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SDCC Hasbro Exclusive Rockin' Romance Jem

Well here she is.  This might be the first one that I don't need to have...but maybe she will be easier to get than the others.

2014 Integrity Toys Convention Details!

Get all the registration details here:

Sadness...I cannot go.  I think it is just too soon to abandon the wee lad for a weekend and I don't think it would work out to bring him along this time around.  I did secure a proxy though so I am all good.  Actually it will end up being less expensive in the end since I won't be paying for hotel, airfare, cabs, and meals!  I will miss the fun and excitement and the people the most.  IT throws AMAZING conventions and I swear you will not be sorry.  I have been to three now and all of them were fantastic.  The only potential problem is the Nu Face W Club lunch (as my proxy is not in the W Club so cannot attend for me).  My proxy's friend is in the club and does not think he will want the W Club lunch fingers crossed I can get it from him.

I am curious what's happening with the friday night Bazaar event.  I imagine this means no room sales (which I know…

Adventures in Motherhood: The Little Things

Enjoy every moment...don't sweat the small stuff...sleep when the baby sleeps...etc.  New parents hear this stuff smile and file it away...some in 'good advice' and much in the 'shut the hell up' file.  You pour over baby parenting books and talk about "crying it out" with other parents.  You can have all sorts of plans, but will those plans hold up in the actual moment?

Perhaps reading all these books and discussing parenting methodology ad nauseam is only setting new parents up for failure due to unreal expectations? I certainly experienced this sense of hopeless disappointment in the hours just before my delivery.  It was only when I recognized and accepted the reality of that day and let go of the imagined event in my head that I was able to move forward. I then did what needed to be done in order to enjoy things and get to the ultimate goal (get the epidural so you can quit screaming bloody murder and get that beautiful baby in your…