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Techrat! Integrity Dolls Jem W Club Exclusive

Reception has been pretty mixed on this one.  I am pleased with him and ordered without hesitation.  The biggest complaint heard is that his head seems to be too bald.  I agree that it does not seem that severe when you look at the cartoon and I would not be unhappy if the production doll gets tweaked (All photos are of a prototype doll).  People also want his other gray outfit more.  I like the red one better myself.  The extra head is a strange but nifty bonus.  There is an contingent of Jem collectors that feel this extra head makes this doll "not theirs" (which is bizarre).  Yes, this head is clearly added to tempt non-jem collectors to buy what would otherwise be a very oddball doll for them.  I don't see why people would fault a company for trying to make money.  If dolls don't sell, then we are unlikely to get more dolls. People also seem annoyed that we have not gotten Eric.  I really think Eric is going to be in the next big wave and will have some decent c…

Randomness- Tonner LOTR Arwen in Key & Peele Opening Credits

I was watching Key and Peele on Hulu the other day and imagine my surprise when I see a Tonner Arwen doll pop up in the title sequence!  The opening is a fun parody of HBO's True Detective show.  They used Arwen in an earlier sketch (shows up around the 2:23 minute mark along with other toys...).

Anyway...I find the show pretty humorous..funnier than SNL at the very least.

IT Gloss Convention Dolls & Photos...AKA Why I am so Broke...

I spent the weekend de-boxing and prepping things for sales.  This time last year I was doing the same thing though I seem to be keeping WAY more this time around (which means some of last year's spoils need to vacate). 

Nocturnal Glow
Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

I am still tempted to keep this one.  I really like this dress but I just don't do evening wear.  I so prefer day and cocktail looks that can be mixed and matched.  The ballgowns and evening dresses do nothing for me. Same goes for Grandiose Natalia.  I like the doll and the makeup but the fun red in her eye makeup also makes her pretty specific to this dress.  I think I will just bide my time for the perfect Natalia for me.  That being said, both of these dolls are stunning and I love the 1970s Halston vibe on Natalia.

Natalia Fatalé™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss

Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

Oh Kyori...sigh.  You are…

Scandal Collection at Limited...Fashion for your Inner Gladiator

So Scandal is my weakness.  I love that ridiculous show.  One of the key reasons why I love it is all the fabulous winter white outfits and cape coats seen on its star Kerry Washington. The characters on this show wear clothes that look powerful, smart, and sexy.  Well Miss Washington and the show's costume designer Lyn Paolo have teamed up to create a clothing line for Limited.  I checked it out in person the other day it is positively yummy.  Of course, it is not the cheapest stuff ever...but the price points are fairly consistent with stores offering women's work wear (Ann Taylor, J Crew, etc) and the quality seemed nice.  I was particularly fond of the whole color story of the line and the amazing cape coats.  I might save some money and buy pieces when they go on clearance.

 I am trying to slowly up my clothing game lately...but I am also trying hard to lose all this darn baby weight and the going is SLOOOOWWWWW! Twice as slow as when I lost all the weight the first time…

Article about Jason Wu and Boss at

Check it out!

He is such an interesting guy.  It has been a real pleasure following his career.

FS/FT: Post Gloss Convention Purge

I don't have these in hand yet.  They will be shipping to me so I am looking to put these on hold for people and then will take payment or trades once they arrive (and I have made sure they are all okay with no issues).  Prices do not include shipping.  I will ship international but I won't lie on the custom forms. I might have more for sale later...have to look at them in person!

I am looking for the Montaigne Market Elise complete fashion only (up to $150 in credit), Jem & Misfits Backstage Essentials Jackets ($20 each), & IFDC It Girl Poppy (up to $225 in credit).

Welcome Doll Erin Nude $90 HSOLD
Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Centerpiece $250 SOLD
Friday Night Bazaar Red Fashion $ 70
Intimate Reveal Agnes Outfit Only $105 SOLD

Convention Collection:

La Villa Lumiere Simonetta $150
Adorned Vanessa  $225 SOLD
Cold Shoulder Eugenia $225 SOLD
Nocturnal Glow Veronique $170 SOLD

Color Infusion:

Alysa $70 SOLD
Kika Yung $70 SLD
Janay/Regine $70 SOLD
Tilda Brisby/Roxy $70 SOLD
Ace Mcfly/Riot $1…

IT Convention Saturday Haul-Thoughts from a Distance

It seems like the Studio 54 vibe did not carry into Saturday's dolls.  All the offerings today seem much more current, edgy, and dark.  The makeup on all the dolls from Saturday were STUNNING.

Nu Face Debut at the W club Luncheon...

Sensuous Affair Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll W Club Luncheon Exclusive Centerpiece Doll Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
My proxy got the Giselle Centerpiece for me!  Woot.  I don't currently have a Giselle and this one is nifty...though I think I like Giselle better as a redhead.  I do like the hair color mix (blonde and platinum silver it seems).  And look at those boots people.  Amazing.

Chrome Noir Erin Salston™ Dressed Doll W Club Luncheon Exclusive Giveaway Doll Limited Edition of 400 Dolls
Erin is lovely.  I am a little torn as she looks amazing but I also REALLY love my High End Envy Erin and try not to repeat sculpts.

Dominique Makeda™ Dressed Doll Official Workshop Doll Limited Edition of 300 Dolls I did not get the Workshop Dominque. Thi…

IT Gloss Convention Collection-Thoughts from a Distance

Of course, all decisions will be made once the gals and here in person.

Overall, they are totally gorgeous.  I think the clear nod to the Studio 54 Disco fashions is fun.  I am not really an evening gown person though so I am not sure how many will stay because of this...some might get redressed and their outfits sold.

Nightshade Kyori

I really like the hair and makeup on this one.  The jumpsuit is also pretty slick.  I am pretty torn on this one as I still completely adore last year's Dangerous to Know Kyori and I really try to stick to the one sculpt to rule them all way of collecting.  So whether she stays is still up in the air.

Dark Moon Poppy

Um yeah...this doll is so cool.  I missed out on the IFDC girls so I am pretty sure she is staying.

La Villa Lumiere Simonetta- Studio IT Alysa sculpt

Hmmm.  Not sure.  Once again I prefer the day wear/sportswear looks on my dolls so cocktail stuff does nothing for me.

Cold Shoulder Eugenia

Totally gorgeous...but yeah I don't think s…

IT Gloss Convention Friday Haul...Thoughts from a Distance

Image two.  Color Infusion! I am definitely glad that I pre-ordered the entire collection. All of the Homme fashions are amazing.  I am especially in love with the leopard loafers seen on Declan, the tweed suit on Rio/Sterling, and the anorak on Ace/Riot!  As for the Homme Dolls, obviously I will reserve final judgment until I see them in person...but I am pretty pleased with the Rio/Sterling, Declan, Tenzin (the Asian guy), and the long haired Callum Windsor.  I like Ace/Riot and Remi with his festive Afro but not sure if I will keep them.

The girls are really fun.  A fellow Jem fan pointed out that the "Darby Kenner" name and even the hairstyle is a clear nod to 70's fashion doll Darci by Kenner.  There was even a Darci Perfect Pose playset...hence the Color Infusion Perfect Pose name!  Very fun.  I adored my Darci doll as a kid.  So the blonde Darby/Rapture doll is a definite keeper for me (plus I love the Rapture sculpt!) I also love Blue/Kimber, and Monroe/Pizaz…