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I survived SDCC 08...just barely...

Well I promise to post all the excitement about my San Diego adventure...but first I need to feel better. I got super super sick about two days into the trip and lost my voice and the will to live...ugh. I am miserable sick....

so look for updates shortly.

Weeee San Diego!

i have arrived. my room is swank. i found some macadamia nuts from my hawaii trip in my suitcase. all is well in the universe.

Doll Market has Tonner Perfume Trails for $12

Super Cheap Tonner Outfit! Only $12.

Devereaux Sisters & Ultra Basic Matt and Russell!

Devereaux Sisters pics! To join the Tonner Mailing here! They will debut at the summer event at the Tonner Company Store (14 Hurley Ave. Kingston, NY 12401) on AUGUST 9 'Doll Days of August', Saturday, Aug. 9 11AM - 2PM .

And be sure to check out the newest editions to the Ultra Basic Line: Matt & Russell! There is currently free shipping until August 1st for all orders over $200 (code 08FS200). Matt has long blonde hair and seems to be tan skin...but I could be wrong. Russell has short curly hair. Both are $49.99. That's a pretty good deal and it is a really nice looking Matt.

Free Shipping at Tonner Direct for purchases over $200

Use the code 08FS200 to get free shipping on orders over $200. Now might be the time to get youself the wonderful new Lara Croft doll...offer ends August 1st.

Two Day Dreamers Au Naturale Ashleigh

Two Day Dreamers has pictures up of their 2008 Au Naturale Ashleigh Exclusives in Raven and Auburn. They are $74.99..which is pretty friggen steep for a basic doll. I still don't have an Ashleigh sculpt...and at that price...I might have to pass still.

Tonner also has actual production pictures up of the BJD Ashleigh...she looks pretty nice.

San Diego Here I Come!....Where to find me...

Should you happen to be at the Comic Con next week...well so will I! Weeeeee!

Here's the lowdown on my Comic-Con goings on...I will be working at the Devil's Candy Store Booth #1704 where we will be selling some sweet swag and have the wonderful L.A. Banks signing. She writes some kick-ass vampire and werewolf stories that I am really digging. Buffy fans would approve. Some come by and say hi!

Tonner Fall 2008 Is up!

Link here. My thoughts in a moment...

Notable things...

Lee Scorsby from Golden Compass...very fun!

Black Canary!! Who uses the Tess Sculpt...

The Christmas Dreary Family!

Cool new ballerina witches and high fashion witches from Oz. The two fancy dress dolls look like they might be wig dolls. Not sure.

Re-Imagination Mummy Dearest! I love fun! She uses the Supergirl sculpt.

Re-Imagination Cynders, who uses one of the Devereaux sculpts.

And then the storyline of the Devereaux Sisters has been posted, but the dolls themselves won't debut until August 8th. Looks like there will be several characters in addition to the girls.

So I definitely want Black Canary, Mummy Dearest, and at least the Sister Dreary doll nude if not the whole shebang. It looks like everything has not been updated yet...we still have Voss and Tyler stuff to come. Also, there will be more dolls added to teh Lara Croft line as well as another character using the 17" female athletic sculpt that sounds lik…

Blink & You Missed her: Sold Out "Summer" by Superdoll

Well my house got hit by lightning on friday and fried the modem and dvr...needless to say I was very eager to get to work to get online today and catch up and see the new Superdoll: Summer. She sold out in an hour but here are the links to her pics. She is very icy cool.

TonnerSpace Newsletter July 2008!

Read the Newsletter Here!

First up...Ultimate BJD Betsy. She's adorable. I am not a fan of the little girl dolls...but I adore Tiny Betsy. She is just about the cutest thing ever. I got the Daffy BJD doll from the Spring 2008 Tonner Convention and I just adore her. This basic bjd Betsy will retail at $250 and is supposed to be out in August.

The newsletter also has some previews of the upcoming Get Smart Dolls of Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell. The two costumes they have pictures of for Agent 99 are her silver evening gown and the white trenchcoat and skinny pants. I hope the evening gown doll is wigged like she was in the film. These could be fun dolls. The sculpts look great. I am really excited about the Anne Hathaway doll. She sort of has an Ellowyne vibe about her (but without the ginormous head). They will both be on the normal Tyler and Matt bodies so they will be able to share clothes with the rest of the gang.

And the biggest news are some sneak peaks of the Fall 20…

I was possessed...

Okay, I will admit it. I fell prey to the 15% off sale at Wilde Imagination. I am a horrible person. Not only did I get the It's Only Me yellow number, but I also got the Things To Come outfit AND the Evangeline Wig set. Ugh. I am crazy. Now to go home and purge more things...

Tonner Reveals SDCC Exclusives!

Tonner will be at booth 4148 at San Diego Comic COn. The will have two exclusives...the super bitchin Phantom Zone Supergirl and the Arkham Asylum Joker.

