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Hollywood Glamour...A Certain Cinema

I found this website while researching makeup for All My Sons.  There are some wonderful galleries of of the silver screen.  Enjoy my pretties.

Chicago Groupon for Quiltology

I've never been to this store...but this looks like a fun groupon.

Winter 2011 Knitty Surprise is Up!

I love the Oranje sweater and the Falberry gauntlets are great.  AND both in orange...which i love.

Fashion Week! Spring 2011 Couture

yummy couture that I will never afford but only steal to make my own clothes and/or costumes.

Gaultier is very into mohawks again.  I like this look's sort of punk meets The Birds...

Anthroplogie's Wedding Site BHLDN...for brides who have never heard of etsy...

Of course, lots of it is completely lovely.  The styling and unique looks are everything you would expect from Anthro.  But the prices?  shudder!  Don't even look at the accessories people.  Just go straight to etsy and purchase your stuff there.  The dresses aren't that bad though...more than I could have afforded but comparable to most bridal stores.  The styles are nice though: retro, romantic, and even a few touching on modern couture.  The bridesmaids dresses are around $240 or so and that seems pretty similar to the average bridal salon.  They don't have any brick and mortar stores however (at the moment).  It seems a little looney to order a $1600 dress that you have never even seen in person. They do have reasonable flat rate shipping and free returns within 30 days. But still...

This little hat will set you back $550.  I charge $25-75 for nearly the same thing...

Tonner Second Chance at Love Sale Tomorrow

Brought to you by TONNERDirect...
TONNERDirect's  Second Chance at LOVE Sale! Was your Valentine's Day a bust?  Did Cupid totally miss his mark?  
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Thursday, February 17 at NOON EST through Monday, February 21 at NOON EST!
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Mattel's Barbie showing at Toyfair 2011

Wonderful album by Carolynn R. Whitford.  I am particularly impressed with the Doris Day & Rock Hudson dolls and the adorable Robert Best Francie!  I love that mold...and that dog is darn cute.  V. tempting.

I want to live in this blog...verdeaux...passion for the moving image

Yummy movie pictures and fantastic analysis.

Dolls Take A Bite Out Of Toy Fair 2011!

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Stacy is right...Stefan does look much better in this video than the Tonner promo pics.

New Built by Wendy book...Coats and Jackets.

I really enjoy the other Built by Wendy books...I am looking forward to this one.  These are great for both beginner sewers and old pros alike!

Tonner 2011 Toy Fair Collection is up!

Check it out.
American Models! Articulation finally!  I really hope they offer replacement bodies too....and possibly a recycling program for the old bodies.  You know everyone will want to replace them.  The Goth Basic is fun.

Antoinette.  I like the silent film star makeup on Luxuries.  Otherwise...too frothy for my taste.

DC Stars!!!!  God love them for doing this modern 13" Catwoman!   Though...she should have shorter hair.  Selina usually sports a bob or shorter.  I like the Heroine sculpt though.  It reminds me of Miss Gulch.  Sweet Jesus...22" Wonder Woman...sigh...this is a must have for me. She looks gorgeous.  they are killing me with all these sizes.  But Tonner is not dumb...and he knows his Wonder Woman fans (like his Alice and Wonderland fans) are diehards and would buy a potato in a star spangled bikini if he put one out.  (Wonder Spud!)  Raven looks great but I am not a big fan of her character.  Starfire looks fantastic and I notice that they have lowered the p…

Costume Research...Pictures of 1920s Australian Criminals....

I live for this kind of thing.  Photographs of real people are fairly difficult to come by and these are amazing.

New Stuff up at Wilde Imagination- Ellowyne & Evangeline

Check out the new Ellowyne and Evangeline stuff!  I think there are some really stellar choices at the moment.Use the code SPRING11 to get free shipping on an order of $75 or more.  I love Wit's End!  I must get that for the outfit.

New Knitting Traditions 2011 Magazine

I LOVED the first one...I cannot wait for the second offering!

New Cami & Jon Outfit at Cherished Friends...

I like it.  Pre-order it for $99.  My only beef would be with the length on the jeans.  I am not a fan of the ankle length pants.

Check out my pretty costumes for Carmilla!

Awesome photos by John Sisson Jr!

V.3 Sybarite Venus on Sale now...

