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Wizard World Recap...Dolls & Comics

Well it was a pricey friday at Wizard World Chicago. I arrived at about 10:30a and reluctantly coughed up $11 for parking. Dirty Fascists. I picked up my badge at will call and went straight to the Tonner Booth to fork over my hard earned cashed. Lara Croft was REALLY cool. I love her. She's big and beautiful with really cool joints and gorgeous face painting. And the accessories are killer. She has a flat foot but Robert said she may have interchangeable feet and hands later on. Weeee!

I also nabbed the Arkham Harley Quinn, who has flat feet FYI. She sold out by 4p on friday so I am very glad I took the day off. So now to complete the set in San Diego with the Joker! Tonner also had some great deals on the DC Stars in the booth. So I ended up walking away with Batman and Deluxe Aquaman for $175 an additional 10% off everything which basically took care of the tax. Brutal...but I left happy.

So I also picked up the exclusive Peter Petrelli Heroes figures …

New Sock yarn at Knit Picks

Knit Picks has new handpainted sock yarn called Imagination in nummy new colors... I sooooo love the Gingerbread House and Wicked Witch. And the names are so adorable! It's all I can do not to order it ASAP. But I am currently on a yarn diet at least until Stitches Midwest. Having never been to Stitches before..I imagine I will be going fiber crazy.

Lara Croft up for preorder!

Weeee! She's up and available for pre-order for $124.99...pretty decent price actually. She is 17" tall and evidently won't be able to wear tyler clothes. I believe I will be picking her up at Wizard World tomorrow...but it will depend on how huge she actually is and if she will look weird with the rest of my collection. We shall see...

And here is a press release...

Good news is..she's getting outfits! Wee. I am also excited about the new knee joints!

DC Stars Fun: Black Canary & Lara Lor-Van

So I was avoiding actual work today and my brain hurt too much to I played with dolls. I am planning on overhauling several dolls into my favorite DC Comics are some quick and dirty attempts.

Ultra Basic Blonde Tyler as Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary!

Central park Stroll Sydney as Lara Lor-Van. She is sporting my brand new Kryptonian Casual outfit. I LOVE it...this was worth is f the awesome silver tights alone. It's still on sale for $11.50 at . I recommend picking it up...

Dolls for Sale....

Here's what I have. I have gotta purge and I am trying to focus my collection down to the DC Stars and my most prized dolls. Prices don't include shipping unless otherwise stated. From a non-smoking home...I have cats but they steer clear of the dolls and the dolls are displayed in a glass case. I can take some pictures later tonight if you want. Paypal or US Postal Money Order:

Nude Sybarite Blade w/wig, box, & stand $575 shipped in US w/insurance SOLD
Nude Lady G $550 shipped w/insurance in US (never displayed)*hold
Nude Aspen Sydney $40
Nude Music Video Awards Alex $10 (has the body yellowing...but the head is gorgeous and perfect)
Nude Firecracker Alex $10 (gorgeous face and hair)
Nude American Beauty Charlotte Brunette $25
Haute Doll Metallic Moment Misaki $120
Momoko School Girl Mix $65
Shakira Barbie still in box $3
Sugar Plum Fairy NYCB $80 *SOLD
3 FAO NYCB trunk fashions complete $50 (or $120 for the whole shebang of the outfits and doll)*Sold

Euphemia Repaint "…

Tonner Debuting New Doll at Wiz World Chicago

From the look at the teaser picture...My money is on Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. They are doing both a new face sculpt but a new body sculpt as well. Look like she will be curvier and more comic bookish. I am excited! That would be pretty fun though... They will have 100 pcs on hand at the convention as well as the Harleen Quinzel Arkham Asylum doll. They will be in booth #1012 near the floor entrance. I cannot wait. I plan to go on friday assuming I get the costumes finished for my play, Alice in Wonderland, finished in time to take off a day. We shall see.

Here's the Tonner Wizard World Schedule:
Friday, 6/27 5-6pm - A Look Ahead- feedback panel
Saturday, 6/28 1-2pm - How to Sculpt, with Robert Tonner

Superdoll "Ballet" Accessory Pack on sale 6/18

Superfrock has a new accessry pack called "Ballet" scheduled to go on sale tomorrow. They also have the War & Peace Catalogue on sale for 24 hours.

2008 Gene Doll Line is Up!

I am not collecting Gene anymore...but they are still purdy... So the new 2008 line is up! They new style of face paint on Madra is tempting though.

Steal on DC Stars Fashions at Doll Market!

Well...I ordered the Kryptonian Silver Outfit last week for super cheap ($11.50 i think)...and today someone let me know that Casual Identity and Wonderwoman's cute pink polka dot number were both on sale for $15. So I bit. They are very cute little outfits! On sale at Dollmarket...

Summer Knitty! Weeeeee!

The summer issue of Knitty is up! Fly my pretties, fly! I think I would like to make the Gigi pattern. I also like the Ziggy socks! I bet they would be good with my self-striping Felici yarn. And if I had time...I would totally make Autogyro for Dweedle Dee and Dweedle Dum for my Alice in Wonderland....still a possibility.

Updates Doll For Sale/ For Trade List...

