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Metamorphosis Erin- Heirloom Collection 2017 W Club Doll

Finally we get out second club exclusive doll. Designed by Jessy Ayala, this gal is another edition to the wonderful Heirloom Nu Face Collection. The inspiration for the casual outfit seems to be a Kendall Jenner look. I think the set is lovely and fresh but totally not my style. I so so so want the gold crown and the choker necklace but to buy a whole gift set for two accessories would require me to admit that I have a problem.  That is just I must pray I will be able to score the headband later. What I like about the set: new and fresh and (mostly) not recycled. The cut of the bodice on the dress is the same as the bonus red dress from the Orlando Gloss convention a few years back but paired with the flowing high-low skirt makes it read new. The drape of the one-shoulder top with the leg-o-mutton sleeve is great and works in this scale. What I don't like: the color is lovely but seems completely out of place when you put this girl in with the other designs from th…