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Doll Sales this Weekend!

I sadly missed the Cherished Friends sale yesterday...but Angelic Dreamz is having a nice sale as well. Ultra Basic Shauna is $36.79 until Dec 1st and they have free shipping for orders over $100.

Tonner Direct is having a 15% off Cyber Monday sale..and there's free shipping happening, so that might be the temptation that I need to pick up Full Throttle...or get one of those Women of Power dolls...hmmm. Enter the code 0815FS at checkout.

Metrodolls has a special on their recent convention's you chance to pick up that nice new Magnolia sculpt with that amazing dress.

Annette and Friends is having a sale. 25% off until saturday...darn tempting. Black Canary is singing to me...

DreamCastle Dolls as well.

Sale at Metrodolls until Monday Dec Ist!

Sort of tempted to get that new sculpt...and I have always had my eye on the MetroStyle Tyler...hmmm...

$20 off at Wilde Imagination until 12/7/08

Enter the promo code SMILE to get $20 off an order of $100 dollars or more until December 7th. This is a pretty sweet deal. I am most tempted to get myself some more ellowyne shoes or perhaps that preppy Adrift doll. I love the outfit and I have been wanting to order some sneakers...and since this doll comes with sneakers...well it might jsut be a better deal to get the dressed doll..but of course I still need to get Sybil... ah, decisions. The code can also be used for Evangeline purchases...

Lots of Stuff for Sale....

Find more at my Show and Sell Page

-$200 Angel Region Jade Mini BJD w/ two outfits and a wig
-$25 partial Mary poppins outfit- no boots and umbrella broken
$25 new Tonner Fashion of the Year Awards outfit NRFB
$35 Nude Aspen Sydney
$10 Wee Basic Patsy Blonde NRFB
$15 Music Video Awards Alex Nude (no stand)
$25 Wheat Blonde Jane Nude (no stand)
$50 Petulant Pink Stella Nude (love her but got poison ivy...and the current rule is...only one sculpt on the island)
$40 Stella Alyce Nude (no stand or original box)
$15 Spiderman Mary Jane Waitress Outfit Complete
$4 Blush & Bashful polka Dot Negligee
$20 New Attitude Vanna White Pink dress (no Shoes)
$15 La Concorde Paris Maroon Jacket, Fur Collar, Shoes, Skirt & Bag...fits Tyler
$10 Munchkinland Outfit Complete (fits Marley)
$7 Weekend in Wash. Giftset White Silk Blouse
$5 Little Luxuries Giftset White Silk Pants
$15 Little Luxuries Nightie & Robe (no shoes)

And on Ebay:
Mary Kay stuff, Star Wars Micro Machines, DC Comics Barbies, Buffy stu…

Wu Avant Garde "Lush" Doll Lottery

If you missed your chance to get Live Wire or Eclectic...then try your luck with "Lush". Integrity is offering a lottery to win the chance to buy her. I am still going to wait for future offerings. I was interested in Eclectic...but did not want to deal with hunting her down. The lottery is open until Dec 4th at 2p CST. Good Luck!

Update at Deva Dolls

Deva Dolls has updated their site with a new look, new photos, and it looks like some new dolls. Not every link is working currently at the moment. What is there looks stunning! I know a lot of people have had problems ordering from them in the past...but man these look amazing so i hope they have decided to step up their customer service. I really like the photos of the african very tempting.

Liz Retros Etsy Store: Cute Vintage Doll Clothes

So much cute stuff in Liz Retros' Etsy Store...very tempting and I have long been wanting one of her pieces.

Handy Little Tonner Database

This is pretty cool. They are still working on it but it's nice to have all this info in one place.

November Tonner Space Newsletter is Up!

Click to read!

There's a spotlight on the Lara Croft doll, a designer room segment on the Narnia dolls, pictures from the Kingston Hospital event, a Nightmares Convention report, and a segment on identifying your doll.

New Exclusives:

A stunning new raven Sydney : Auld Layne Syne limited to 75 pieces...she will be gone in a hurry I am sure. She is $175 and in stock. Use Promo Code 081575 at checkout to receive $15 off.

Sybarite It Girl Venus Back up on Site

If you are looking for a Syb...this is a stellar deal at the moment with the current exchange rate. She runs about $405 plus shipping. So nab her if ya still need one.

Superfrock Innqui Preview Photo

I have no idea what this doll is..but evidently it is debuting in December...

So here's the intel I have gathered...may be true...may be rumor..

These are indeed smaller than 16"...and possibly made of porcelain. That's all I have got for now.

Sale at Dreamcastle Dolls & Cherished Friends

Some nice deals here at Dreamcastle Dolls...I am still pretty tempted by the amazonian wonder woman...

And Cherished Friends has a Pre-Thanksgiving Sale too. Kagiso is calling me...and Jeremy tree where are you...

Wild Inspiration Daphne Exclusive

I think the outfit is pretty hideous...or maybe on the right doll it would be okay. The face and hair are nice though.

Wild Inspiration-Daphne Sculpt

Far East Exclusive - LE100
Chief Shine International Co., Ltd.;
Email Contacts:
Contact : Mr. Y. J. Wei (English spoken)
Tel : 886-2-2664-8088
Orders Accepted on 11/30/08 - limit two per customer

Airbrush your Sewing Machine!

I might just have to do this...too cool.

