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Quality Out of Control? A Bumpy Patch for IT

Yikes.  It has been a rough summer for Integrity Toys.  It seems to have started with the SDCC Rockin' Romance Jem arriving with some mold on her dress. On some dolls, it was minimal...others were pretty significantly covered.  People freaked.  I get it...these dolls are not cheap.  Lots of people have legit allergies and mold in any form or amount is not acceptable.  Mine arrived with a touch of the stuff and I just brushed it off and threw a silica pack in the box to be safe.  I considered myself lucky.  Then my club upgrade dolls arrived.  The Girl from INTEGRITY Poppy had more of the stuff on her.  Again, not a ton...and I just brushed it off.  However, when I undressed her, I also found some weird 'rusty' residue at her joints on her body.  I took a magic eraser to the marks and re-dressed her.  All is well.  Others had dolls with LOTS of mold in addition to linings stained by the rusty stuff, wonky glued eyelashes, missing hands etc.   Jem's Countess doll also ha…

Jazz and Drama! 1001 Afternoons in Chicago CD Release Party!

So about two years ago, i worked on adapting "Thumbnail Lotharios" by Ben Hecht into a radio play...which was then paired with original jazz compositions.  My husband also acted in the piece.  The CD is finally coming out next week and there is a snazzy party to boot.  Check it out...
1,001 Afternoons in Chicago CD Release PartyView this email in your browser1,001 Afternoons in Chicago CD Release Party!The sights, sounds and people who inhabited Roaring '20's Chicago inspired the now-legendary writer Ben Hecht to write a series of short stories one a day every day for a year to be published in the Chicago Daily News.

The best of them have been collected as 1,001 Afternoons in Chicago and six of the best of those are the inspiration for a new radio play, perhaps the perfect medium for these colorful stories, made in a collaboration between Access Contemporary Music and Strawdog Theater.

We recorded the music, we recorded the voices, we put them all together and we're…

Wonder Woman Shirt on Tee Fury Today $11!

It is adorable.  I could not resist.  Use the code TEEFURY10 to get 10% off (but it will only work after you have logged in).  You can only get the deal get it now.

New Tonner Diana Prince Wonder Woman Collection

The new Diana Prince line launched today. Much of it looks like it will ship in early October.  Diana uses the Tyler 2.0 sculpt (which I like quite a bit).  The basic doll has adorable red and blue undies, nice star jewelry, and very nifty blue pumps.  She features the new "Fit Body" which is a mash-up of the muscular superhero arms with a regular Tyler bust line I believe. She also comes with the fist hands...which is a nice touch. LE of 500 so it is possible she could sell out pretty quickly.  Price is $119...which seems a little crazy for a basic doll.  But at least the shoes are super cute and there is a necklace.  If only they would glitz up the bases too.  I guess I can do that myself with some decals.

They are also re-releasing the Wonder Woman 52 costume as an 'outfit only'...but this time in the smaller Tyler bust line. (The first version was for the Hero body with the jugs of doom and was a dressed doll.  She is now sold out).  Price is $99.  I think I wil…

FR Vanessa Perrin EDGE...blondie goodness

We are finally getting the chance to order last year's winning design and convention.  Most had assumed she would be a limited run lottery of doom....but looks like it will be a Vanessa windfall.  Of course surprise came with the usual moans about Vanessa sculpts...but I personally have no favorites between 1.0 and 3.0 Vanessa so I never understand the drama and sculpt-o-versy behind Vanessa vs "Faux-nessa".  I love love LOVE the hair color and screening.  The dress turned out quite nice.  However, I am not really a gown person at all and it would not fit with my collection. I do really like this Vanessa's hair, green eyes, and neutral lip.  I am trying to decide if I will get her just for the doll.  Those shoes and jewels are also pretty swell and I would use the nifty cage belt on other things.
Item # 91354 Edge Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty Collection 2013 Design Competition Award Doll by Lisa Ramsammy Edition Size: TBA (Based on all ord…

Wilde Imagination Outfit and Basic Sale

Outfits are $39 and Basic Dolls are $69.  I could not resist San Francisco Chill to put on Tulabelle.

Reviews: Stage Left's The Coward

This show kicked my ass...lots of work and in a historical period I rarely have worked in but definitely enjoyed.

Stage and Cinema

W Club Doll Mademoiselle Jolie

New Club Doll!  I love a platinum...AND I don't have an Isha sculpt at the moment.  I am not wild about the dress though nor the hair bump. Love the lingerie and jewels!  So she might get stripped and have a new hair do...then a new outfit.
Every Royal or VIP in Europe knows Mademoiselle Jolie's school for girls in Paris and the entire "who's who" of Parisian society today knows this ultra elegant lady and has fond memories of her kindness, beauty and total dedication to "her girls". Long retired from the scene, preferring to let her daughter Elise Jolie deal with the business, Mademoiselle is still famous today and is a close friend of the Perrin family, Jerrica Perrin being her best friend. Seen here as she was at the peak of her life as a socialite, this fantastic mini-giftset is inspired by the original one-of-a-kind doll created by Jason Wu for the 2006 convention auction. Here's your chance to finally add this most often requested beloved chara…