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Tonner Prince of Persia Images are Up!


Photoshoot Favs Benefit Cosmetics Bundle for $60

I am a whore for this makeup line.  I absolutely ADORE That Gal and Some Kind of Gorgeous.  Badlash is also wonderful.  This is a good deal.  Enter ALLTHREE at checkout for a discount.

2010 Tonner Extras On Sale Now! Firefly Inara is one of them!

Shinon Inara is on sale for $185...I am so very very tempted to get another Inara but I suppose I should share with the rest of the class.

There is a promo code out there somewhere...i just cannot remember what it is...

Gulp. Just discovered there are two more outfits for Bambola...

And of course, they are adorable...must have.

Tonner Convention Competition Entries...I did two...

The Star Trek and Barbarella ones by Monica are AWESOME!

Tonner Browncoat Breakfast Coverage...I love my new plastic Mal!

(I am the second "Jayne" from the left FYI in the Jayne contest...the Jayne with Vera won the prize). The Tonner Convention Browncoat Breakfast was so fun and was a wonderful introduction to the Firefly/Serenity world for many attendees. As both a Whedon fan and a doll collector, it was wonderful to have my two worlds collide. The Tonner staff gave a nice overview of the Verse for the uninitiated (though "Josh" Whedon was often said...shudder). We had some trivia and the table that won each received an Artist Proof Inara (jealous). The centerpiece at the event was a super sweet Captain's chair reproduction. It's shiny... I got one. They won't be making these anymore so if you come across one for a good price, buy it. They will be extremely rare.

One of the guests was sporting Kaylee's actual costume from the film...(again jealous!)

Last time I checked...they had about 14 of Inara left over...but she may be sold out now. If…

Me wants: Hayden Harnett Leda Bikini...

And I am just delusional enough to think I can pull it off...oh money tree?  I am hoping that it will go on sale before my honeymoon...though there is currently a silver blue version on ye olde ebay for half price that I am stalking.

Lifeline Theatre's Neverwhere Blew My Mind With Awesomeness!

Go see it.  T'was awesome.  Like sweet sweet summer action movie *with content* awesome.  Fans of the book will not be disappointed. (I practically squealed when I saw the trolls on Richard's desk.)  The entire production is jaw-dropping gorgeous and inventive in a way that makes me sort of angry at how successful they are...and by angry, I mean really REALLY jealous and amazed at the company's amazing talent and supremely sad that I was not involved. It reminded me of why I do theatre and see theatre: because the magical combination of actors, clever design, and wicked fantastic effects deliver such a body thrill and exciting human connection in a way that goofy 3-D glasses and computer animation never will. I want to stalk this production like a 13 year old Bieber-fan.  I want to hand-embroider pillows with "I heart Neverwhere" on them and bake the cast little cakes in the shape of rats. I am expecting this thing to sell like hot cakes.  Get your tickets ASAP. …

On Golden Pond at Buffalo Theatre Ensemble

I did the costumes...its a nice production.

Time Out Magazine Thinks I Wuz Robbed...

I was sad to not see my name (AGAIN) but very happy to see that others noticed the lack of my name.  It's nice to be recognized for not getting recognized.  Though Brian thinks I am very silly for caring about the Jeff Awards...and I know that I should not care...but I am also the little girl who would do just about anything to get a unicorn sticker on her spelling test.  Dammit I want my unicorn sticker!

Time Out Chicago

Tonner Jonah Hex Saloon Leila SDCC Exclusive

Too bad Megan Fox is my sworn enemy because this figure looks really nice.  Looks like she is on the regular 16" tyler body.  The likeness sculpt is not too bad.  I am used to seeing Megan Fox with a whore-load of eye makeup on though so I think that's where it is throwing me for a loop.  Plus the lack of tattoos.  The vacant expression is right though.  I wonder if we will be getting Mr. hex as well?  FYI...Jonah Hex is a DC comic book. One of my favorite writers, Jimmy Palmiotti often writes it.  Tis good.

Saloon Leila from Jonah Hex™ San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive! Saloon Leila from Jonah Hex™ will be available for purchase exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. At the conclusion of San Diego Comic-Con, if any product remains it will be available for purchase right here on! TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE™ Product description to come..... LE200
Price: $149.99

Red & Turquoise Shower....I covet.