Superdoll to launch 3 new outfits & a Doll on Sunday!

Of course...who news when they will ACTUALLY launch. The outfits are called Celery, Catnip, and Rock It and there will also be a hosiery pack with five colors available. there will also be a new doll, Summer, with an edition size of 100.

Check out the news at Superdoll for some more info on the stuff coming out this sunday as well as infor on the upcoming Haute Doll exclusive. And it also sounds like they might have a new line coming out called It Girl...not sure. There press releases are always annoyingly cryptic.

I just recently sold my only Sybarite having become disenchanted with the willy nillyness of the company and the way many Sybarite-snobs treat other collectors. It sort of ticks me off. But they are beautiful dolls and you really cannot fault the company for wanting to keep their merch desirable (by making it mostly unattainable). But I have to admit I will be online on sunday looking but most likely not touching. I will just wait and see if another doll/oufit will lure my back to Sybarite Fever.


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