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Vermont Vacation Yarn and Ghosts

I am off to the tonner convention tomorrow in Burlington, Vermont.  I happily have almost a whole day to do whatever I want...

I hope to hit this store   yarn and fabric....yumminess.

I am also thinking about a ghost walk?

I also plan to eat some ice cream. My favorite Ben and Jerry's is coffee heath bar.  yum.

Though i hope most of all that I will hit Sam Shepard with my car....

New Stuff at Wilde Imagination

Adorable Positively Negative Winter Ellowyne.  Love the knitwear.  Check on me has a sixties mod vibe. Feeling Fatigue has an earthy boho look.  Languid is a cutesy dress.  I am tempted by Postively Negative...

Bewitching Ellowyne is also up...great purple witch outfit but the glass eyes still creep me out.

There's a new wigged Prudence and some outfits: Bay Breeze (sort of a sailor theme) and Olive Drab...a gauzy boho number.  There are a bunch of new accessories: some weird rockabilly wigs, some hats (which make my hats a bargain...), and some separates.

It seems like there are some new dolls and outfits for Evangeline Ghastly as well.

Also, a discount code!  Get $13 off of $100 with the code FALL11 until Nov 5th, 2011

Best Photo Ever....Woman dead in front of sewing machine...

I love this website for research...the photos of the criminals from the 1930s are AMAZING and I use them all of the time.  While researching costumes for Strawdog's next production of The Petrified Forest...i found this gem...

Integrity Toys...Why can't I quit you?

So once again...just when I thought I was getting out, they keep pulling me back in.  The haul from the Jet Set Convention was impressive.  My Convention Collection has not even arrived yet and I am overwhelmed with all the goodies...and more are coming.  I sold many of them already.  But even the ones I had planned to evict have managed to sneak their way into my heart. Pictures to come...also pictures of my has been a week yall.

The Keepers:
-Business Class Anja her...I gave her a partial de-bump the other night.  I also added some of the Dynamite Girl accessories from the Build A Doll stuff...the outfit is great and those pieces work well with this dress.
-Dynamite Girl Jasper....adorable.  Those outfits were also great!  I got the black sequin dress and the White and black dress.  i wish i would have gotten the pants outfit as well.  Looking for it now.  I also bought the silver sequin pack and the pink hot pants pack.  I adore the mix and match possibilities.

What would Jane Austen Knit?

Oh my stars and garters....I am beyond excited about the upcoming Jane Austen Knits magazine from Interweave...

Tonner October 12, 2011 New Releases...Fashion..

New swag.  I bet my mom is going to like the White Christmas dolls.  I like the sculpt but not sure that it screams Rosemary Clooney to me.  Rose of Versailles is festive and would be great on a Spiderman Mary Jane doll to make a Marie Antoinette.This rest is not really me speed.

The Chicago Trib/Chris Jones liked my costumes..Strawdog's Old Times


Spooky Good Fun this Monday Night! Wildclaw Red Death Benefit!

You should come.  If you can't come...consider donating a little something something to help make live horror theatre happen in Chicago!

Your ticket to the benefit includes the most foodiest of foods, the booziest of booze, and the bloodiest of fun!  Plus we have an amazing line up of silent auction items, art by Clive Barker, Dave Dorman, Tony Akins and more, and the fantastic actor Doug Jones (from Hellboy, Buffy, Pan's Labyrinth)...oh yeah...and the whole sexy spooky Wildclaw Crew on hand to kick start your Halloween season.

Convention Eviction Notice: Jet set for sale list

Though these girls are lovely...I cannot possibly keep them all.  These prices do not include shipping.  I will do international if you pay the priority shipping.  I will cover the insurance.  From a non-smoking home.  I can take paypal or US postal money orders only.  Trades are also listed at the end.

For sale...

-Veronique Air Apparent NRFB $200 HOLD

-Vanessa FR2 Wu Club Lunch "Evermore" NRFB $250  HOLD

-Sunset Rave Color Infusion Ayumi NRFB SOLD

-Centerpiece "No Reservations" Kyori (table she has been displayed and is missing the original baggies and such...otherwise complete and gorgeous)  $275 (nude doll only $175) HOLD

-Workshop Blonde Korinne (tan)nude/no stand $100 HOLD

-Nude Dynamite Girls Build a Doll tan/blonde Aria $40

-Poppy "In The Air" Luncheon Doll NRFB  $150  HOLD

-FR2 Tatyana Exceptional Nude $175  HOLD

Convention Collection (being shipped to my house so I don't have these yet...but I am planning to sell the following if…

Back from Jet Setting...Le sigh


*pant pant pant*

What a weekend!  I will be updating the blog with some photos shortly. I have to get through a play opening and a HUGE BENEFIT for Wildclaw on monday night...then it's dolly time.

I will be posting the outfits and my doll hats for sale in my etsy store on thursday.  Those of you who were not lucky enough to snag the lime green hats that I had presciently made to match that gorgeous Anja Business Class doll....fear not, I am furiously making more to accommodate you all!  If you would like to reserve one, please shoot me an email and I will let you know when they become available and you will have first dibs before they hit etsy/ebay/pink parlor.

And a big thanks to everyone who bought a hat or outfit from me this weekend!  I may not have mentioned it to you, but I am happy to make any repairs in the life of your fashion or hat should it encounter any battle damage along in the course of play (or say a feline menace).  No charge...just the cover the ship…

Jason Wu is Target's Next Go Designer!

Finally our dolls won't be the only ones in Jason Wu!  I had crap luck with Missoni...but still managed to get the clutch and flats that I really liked and seemed the most practical for my wardrobe.  Hopefully I will be able to get a few of  Jason Wu's lineup before the evil poaching vultures descend on it.

Jamieshow Black Swan dolls

Angelic Dreamz JamieShow line has a new Black Swan doll.  Here's the info...
The Black Swan, inspired by Swan Lake.  Grace Face mold.  Smokey eyed Grace wears a tiara of diamonds and a black corsetted tutu, with black feather skirt encrusted with stones. Black ballet slippers bind her En Pointe feet. Interchangeable feet include high heeled set of feet as well as En Pointe.  Chignon brown rooted hair wig cap, brown eyes and dark burgundy lips with black nails finish off her intrepid look.
16” Ball Jointed, J-resin doll19 pts. of articulation.Interchangeable feet. En Pointe and High Heel Included.Interchangeable head cap, one with rooted hair as shown and one smooth head cap for wigs, other rooted wig caps sold separately.Interchangeable hands, dressing hands and shown hands included, extra hands sold separately.
Limited Edition of 50 pcs Worldwide.

Your Price: