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Be Still My Heart...Tonner's new Donna Troy!!!! ...and that Bitchy Emma Frost...

I could care less about the X-Men Phoenix and Emma Frost girls frankly. Though if they ever make a Dazzler...I will get her in a heartbeat...

But DONNA TROY...woot!  I had made my own Donna in her black suit and now I can just use that suit on this gal.  She will have the new boobs and the bigger biceps.  I am psyched.

Also new today...more Gone With the Wind, Miss Revlon Vintage, and some pretty cute new Alice and Mad Hatter dolls in a more anime style on Tiny Betsy bodies.

New Ellowyne Languid...

Super cute.  From the Cleveland Doll Club event.  Use SMILE15 for free shipping....

UFDC & Modern Doll Convention Exclusives at Tonner Direct

I do like that lime and aqua suit on Andy...

Fall Knitty 2011 is up!

So much wooly numminess.  Love Candles, Tenney Park, Callette Shawl, and Vignette.  Honestly the whole issue seems super yummy this time.

Trib thinks my "lush costumes add visual spark and fire" to Monte Cristo!

You should see this play.  It is dead sexy and awesome.

here's the review...

New Ellowyne & Mortimer Outfits, Evangline Doll, & Free Shipping at Wilde Imagination

Olive Drab Outfit
SKU:013-145 Price: $79.00 In OLIVE DRAB I sit and wait
For something to come and seal my fate;
What might that be? Well, I'm not quite sure
But I hope it has something to do with haute couture...

This outfit consists of an olive green dress, matching slip, belt, arm bands, ribbed knit tights, faux suede short boots, and designer jewelry.  LE 1,000

Mortimer Well Preserved Outfit
SKU:233-101 Price: $85.00
NEW!  It's the perfect outfit for every stylish Mortician-in-Training. Evangeline knew that Mortimer needed the perfect look for his new job at Mort's Mortuary, so she stayed up very late one evening sewing his newest outfit. Includes a shirt, tie, vest, cuffed pants, socks, shoes, and an apron - of course!    LE 350

Dandy of Death - NEW SKU:211-118 Price: $190.00
NEW!  It's our newest vinyl Evangeline with inset blue eyes,* applied lashes, and a changeable platinum wig. She's approximately 17" tall and completely ball jointed, with deli…

Yarncon September 24th!

Dear Yarny Friends,
YarnCon 2011 is almost here!  The big day is September 24, from 11am to 6pm (longer hours!) at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, 1419 W. Blackhawk.  We have a fantastic line up of vendors, Heartland Cafe is back with delicious food to fuel your day, the ever handy ATM truck out front, and great workshops!  And this year we are happy to offer online pre-registration!  Spaces are limited, so please register soon.  As always, you can find all the details at

Natalia, Sara and Lindy

Natalia Wilson
Sara Ware
Lindy Sinclair
Yarny Goodness, LLC.

Sybarite Gothika up for Sale...$810..

Ouch.  But she is gorgeous....I love the tattoos and the wig and makeup are great.

Last day to vote for my dress design #10!

Today is the last day to vote for my dress!!! Number 10!

New Sybarite Photo of Facebook

Wow...she looks stunning.  I am guessing this is the new Marl & B exclusive.  People will lost their mind for this one...

Early Fall Tonner Sale! 20% off!

Early Fall Sale! 
Begins Today, September 13th at NOON EDT  and ends Friday, September 16th at 11:59pm EDT
20% OFF & FREE SHIPPING*!  Free Shipping within the continental U.S. only.   International customers please e-mail  with your order number to receive a $9.95 shipping credit.  
It's easy:  Use Promo Code FALL2011 at checkout!

-Site-Wide- *some exclusions apply. Exclusions apply -  The following products  are not included in the sale:  
Fantasy Masquerade Gift Set, Party All Night Jon, Party All Night Andy, 2011 American Model Waist Gripper, American Model Wigged Basic, American Model Goth Basic, Posh Jacket, South Hampton, Sag Harbor, Ariel, Holland, Rapunzel, Sleek, 12" Hermoine Granger, Basic Aiko, Basic Yoshio, Sori Aiko, Hogyo Yoshio, Uchi-Soto, Tokyo Sleek Him, Tokyo Sleek Her, Aiko Zen, Ms. Marvel, City Sleek, Pink Parfait, and Jane.

Yikes...FR Convention Collection Payment

Brutal.  Waiting for it to ship after the convention will be even worse I suspect.  I doubt I can keep more than one of those girls...I think the FR2 Elise might stay with me...but i am sure the majority will have to leave to finance the girls I keep.  Imogen sounds intriguing and I am a sucker for giftsets.  Keep an eye here for sales post convention...I think you will find that I am pretty fair in my pricing (my friends say that I am actually crazy and should charge way more...)

The Convention Collection::
Vivid Impact Agnes Von Weiss Dressed Doll  (Sugg. Retail $150.00) 
Most Wanted Elise Jolie Dressed Doll FR2 (Sugg. Retail $175.00)
Style Counsel Adèle Makéda and Véronique Perrin Two Doll Giftset (Sugg. Retail $199.00)
Mission Control Imogen Dressed Doll (Nu.Face Collection) (Sugg. Retail $120.00)
High Toned Rayna (New Character!) Dressed Doll (Nu.Face Collection)(Sugg. Retail $120.00)
Brightness Calls Isha Dressed Doll (Sugg. Retail $120.00)
Simply Simpatico Poppy Parker and Darl…

Tonner's Zatanna on sale for $87.50 from AFXpress!

Finally...I can get her....I opted for the priority mail....which was a buck less than UPS.  Plus ups has recently pissed me off so they are dead to me at the moment.  So she was just under $100 with shipping!  And I do so love the Lana sculpt and ZATANNA!


$13 off at Wilde Imagination until Sept, 18th, 2011

$13 OFF 
  Any Order of $75 or More from Wilde Imagination

Just Use Promo Code THL during checkout - it's that easy! Expires September 18th, 2011

Tonner Fantasy Masquerade Sydney for $250

Nice deal on this lovely set from the 2011 Tonner Convention.  I love the outfits...they look awesome on Wonder Woman.  The Sydney has great face paint and two nice wigs.

New Swag up at Superdoll...basic Syb and wigs

These is currently a new basic Sybarite and some festive wigs.  There were jeans at some point but they seem to be gone.