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Eco Tawashi...make your own disc scrubber!

Make one for everyone on your list. It's a great way to use up all that bad acrylic yarn in your stash... My sister thinks the one I made for christmas is the best thing evah!

Here are some patterns:


And here's the one I made:

Woot! Check me out...Good Review for my Red Noses Costumes!

Read the awesome tribune review! Now go see the show at Strawdog! While you are at it..go see the equally well-reviewed Revenants around the corner at Angel Island...or see them both on sunday!

Free Comic Book Day is Nigh!

It's saturday May 2nd...head to your local comic book's the coolest.

More great reviews for Wildclaw's The Revenants!

weee...lots of love out there for our little zombie skit. Come see it! Head over to Wildclaw Theatre to get more info!

Tonner Warehouse Sale this Saturday!

TONNER Warehouse Relocation SALE
Saturday, May 2 (10am - 1pm)
459 Hurley Ave., Hurley, NY 12443

This is your last opportunity to take advantage of our great warehouse finds! We have tons of items - many below wholesale!
Dolls, outfits, and accessories ( from current and previous collections)
Miscellaneous doll hospital odds and ends
Gently used office furniture
And much more!

Call 845-339-9537 for more information!

Just how adorable is this kid?

Sooo Kenzie.

Knitting Adventure: Star Motif Pullover #01

I started on Kristing Ohmdahl's Star Motif Pullover #01 from the recent Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2009 the other day. I am using some old stash yarn. Sadly I think I am going to run out before I get to the ribbing and collar. I plan to hit the knitting shops to find a contrast yarn. I think it will all work out fine. The pattern has been really fun to knit and surprisingly speedy. I think I just enjoy knitting from charts and find it addictive. I find myself saying...oh just one more row before bedtime...and the next thing I know the front panel is completed! Weee!

Vogue Knitting International

Movie Star a jiffy

I had a gig on saturday for Collaboraction where I had to dress some actors in some fifties wear and do a few look-alike are the results. Whenever I do this kind of thing, the key is to simplify and pick what is really essential about the time period and the star/character I am trying to achieve. I pulled a few of the things from work (poodle skirts...which i made the peach one...), hit the thrift stores (scored the red James Dean coat at Salvation Army), and then regular retail stores for the rest. I got lucky with the white halter dress at Burlington Coat makes a respectable stand in for the Seven Year Itch dress. I got the platinum wig at a Elim Beauty Supply on Broadway in Chicago (they were awesome!).

$24 off an order of $100 at Wilde Imagination

Use the code BIRTHDAY to get $24 off a $100 order. Nice savings. I might break and get a new basic Ellowyne so I have another display doll at the convention. Offer good until May 3rd.

New Knit.1 Magazine! to hunt it down in the wild.

Ysolde Teague's New Knitting Book

I also heard about this on Stash and Burn...those gals are just horrible enablers! (wink).

Whimsical Little Knits...

New Knitting & Craft Zine: Knit Circus

I heard about this on Stash and Burn...sounds awesome. I plan to check it out.

Knit Circus

Interweave Knits Summer 2009 Preview! Weee!

Huzzah more knitting porn! Interweave Knits Summer 2009 Preview is up. I like the Gatsby Dress. The akiomeogi tunic is cool but I wonder if I might be too busty for it. The Filet Patch blouse is interesting but definitely not in those colors. The Stanwyck Pullover is a great little retro number. I might try that one. So much to little time.

Sybarite Fugu pic up at Hautedoll!

You can see a preview pic of Sybarite's new sculpt Fugu over at Hautedoll. I like the sculpt but I am not wild about this face up on her...never been a fan of that eyebrow style. Still she is pretty interesting but they don't know her actual retail price yet..but they are still ready and willing to take your money ($100 deposit) to hold her starting April 20th. I think I will wait for one with a better face. This one is limited to 100 pieces.

From hautedoll:
Watch out for your other Sybarites when you bring Fugu-San home! This pale skinned beauty with the sultry eyes, pencil thin eyebrows and red red lips has been given an edgy demeanor. Superfrock contends that she is a force to be reckoned with. I find her striking with her lack choppy hair, intricate gown of a coarse weave - Superfrock's allusion to the Japanese bondage art of kinbaku. Haute Doll is pleased to offer Fugu-San to subscribers. She is a limited edition of 100. We will accept deposits of $100 to hold your …

Superfrock Wig Restock

I just noticed some of the Sybarite wigs that had been sold out are back up in the store. Get em while you can.

$15 off of $75 or more at Tonner Direct!

Enter the code SPRING at checkout to get $15 off an order of $75 or more at Tonner Direct. I am REALLY tempted to get the Reading to Alice teen doll. I like her face sculpt and I really like the teen body...and need more teen body models for the upcoming Tonner Convention....

Update...I just ordered her...I think i might re-root her in blonde to make her Speedy from Green Arrow/Black Canary...we shall see though.

Superdoll Innoquii Bride is up for sale & News!

She's up! I so want her but definitely do not have the cash to drop at the moment. Wahhh!

Also, in the next issue of Haute Doll you will be able to see the new Japanese sculpt, Fugu. Also a new Sybarite Collection called Fortune will be be debuting on the retooled website as well as a celebrity likeness, a line of teenage dolls, artist figures, and more. Sounds like it will be an expensive but exciting year!

I wonder who the celeb is? I am throwing Madonna out as a wild guess...or maybe Fergie?

MS Walk Time Again...Send your Money!

Come out and join us on May 3rd at the lakefront or send some money along to help fight the evilness that is MS! Visit my pledge page to make a donation!

New Patterns for Ellowyne at Adams Harris

Some very cute new patterns including a Marie Antoinette style gown...

Free Ellowyne Wilde Pattern!

Designs by Jude/Fletcher Pattern Company is offering a free pdf download of the very cute Le Baron Ellowyne pattern for a limited time. I love their patterns and this one is particularly cute!