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$20 off at Wilde Imagination

$20 OFF at Wilde Imagination
Any Order of $100 or More! Just Enter Promo Code SMILE09 at checkout to receive the discount on Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly swag.


New Outfit on Superfrock

I am not impressed by this one...

What goes well with purple?... why Venus of course!
Dithering from a single metal ring suspended on transparent vinyl straps...
a vision in emotionally rich purple knit. Draped from the bust, this gorgeous gown falls with weight of a 'thousand' transparent blooms to the floor in a delicious puddle!
Comes with purple and transparent vinyl stilletto shoes!
Ed 100 worldwide
Shipping starts 18 December 2009
Price: £138.60 (Excluding VAT at 15%)

Cthulhu Holiday Card

Seriously...this is awesome AND raises money for my beloved theatre company Wildclaw! Buy it...the elder gods command you! Who can resist tentacles??? Not me...

Chicago Adventure: Think Small Minatures

In another local bit of awesomeness...please make you way over to Think Small during the holiday season. I love this little place. It's chock full of all sorts of fun miniature stuff for dollhouses mostly, but you might find some stuff that would work for larger scale dolls as well. Or maybe your want to give your weird uncle steve a tiny little fifth of Jameson...well Think Small can probably help you out. It's also around the corner from Hollywood Mirror and Ragstock...two great places to get vintage stuff and random gifts. Also there is a swell comic book store, Chicago Comics,right down the street.