Here's the info on Supergirl:

"First up is Phantom Zone Supergirl! It is a limited edition of only 200, Certificate of Authenticity provided, and she will be available at Comic Con for only $139.99!! At sixteen inches tall, this bullet proof beauty comes decked in all white, trimmed in gold. Her cross-over midriff top is emblazoned with her gold super 'S' and she has white, thigh-high boots and gold laces. Because we at TONNERDirect are concerned with your convenience, the 28 eyelets are already laced (they zip from the back)! Aglets not included."

I adore her...such a great outfit and her hairstyle looks really nice. I cannot wait to get her.

Here's the Joker 411:

"Next is the final component of our three-show collector set: Arkham Asylum Joker! There are only 100 of the captive crown prince of cri…

New Viktor Dreary Exclusive!

There's a new Viktor Dreary Exclusive called Maestro Viktor. It's a shared exclusive with Bearzabout and Lonestar Dolls. He is $109 and limited to 300 pcs. He's expected to ship in August. Very cute. He has an adorable grey streak in his hair..but I still hope to find the original one for a price I can afford.

Superdoll "Pride" for Sale!

It's roughly $110. Very retro. I am tempted by the shoes and the bracelet bangles...but still not in love with it enough to spend all that $$$. It is nice that they are limiting these to one per customer now to cut down on the scalping tendencies.

Brave the sunshine!
Cute 70's inspired 'boob tube' top, tailored white canvas hotpants with metal clasp belt, knee high socks and nude platform stiletto heels with 'rainbow' go faster stripes!
Fabulous set of 5 bracelets in 'rainbow' tone stones finishes off this summertime fun set! Ed 100 pieces worldwide.

Superdoll Fashion Victim Outfits

Catnip and Celery are still available over at Superdoll. I am happily not tempted...

Spiderman Dolls for Cheap at TonnerDirect.Com

All the Spiderman dolls are on sale for $49.99. I am sorely tempted to get a casual Peter Parker and make him over into Lex Luthor (Peter is wigged...therefore...he's bald underneath!) And another Mary Jane is also tempting...I have one already bound for a Marie Antoinette makeover...

Stitch n Pitch! Baseball + Knitting = Fun!

This is mostly to remind myself that I really want to go to this! What fun? Baseball and Knitting! Weee. Though I am a Cubbie...i think I can deal with a White Sox game to enjoy the event. The Stitch n Pitch for Chicago is August 6th. I am trying to make it. We shall see...

Knitting Daily has a superfun free sparkly wristband pattern perfect for the occasion!

Knitscene Fall Preview is Up! Weeeee!

Weee...more knitting porn. I am a sucker for knitting magazines as of late. I cannot get enough of them. My b-friend even commented on it: "Like you're really going to knit all these?" answer was, "shut up!" and then "maybe?" Well in my dreams I have time to knit all those beautiful patterns...and that's exactly what these magazines are perfect for: fiber dreaming!

So the Knitscene Fall Preview is up! I love Knitscene from Interweave. It's always chock full of cute trendy numbers...I am currently grooving on the Ahlstrom Bodice and Riding to Avalon though I would definitely pick different colors. I think avalon would be swell in green or maybe teal.

The Kodiak Bag looks adorable but I am currently still fearful of felting and that looks like a felting project to me.

But perhaps the Big Thaw is the way to go. Making Brian a sweater would be the perfect way to show him my lust for knitting mags is not wasted...and he wears sweaters w…

Adorable Ellowyne Pattern from Gary Fletcher!

Wow! i just love this one. Gary's patterns are just great. I have never had any problem with fit and the instructions are very clear. And of course there is a nice yahoo group to ask questions and share photos. I am wild about this new pattern for Ellowyne called "Setting Trends". I plan to get it ASAP. And good news is that Gary Fletcher has the official rights to make patterns for the Ellowyne line! Congrats!

15% Off Dolls and Outfits at Wilde Imagination!

Use the code EWM to get 15% off any doll or outfit for Ellowyne Wilde or Evangeline Ghastly. Grrr...once again I am sorely lacking in fund-age and I so want that yellow number...

Offer expires July 15th.

Superdoll to launch 3 new outfits & a Doll on Sunday!

Of course...who news when they will ACTUALLY launch. The outfits are called Celery, Catnip, and Rock It and there will also be a hosiery pack with five colors available. there will also be a new doll, Summer, with an edition size of 100.

Check out the news at Superdoll for some more info on the stuff coming out this sunday as well as infor on the upcoming Haute Doll exclusive. And it also sounds like they might have a new line coming out called It Girl...not sure. There press releases are always annoyingly cryptic.

I just recently sold my only Sybarite having become disenchanted with the willy nillyness of the company and the way many Sybarite-snobs treat other collectors. It sort of ticks me off. But they are beautiful dolls and you really cannot fault the company for wanting to keep their merch desirable (by making it mostly unattainable). But I have to admit I will be online on sunday looking but most likely not touching. I will just wait and see if another doll/oufit will …