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Haute Doll Innoquii Price Lowered...

The Haute Doll exclusive Traveler Innoquii by Superfrock has just been reduced
in price.

The doll is now availabe for $159.99 plus shipping and handling. All sales are

Doll can be purchased through our boutique at

Louisa Harding in Chicago...Squeal!

One of my favorite knitting designers will be in Chicago on June 17th! Weee. I adore Louisa Harding's designs and just but some more yarn and the Deco pattern book to knit a few more things. She will be at the Nina knitting shop on Wednesday, June 17th from 11-2p for an informal discussion, book signing, trunk show, and light refreshments. I sadly won't be able to go since it's in the middle of one of my tech weeks at work, but hopefully one of you all can make it!

Superdoll Karma is up!

The New Sybarite, Karma, is up for sale at the Superdoll site.

Superfrock Karma Sybarite on sale May 27th!

According to a recent email, Karma will be on sale on May 27th...

Circe and Wonder Woman Exclusive for Philly Wizard World

I am really hoping that these two exclusives are the same dolls we will be getting at the Paradise Breakfast at the Tonner Convention as I don't think i could afford to get these as well...and I know that I will want them...strike that...NEED THEM!

The info:
Tonner Dolls brings Wonder Woman and Circe to Wizard World Philly

AMAZONS, ENCHANTRESSES AND DOLLS, OH MY!Get a hold of your own personal Wonder Woman and Circe when doll maker extraordinaire Tonner Direct brings special convention editions of two of their DC Stars to Wizard World Philadelphia!

The amazing Amazon Wonder Woman makes her appearance as the Athena’s Champion edition of the character arrives at the show ready to battle against hordes of customers ready to take her home. Limited to a number of 100 Worldwide, only 50 will be available at Wizard world. Tonner also plans on having available the enchanting Circe: Arch Nemesis. This bewitching doll is sure to capture the eyes of many c…

New Collections are Up at Wilde Imagination!

Holy Crap the Ellowyne collection is AMAZING. I so wish I could afford it all...or had room for it all even. I am quite fond of the Woeful Green Dress, No Longer an Option outfit, and the Invisible Ink Dressed Doll.

Also up is the new Pop Imagination line featuring Wizard of Oz as a theme.

And Lastly, the Evangeline Ghastly lineup. There's exciting new vinyl versions of Evangeline making her way more affordable. I love Moonlit Shadows with the great outfit and red rooted hair. There are two vinyl basics: one with black rooted hair and one wig doll version for $135 each. The Eternal Beauty outfit is FABULOUS! The separates like the Midnight Bustier are wonderful....It's nice to see that Evangeline is getting some love now. Maybe I will try to make a few things for her for the Tonner Convention since more people will likely have her now that there is a more affordable option and more pieces for her. And just look at Bella the Bat!

And a discount for you...
$13 OFF
Any Order…

There's Yarn Waiting at Home! box of yarn is waiting for excited to get home and start swatching...weeeee!

Not sure which project to start first. I bought stuff to make the rainbow yoke cardigan from the Spring Knitscene, some lavender yarn for a baby cardigan for Kenzie, something for a little cotton beret from the most recent Knit 1...and one other thing...not sure what the project's in my queue though...

Another Sweater in the bag...I am a knitting machine!

Finished the Star Motif Lace Sweater from Vogue Spring/Summer 09. I look incredibly chunky in the photo though... I had enough cotton-ease yarn leftover to make a matching hat too, which is nearly done. Enjoy.

State of the Garden Address May 15th....

Planted it all this saturday and sunday with the help of me mum on saturday and I did the rest on sunday night! Huzzah. And all for $50 in annuals. Which means I have $25 left in the garden budget to get a few more perennials this year. Weee.

Avalon up at Superdoll...Fly My Pretties...

Here's her description...

Collection: FORTUNE
Feeling fortunate?.... meet Avalon... cult figure!
from the top. White mohair wig set in barrel curls held in place with tiny white hair clips, dark smokey brown and black eyeshadow and java brown eyes. rose lip.
white slash and pin (to our knowledge, the worlds smallest safety pins! we custom made them!) 'fortune' logo t-shirt. white lace spencer, lace lollita braces and matching lacey gloves. pin and lace tartan / camouflage kilt tied in waist with red and white electrical wire, and white 'leather; buckles. skull and crossbone detail.
white lacey lace hose and black toe & bar stiletto white maryjanes.
dressed doll. incl. handbag and catseyes.
ED 100 pieces.
one per customer please.
In stock, ready to ship.
Price: £466.24 (Excluding VAT at 15%)

New Sybarite Collection Launching Soon

From the newsletter:

We are delighted to have had a wonderful time in Tokyo, meet our Japanese collectors and sample the incomparable hospitality of the Japanese people. It was an absolute thrill to visit Japan and we do so look forward to our next visit.