Airbrushed Machine

Exclusive Doll Wigs for Sybarites and Others at Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz has commissioned some wigs specifically for the Sybarites....but they should also work for the Tonner BJDs as well. A good chunk of them are already sold out but you are able to backorder them. They also have the silicone caps too.

New Patterns for Tyler at Adams Harris Pattern Company

I am particularly fond of the Harlow dress. And there are some very cute things for Ellowyne.

20% Off at FAO this Weekend!

Using the code NOVSALE this weekend only to get 20% off an order of $120 or more at FAO. Nice deal...making the Wonder Woman trunk even more tempting...oh how I want it.

Winter 2008 Interweave Knits Preview

Oh, this hooded Pfeiffer Falls scarf looks awesome...

The Manchester coat is awesome as well...

And I like the looks of Positrano Tote...though i am not allowed to cast on for a new bag until I finish my first purse that is still on the needles...

so much to little time...

Dolls Specials to Watch....

Flirt Fatale Kit $66.99

Sister Dreary $74.99

Elizabeth Swann Court Gown $49.99

So so tempting...

Specials at Tonner Direct! And New Stuff Arriving...

I am oh so sad that I missed the Bruce Wayne Special..but there are still some good deals there. Use the code 081575 to save $15 on an order of $75. Plus there is still free shipping on Lara Croft stuff. Now that there is a coupon I am slightly more tempted to get Full Throttle or at the very least, the open road outfit....oh evil Tonner.

And just in case your wallets weren't already groaning, lots of the new stuff is hitting stores. Black Canary, Dick Tracy, Maleficent, Pulp Fiction Sydney, and several other doll pictures can be found on Prego if you hunt for them....

Also..I managed to blink and miss the pre-orders for the Wu Avant Garde dolls. I believe you might be able to trade your first born for one now...but there is still a wait list for that. I like them, but not enough to give up a baby for one. Besides, I imagine everyone will get them and then about half of those people will promptly resell them at a profit. I have learned that if I wait long enough...i can usua…

Charity Sock Yarn sale at

So many yummy's all i can do to prevent myself from getting some...

Liquidation Sale at Fletcher Harris

Gary Fletcher got a new job and is ending his pattern's the time to stock up as these are great patterns that fit really well. I plan to get the rest that I don't have and a bunch of the tiny little zippers and buttons.

Superfrock Alert! New Cute Stuff!

New stuff in the outfits and accessories plus the new doll, Venus, is up for order. I totally just broke down and got the Bzzz... set. I just love the purple sweater and bag and it seemed like a reasonable deal to me. Plus the exchange rate is not so hateful at the moment..which is surprising...or maybe I am just trying to justify my purchase.

Hurry while you still can...

Lots o' new doll stuff...

Here are some updates...

Angelic Dreamz BJD Shauna is shipping.

The FDQ Numina lottery is happening soon I think. I still have not gotten my issue...which is V. annoying. I drooled over it in Borders yesterday and those Paul Pham dolls are gorgeous....if I had cash I would be all over it. I am hoping I can get one of the other ones eventually.

Superdoll has a few outfits for sale...Iguana Blue, Poison, a few of the Fashion Victim outfits still...and even the Orbit sweater set.

I am participating in the Project Dollway at Home challenge. Here is the blog... and you can head over to the myspace page to get more info and see the challenges in the "pics" section.

Here's the Tonner Holiday FAO lineup...remember to use the code VETS8 to get 15% off until Tuesday...

15% Off at FAO ends Veteran's Day

Oh how that Wonder Woman Trunk Set is calling out to me...sigh...

Use the code VETS8 to get 15% off at FAO until tuesday.

New Items for Lara Croft at Tonner Direct! Lara Croft stuff is up at Tonner Direct! Wee. The Excalibur for 39.99, Full Throttle Lara Dressed Doll for 169.99, and the Let's Go Off Road Outfit for 89.99. Also, there is free shipping on all Lara Croft orders. I was sort of hoping for a fashion foot Lara...but I guess that's coming later. I do love the Full Throttle outfit...but really wish it was not a dressed doll. Hmm...maybe I will be able to score it later somehow. All cool stuff though.

It also looks like all the DC Stars Women of Power are in stock. I am still dying to get the Diana of Themyscira...sigh. I live in hope that I might score one in a Tonner factory Sale at a convention...or perhaps I will win the lottery.

NaKniSweMo Time!

So it's National Knit a Sweater in a Month time yet again...I am hoping to meet the challenge. My plan is to finish either my Riding To Avalon Hoodie or my Estes Vest...I have the avlon hoodie started...but I am totally itching to cast on that estes vest and tackle all of those cables. hmm...decisions.

Project Dollway at Home Challenge #1- Vintage

Head over to Project Dollway at Home's myspace page to see the collage pics from the first round of the competition. The theme was vintage. I'm number three! We are designing a collection for one doll. I am using Lana Lang and sticking with luxury fabrics in metallics and jewel tones. This was for a benefit at the Metropolis History Museum.

The next challenge is "pleats".

All or most of these pieces will be available for purchase eventually...though Lana will not be pleased.

La Fête des Catherinettes- Hats on Ebay!

Please check out my hats and such on ye olde ebay...Ending this evening. More hats to come to celebrate the season!

*Photo of Ivy in the peach hat by Stacy! Thanks!