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New East 59th Street Collection by Integrity Toys!

Vintage glamour returns. Many of us were missing Victoire, myself included...and I am losing any hope that Katy Keene will come back. This new vintage line designed by Chris Stoeckel is very welcome. The four doll collection has a wonderful backstory around the fashion and marketing world in the Mad Men era 1950s New York. The initial descriptions tell us that Victoire Roux will be joining this line later on. Victoire's story was in the forties so I am assuming we will get a slightly more mature Victoire.  I imagine they will need to do a new sculpt for her to make her work with these wonderful new faces for these ladies. Victoire currently is more stylized...but perhaps with a less stylized facial screening the current mold could work? We shall see. It is all very exciting. It also sounds like there will be a vintage homme coming eventually as well. Yummy. This era makes diversity a challenge but I really hope they add a character of color in this line too...maybe a Broadway act…