V3 DD_025
First of 'the Sybarites for 2011!
GEN 3:1 PREMIER [pats. pending]!

VENUS d' Royce clone: 779, original skintone!
Pale tones, twinkling stones... platinum diva extraordinaire!
Chiffon floral draped gown with pale salmon hose, strappy pink and blush stiletto sandals and divine Jewels (an Acquired Wealth debut!)!
Includes, pale salmon fur stole, dollstand and applied eyelashes.

*actual production shown .
In stock ready to ship
click here for superimage

Price: £438.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Amanda Connor designed Women of the DC Universe Busts!

Um...i want them all. Especially Hippolyta, Batgirl, and  Power Girl!

Tonner Idex Fresh Face Doll Available

She will be available to order for $90 starting noon eastern on Tuesday February 8th.  She also comes with a terry bathrobe.  She is limited to 200 pieces.  This is an antoinette body with a deanna denton sculpt head.

Coming my way: Louisa Harding Knitting in the Details

I adored Knitting Little I went ahead and ordered this one today.  Yum yum.  Check out the preview at the interweave store.

Vintage Modern Knits...New Drool-worthy Knitting Book...

Um  yeah.  Check out the preview.  Bring a nappy.

Women in Horror Panel at the DCA 2/7 at 7pm

BTW...I am speaking on this panel tonight...people think that I know things.

Tonner News...peak at Fleur, Anna Karenina and more...'s a sneak peak of Fleur from Harry Potter!  And the Doty award winning Anna Karenina...a 22" American Model doll.  There are also a few more updates on the Tonner Toyfair Pre-release page: A new Bette Davis named Stardust, another Anne Harper doll Feather in Your Hat and another outfit.  I want to like the Anne Harper dolls...but they are just too 'safe' for me.  I think I like the more cheeky Monica Merrill fashions...

We should be seeing the rest of the lines next friday.  Squeal!  I am trying to sell a bunch of dolls to make way for new ones...sigh...a never ending cycle.

I am thinking that the Vampire Diaries Damon might make a good Sam Winchester from Supernatural. Hmmm.

Snowpocalyspe Doll Sale...Millinery for Fashion Royalty, Gene, Tyler, & dolls & fashions!

All items are on my show and sell page with photos!

Hats are $25 shipped...or three hats for $55 shipped! 

A sample of a few of the items....
Hide & Go Creep Viktor $80
Fashions for Cami, Jon & Antoinette. $20-35

Tiny Betsy Fashion Designer $50
nude pure antoinette $55
Vitamin C Doll $10
Agent 99 $90
nude mrs coulter
barbie fashions

and much much more...

I will combine shipping, cut deals if possible, and I will ship international.  Just ask me for a quote.   

I will also consider the following trades: 
Wrapped in Decadence fashion, 13" Wonder Woman, Hitting Midnight Outfit, FAO Wonder Woman trunk and fashions, Diana of Themyscira fashion, and Ellowyne Ennui Thrift Shop Boutique pieces. Powergirl complete., Bambola fashions.

Interweave Knits Spring 2011 Preview is Up!

I like the Ruched Yoke Tee  but not much else.  This issue seems pretty tame and frumptacular.  But it could just be the yarn choices and styling that is killing these pieces for me.

JamieShow Exclusive Sasha and New Male Dolls

Jamieshow has several new dolls coming up for order. Lee, the Asian Male doll, and Alejandro, the Latin male doll, will be up for order this weekend.  Currently up for order, is the super cool Sasha resin fashion ball jointed doll with a rooted cap!  It also has a regular resin cap so that you can switch her to wigs.  It's a very neat idea. Plus she has groovy shoes. 

Sasha "HOMAGE"
Pushing the Boundaries of what a fashion doll can be.  Sasha "HOMAGE" is an tribute to Alexander McQueen. She is a Sasha mold and has an interchangeable head cap, one with Rooted Hair and one for Wigs.  She wears a Silver Lame, Swarovski Crystal encrusted Short Dress with Matching Tights and Armadillo McQueen trademark Boots.  Her face paint is powder blue with matching lips, nails and pedicure. She is an IDEX 2011 Exclusive Doll, and a limited edition of only 30 pcs.  Made of the same fine JAMIEshow Resin, with a full articulated (19 points) strung body, she is the first BJD to come …