base and finishing supplies:
plastic canvas
poly batting or a doubled thickness of felt
comb, barrette, bobby pins
sewing needle and thread
coffee mug
optional: low temp hot glue gun

-Trace a circle onto plastic canvas using a coffee mug.  This will serve as the base for your fascinator.  -Cut a piece of batting and a piece of felt to the same size.  The batting will serve as a little cushion underneath your layer of fashion fabric.  The felt will be sewn or glued on the very back o…

New Benefit Beauty Event Aug 5-7th in Chicago

Weeeeee!  I will be there with bell's on.

Monster Bowling this Saturday $10 @ Timber Lanes

Do it. Rowr...for Wildclaw.

We here at WildClaw are filled with love. Thank you so very much for your help in securing the Chase Community grant. We couldn't have done it without you...

Feels strange, this thing called love. Uncomfortable. Kind of like gas. We evil creatures are more accustomed to that than... love, you say?

Ahem. We'll start again.

We here at WildClaw are filled with EVIL GAS. And we want to share.

Join us this Saturday, July 31st for WildClaw Theatre's MONSTER BOWL. (Think of it as Halloween in July...with bowling.)

1851 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago
(right off the Irving Park brown line CTA stop)
9 p.m. until 3 a.m.
$10 gets you in the door, bowling, shoes and food.

Come as your favorite monster! Does that mean lycanthrope? kaiju? undead? C.H.U.D.? urban legend? perhaps an ex-boyfriend or a Sesame Street crossing guard?

A: Who are we to tell you what your favorite monster is?

Prizes for: Best Costume • Best Beer Frame Score • Best Monst…

H&M Fashion Studio Human fun...

I have been "working" very hard today creating hipster outfits on the human paperdolls over at the H&M website...lots of fun.  Of course i don't approve of H&M necessarily due to some shady tactics of shredding clothes instead of donating them..but I can enjoy the website right?

SDCC 2010 Tonner booth Coverage...see the new Firefly Jayne!

He looks pretty cunning...

Go to Mookie Jam this wednesday and support artists with MS!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
The New Spectacular Lincoln Hall
2424 North Lincoln Avenue

The Mookie Jam Foundation is a Chicago-based, not-for-profit organization assisting artists living and creating
with multiple sclerosis.

Jason Wu Re-designed Alex Signature Solls...

I like the new Paris and the accessory sets..

I love these...Sew Sweet

Sew Sweet

Ordering as we speak...

An Engagement Photo!

Porch Wedding Impending...

New Sybarite Maverick

Very pretty but I am on a very strict yarn and dolly diet...this outfit is killer though!