New Tonner Diana Prince Wonder Woman Collection

The new Diana Prince line launched today. Much of it looks like it will ship in early October.  Diana uses the Tyler 2.0 sculpt (which I like quite a bit).  The basic doll has adorable red and blue undies, nice star jewelry, and very nifty blue pumps.  She features the new "Fit Body" which is a mash-up of the muscular superhero arms with a regular Tyler bust line I believe. She also comes with the fist hands...which is a nice touch. LE of 500 so it is possible she could sell out pretty quickly.  Price is $119...which seems a little crazy for a basic doll.  But at least the shoes are super cute and there is a necklace.  If only they would glitz up the bases too.  I guess I can do that myself with some decals.

They are also re-releasing the Wonder Woman 52 costume as an 'outfit only'...but this time in the smaller Tyler bust line. (The first version was for the Hero body with the jugs of doom and was a dressed doll.  She is now sold out).  Price is $99.  I think I will just stick with the original version for now which i bought loose on eBay.

Princess of Paradise Island is the other MUST HAVE for me.  She is mighty similar to the original goddess-inspired Wonder Tonner dolls of yore (Athena's Champion for the 17" Athletic Doll in Red and Amazon Princess for the original 16" version).  For some reason, I went and sold my Amazon Princess doll a couple of years ago.  Not sure why?  I was sort of sad about this recently and considered "reBaying" it (reBaying= purchasing something after you had already bought and then sold it on eBay in the past).  But now I am not so sad after seeing this version.  I like her better.  The hair and jewelry are swell and the dress drape is lovely.  She is brutally priced at $199 and limited to 500.  

There are two other dressed dolls in the line: Diana Prince and Undercover.  Diana Prince has a classic updo and a really classy modern evening look.  She is $179.99 and LE 500  I like this but I am not going to shell out full retail for her.  If she goes on sale later on...I will bite.  She is a great looking doll though and I like the whole look.  I think I am most pleased with the overall subtlety and TASTE of this whole line.  I have found that Tonner fashions lately have gotten so over-cute, crazy fussy, and over-done.  I can barely look at Ellowyne anymore and the Cami and Jon stuff is not working for me either.  This Diana Prince line is far from the edgy runway looks you get from Fashion Royalty...but these are lovely classic fashions that are very in line with the character of Wonder Woman and Diana Prince.  I believe that these are indeed things she would wear. I just wish a girl could get a handbag around here...

Undercover is probably the biggest stretch in terms of theme.  I don't remember Diana EVER doing a hair color change in the comic...but whatever. She is $189.99 and LE500 The outfit is swell. And GREAT HERA!!!! IS THAT A PURSE???  I think this fashion would be gorgeous on Phantom Zone Supergirl. It reminds me of all of those wonderful City looks from several years ago that came with great separates, a coat, and a bag.

More on the outfits later....


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