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Dolly Days 2017: Farewell to Jem Revealed!

Oh the joy and sadness...the Jem doll line by Integrity is reaching the end. Yesterday IT revealed the prototype images for Glitter 'n Gold Aja & Shana and the Farewell Jem dolls. Still no images for the the bonus Kimber and Raja fashions that will come with the set though.  I have also heard there might be a surprise accessory for Jem...have no idea what that is though.  The dolls like nice though. I am especially pleased with Shana's hair. Not sure I love the style on Aja but it is pretty accurate to the cartoon. The hair color seems a bit brighter to me than the first release. I am not sure what is up with Jem's face...either it is not a great picture or there is something wonky about this face up. Generally these dolls have always looked better in hand so I have faith she will be awesome.

Item # 14101 This is Farewell JEM™ Dressed Doll THE JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ COLLECTION Edition Size: TBD Estimated Delivery: Winter 2017 Retail Price: $130.00 US
# 14099 Glitter '…

Dolly Days 2017: Swinging London Poppy Parker Collection Round Two

I can't be the only one experiencing some Poppy fatigue this year. I believe we are currently at 20 dolls (and counting) revealed so far in 2017. Oye. Now lucky for me, I have only bought a few for the clothing and sent them on their nekkid merry little way. I think only the ash blonde Style Lab convention poppy has remained in my house (Rainbow has not left her box yet...still haven't decided on her) and the British Invasion will stick around too. I skipped the latest Christmas (but not in time for Christmas) Golden Holdiday Poppy club doll and was feeling pretty confident in my willpower to ignore this second round. But of course, the latest offering is killer once again. I'm a monkey on crack.

Item # PP118 Friday Night Frug Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll The Swinging London Collection Edition Size: 825 Estimated Delivery: Mid-to-Late Spring 2018 Suggested Retail Price: $130.00 US via Integrity Dealers Doll Tech Specs: Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker Body: Poppy 1.5 Foot Sculpt: Traditional…

Dolly Days 2017: Mega Sale on IT

Integrity Toys and the W Club are getting into the holiday spirit again this year with Dolly Days: a week long event with daily reveals and new and surprising ways to get money from their addicted collectors. Monday started off with quite the bang via a fire sale on a ton of IT Direct product. The sale is still going on until December 13th and items are selling quick.  I showed only a modicum of restraint. I say this because if I had purchased everything that was on my list it would be have been in the $500+ camp...  Luckily I had done some planning ahead to see what the pre-sale total would be and put my desired items in my cart on Sunday night and left them there. On Monday when the sale went live (late of course), the website was painfully, murderously slow. I went straight for the body that I needed to upgrade my recently acquired grail Soul Deep Adele and then nabbed one of those display riser stands to use for easy store sales photos. After waiting two lifetimes to get into my …