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IFDC Psychedelic Poppies Bring No Peace for Collectors

Image seems like everyone is about to Make War Not Love to get their hands on these girls. IT holds over a small portion of the dolls for a WClub lottery. In previous years I have been unlucky (It Girl Poppy eluded me at retail price in the lottery...but then I got her two years later at a reasonably unreasonable amount 😅) and then lucky (scored Dasha Anika Luxottica in the lottery weeeee!). While I am tempted to try for more than one and possibly use one as trade bait for Pink Ciao Poppy...I am going to restrain myself and just try for Peace of my Heart. I love this one head to toe...while some of the others I find myself not loving the entire package. So much restraint...I am practically a nun.

This is quite a cool collection if you like this era/style in clothing. I am really loving the accessories and the face screenings on these gals. I am less into the price tags. But these are convention exclusives so I assume they are slightly less for attendees. I could be wrong. I think …