First off, I won a Hogwarts Draco...and he's wonderful...but he's just not fitting in with the rest of the collection. I only took him out of the box to look at him and then promptly sealed him up. He's from a non-smoking home but I do have cats...who stay well away from the dolls) Since I won him, I think it's bad karma to sell I thought maybe a trade would work. I have positive feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

Here's what I have...prices don't include shipping. Paypal or US Postal Money Order:

Hogwarts Draco Malfoy (Trade Only)
Nude Poison Ivy/Stella (no stand) $50
Nude Aspen Sydney (original hair) $40
Music Video Awards Alex $15
BJD Posey Tiny Betsy $150 *hold
Nude FAO Ballerina Red Head Emilie w/stand (no original box) $35

And I have several original outfits at my Show and Sell Gallery...ranging from t-shirts and skirts to couture OOAK hand-beaded outfits. Also there are a few repaints for low prices.…

Two at a Time Sock Experiment

So I have made it about two inches into my Two Socks at a Time experiment. So far so good. I am using size 1 nickel fixed 47" circulars from Knit Picks. The pattern I choose, Coquette, is turning out to be a royal pain in the butt; however, I seem to be making progress. I'm sorry...but trying to knit three together on size one needles is INSANITY..ugh. And I think these socks are looking larger than I originally intended even though I actually did the gauge swatch and seemed to achieve it. grrr...but I think they will be good for my sister they will be cute in her crocs with scrubs. I am using Knit Picks Felici in Coney Island. It's a self striping yarn in very yummy colors. I think I will have enough left over to make a pair for myself should I feel the need to do the torturous k3tog again. *shudder*

Summer Clearance at Cherished Friends!

Always dangerous...Summer Clearance at Cherished Friends is on...

Dolls Stolen from NYC Dolpa

Link to post with pictures!

If you see these dolls for sale please contact Pat Henry at Fashion Doll Quarterly and Volks at Ugh, this is so disgusting. Why must people be such jerks...

New Tonner June Newsletter!

Click to read!

There's a teaser pic of the upcoming Devereaux Sisters. They are 16" dolls and they seem to be in a Poirot style..a la early 20s. Both feature new face sculpts and dramatic smokey eye makeup. I hope I hate them..but I think I will love them...Sigh. My poor wallet.

There is also some sort of party at the Tonner Store on August 9th which I assume will be an event showing the fall 2008 line.

Kryptonian Silver Kara Outfit $11.50!

Dollmarket has a killer deal on the DC Stars Kara Kryptonian Silver Outfit for %$11.50. i think shipping is a steep $8 or so...but that is still a deal. I totally bought it.

Arkham Harley Quinzel for Wizard World Chicago

Weee....more dolly goodness. I was lucky enough to get my Arkham Poison Ivy from Philly on saturday. She is very cute. I was suprised that the feet weren't flat...but it's a very cute little outfit. She three cheers for Harley!

My new favorite podcast: Stash and Burn!

Finally...after several failed attempts, I have finally found a good knitting podcast. I highly recommend Stash and Burn...

DC Stars Daily Planet Available!

I so wanted to get this thing at the convention...and if I lived alone...I probably would have done it. But it was way to huge for words. It would look sweet in a comic book store though. If you have the room...check it out. It's $399 with the shipping included.

Gothic Vigil Evangeline for Sale $425

Wilde Imagination has a few of their Wizard World Philly Exclusive Evangeline Ghastly dolls up for sale on their website. The price is $425 and includes the cute Evangleine Ghastly Diaries Mini-Bust #1 ($50 value) for free!

Here's the Description:

Gothic Vigil - NEW

An Exclusive straight from Evangeline's attic and Wizard World Philadelphia! LE of only 100, Evangeline Gothic Vigil is beyond amazing. Outfit consists of a gothic bolero jacket with long chiffon draped sleeves, sequined bodice and chiffon skirt, lace stockings, and black boots. Piercing blue eyes, and long black wig with multiple white stripes completes this midnight look. Perfect for seances, playing the violin, and dusting the family tombstones.

Basix Boho Collection for Ellowyne up for Order!

There is some very cute stuff in here at decent prices...for Ellowyne.

New Ficon 16" BJD Fashion Doll!

She's a looker yall. A 16" BJD Fashion doll from the repainted Yian and clothing designer Chi. The store opens on June 9th. The doll seems to have really nice proportions and has 18 points of articulation. The jointing looks pretty good from the pictures and the face sculpt is very supermodel. I wonder what the financial damage will be...?

One Skein Wonders with Manos Silk Blend!

Well I recently blogged about one productive weekend spent with a skein of Manos Silk Blend (#3113) and my One Skein Wonders are the results:

The Little Bracelet Ruff:

Wavy Wristwarmers:

Coffee Mitt:

Alice in Wonderland Hats!

Originally uploaded by alyrenee I am currently designing Alice in Wonderland at the College of Dupage. Here's a quick picture of a few hats from my show. Designed by me and made by the wonderful Melissa Heischberg. From left to right we have the Queen and King of Hearts then the red and white Chess Queens. It's a super fun show to work on. I adore Alice so it's sort of a designers dream for me to work on this. More pictures soon!

Knit Picks Georgian Lace Cap

Originally uploaded by alyrenee Wee...I love samplers. I am a big fan of the tiny fast projects that I can take with me. I adore this little hat. It look pretty cute on me I think. I plan to make more and its nice and cool for the spring and summer.

Cherished Friends Exclusives- Goldilocks and Ultra Basics

Whoa...Cherished Friends has posted their new exclusives...and the Re-Imagination Goldilocks is soooooo stunning! She will be $199.99 and is expected to ship late in 2008. I think I might have to get her...she features a new sculpt that I REALLY like...and the outfit is of course great.

And then we have the two Ultra Basics, Jac and Stella. Both are $59.99 and ship in late june. Jac has shoulder length brown curly hair and Stella has blonde poofy ponytail hairstyle. They also have a raven Stella available to loyal customers. I might try to order the raven if possible...I like the Stella sculpt and she might make a good custom DC Stars character...not sure who yet...maybe Donna Troy?