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Support my Theatre - Strawdog Theater Company - 25 years!!!

Dear Friends, blog readers, weird stalkers (you know who you are)...

I am writing today to ask you to donate to Strawdog Theatre Company's annual appeal, $25,000 for our 25th Season.  As you know, I have been an ensemble member at Strawdog for over eight years and working here has helped me grow as an costume and makeup designer as well as a writer.
Like many arts organizations of our size, we have hit a few bumps in the road but we are determined to finish our 25th season with bang. And to do that we need your support. Ticket sales only cover about one third of Strawdog's operating costs and we depend on individual donors to create shows at Strawdog with the high standards for design and world-building that our audience has come to expect.

Even though times are tight, we continue to produce top-notch theatre with our current show, Improbable Frequency, which the Chicago Tribune gave 3 stars and called “…a welcome blast of gooniness to kill the winter blahs.”    And that’s not all…

Tonner Tuesday Deals- Vampire Diaries..

Tempting stuff...they have all of the Civil War versions of the Vampire Diaries characters on sale.  Also Marilyn and James Dean.

Integrity 2013 Premiere Convention Sold Out!

That was fast right?  I am very pleased that I am going.  I have the registration paid and the hotel booked...along with two roommates from Spain!  Just waiting for Southwest to let me book the flight.  Southwest is always my preferred airline for doll conventions mainly due to the lack of checked baggage makes everything less stressful and generally saves money too when you aren't shipping a ton of junk home.  Plus I can feel free to bring a few more things for room sales. I have been making TONS of tiny little hat confections and some outfits for the 12" divas and my new FR16 doll.  Weee.

If you missed can get on the waitlist now.