But… in the meanwhile, we have been busy launching phase 1 of our 2009 collection: Fortune.
A collection of 4 parts, with the 1st of 3 dolls; Avalon making her appearance shortly.
Collection Fortune is inspired by the social ‘cults’ that inspired a million ‘looks’ and with this collection we bring you our own attitudes.

Till later & once again thank you for your custom….

So watch the website like a hawk. The Attention accessory pack is still there, looks like whatever Disco was came and went in a hurry. Avalon sounds like it might be posted today or tomorrow. They often post things on saturdays or US holidays it seems.

New Stuff at Superfrock...

There are a few new things on the Superfrock site...looks like an accessory set called Attention! Not sure if there are other things that I missed since they remove anything that is sold out...something that I find completely annoying.

Cherished Friends Cinderella Exclusives

Pretty cute exclusive basic Cindy's at Cherished Friends...

$15 off an order of $75 at Tonner

SAVE $15 Off Orders of $75 or More from!
Use Promo Code MAY09 at Checkout

Weee...not sure if you can combine this with the free shipping or what?

New Tonner Newsletter!

There's a new Tonner newsletter up! Topics covered include: Gone With the Wind, A Day in the Life of Miss Nancy, and shipping updates!

Mother's Day Lace Scarf!

I finished my Fire Lace Scarf for me mum for Mother's Day! Weee. Now to come up with something for my sister.

Tyler Anniversary Gala Announced Nov. 7th, 2009

Sounds intriguing...I wonder if this is in place of a Halloween convention?



Wiltwyck Country Club, Kingston, NY. Details to be announced...Reservations are not being accepted at this time.

Free Gift & Free Shipping at Tonner Direct! New Items in Stock!

FREE Gift And FREE Shipping with Purchases of $50 or More from!

Use Promo Code MOM at Checkout
International Customers use Promo Code MOM09 at checkout to save $9.95

*Free Shipping and Free Gift Offer Expires 5/9/09 at Midnight EST.
Valid on New, In Stock Orders Only. While Supplies Last.
Free Shipping valid for orders shipped within the continental US only. International customers use Promo code MOM09 to save $9.95 off your order.

The deluxe Wonder Woman is in stock...oh so tempting. I sort of REALLY want to get the deluxe Supergirl and turn her into Power Girl... Hawkwoman is in stock too!

Plus there is some new stuff on the site. Lara Croft has some new firearms (a shot gun and grenade launcher, natch)!

The State of the Garden Address

So, I started on the garden this sunday. Did some minimal weeding and broke up the ground a bit while it was still soft from all the rain. I took some before pictures for your viewing pleasure. I then went to ye olde walmart to get some cheap annuals. When I scurry up some more cash I plan to go get a few nice perennials to add to the growing perennial collection. I figure in the long run it's a way better investment than annuals. The magnolia tree in the backyard is AMAZING this year as well!

My Sweet Sci-Fi Knitting Swap Gifts!

Huzzah! I love a good swap. You make something fun and send it off and you get something fun in return! This time it was for the sci-fi KAL on ravelry. Here's what I made for my partner:

And the whole swag package that I sent:

And here's what I got from my partner 2paw!

How friggin cute is that little Dalek?

New Moody Blues Ellowyne & Free Shipping!

There's a new Ellowyne and she is adorable. I am pretty tempted.

Just use Promo Code EBF at checkout to receive Free Shipping on an order of $75 or more. International customers use Promo Code EBG and receive $9.95 OFF any order of $75 or more. Offer expires May 15th at Midnight EST

Moody Blues - NEW
Price: $129.00

I look around and take my cues
From broken dreams and MOODY BLUES;
No hope or distraction from the always mundane
One day to another - it's always the same...

NEW! A UFDC debut...and now available to you! Raven hair Ellowyne doll with blue eyes. Outfit includes blue chiffon dress, sash, lace arm gauntlets, tights, shoes, hair accessory, and designer jewelry. NEW designer saddle stand also included. LE 1,000 In Stock

Cherished Friends New Cinderella Exclusive

Click to see a preview pic! I am not a fan of the cinderella sculpt. I think she looks a little like a bitchy cheerleader who stole your boyfriend...but this doll is pretty darn cute. They will have two other exclusives as well.

League of Chicago Theatres Centerpiece

I painted this centerpiece thingie for the League of Chicago Theatres Gala. It's all acrylic and some gold spray paint. I had wanted to go mod podge crazy on it but ran out of time.

My Central Park Hoodie!

Woot, successful knitting! I finished and photographed my Central Park Hoodie finally! I love it. I would definitely make this sweater again.