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GNIZAMA! Tonner Zatanna Exclusive...

Who wants to get me this for my wedding?

Tonner MadHatter images....creepy.

The costume is awesome!

New Tonner Dolls! Jonah Hex, Galadriel, Twilight and more...

Oh Cami and Jon as well.  Alice from Twilight is pretty darn cute.  But the showstopper is GALADRIEL!  Man that sculpt is perfect!  Here'e hoping Legolas looks half as good.

I like the Jonah Hex dolls...I might actually have to break down and get Lilah and pretend it is not the likeness of that bitch face who shall not be named....

Mademoiselle Choker to Crochet...super super cute stashbuster!

Got this pattern in the mail today...I heart it and will make it.  I have not dusted off the crochet needles in a while and this looks like a killer sock yarn scrap stashbuster!