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Lana Lang...cocktails with Lex

I always love red heads in lavender.  This is part of the masquerade giftset from the tonner convention and Lana's original skirt.

Undercover Lois Lane

I went on a redressing binge and decided to have fun with Lois.  I imagine this as Lois going undercover at Metropolis University to break a big story. I think this skirt will look adorable on Tullabelle when she arrives.

Diana your service.

I bought this outfit last month and just got around to putting it on Wonder Woman today. This is Red White and You from the Anne Harper collection. It really is a gorgeous outfit and perfect for Diana.  Supergirl also looks great in this old Tyler outfit...palm springs maybe?

Great Gatsby fashion article....

I was interviewed for this fun article about fashion and The Great Gatsby....

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That Grand Despair, Too is very tempting.  I love the hairstyle on her.
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Fashion Illustration with markers.

I'm not the best with markers but I think this try shows a real improvement for me. I also used soft pastels on the top to add texture and show the print.

Happy Ash Wednesday!


Damon & Stefan On Sale Today $129  Toy Fair Special....

American model muse

I just deboxed this beauty.  I have not had one of these for awhile. I bought the 22" Amazon wonder woman last year but she still languishes in her box. But two weeks ago I saw this girl on Tonner's site and decided I had to have her. Well of course she is sold out. I managed to get lucky on Ebay and found her for a good price.Well sewing for her is a dream.  Obviously the larger size is a huge advantage. I look forward to recreating some complicated period garments for her. Today I whipped up a simple lace dress for her that goes nicely with her original outfit. I have enough lace to make maybe two more of these to sell at the Tonner convention. I plan to add some little appliques and beads as well.  I just need to get her some more wigs.  Normally I hate wig dolls but in the larger scale it does does not seem to bug me. I might try making her a wig myself.

New Atlantide Fashion Designs

Here are the finished fashion illustrations from my first project.The inspiration board with swatches and an editorial board. Drawings coming shortly.

2013 Tonner Doll Mainline Release!

The newest offerings are up and for me, it is a bit of a mixed bag.  Now mostly that is because my particular tastes have either changed or rather, I am forcing my tastes to be my mindful of my lack of space and money.     The price points on this lineup are hard swallow...but we knew that was happening.  Still, it is hard not to think of the work Integrity did with Tullabelle and be a little less than enthused when you see $199 on a doll that does not even have a purse or a necklace.  Le sigh.

Here are my picks and complaints....

Classic Elegance Tyler-gorgeous haircolor and style on the original Tyler mold.  The dress has an interesting sweetheart neckline combined with an empire waist and a cascading skirt in what looks like velvet.  She reminded me a bit of Sargeant's Madame X.

Enticing Outfit- I like this Antoinette outfit with its nice color and fun mix of textures.
Summer Swing - I bet this one sells out in a jiffy.  I like the flame hair.  Had this been on the lily skin-tone…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Cloche

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Cloche

Oh I just loved this hat and had to share.  Look at the gorgeous ribbon embroidery!