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Katy Keene & New Friends: Cinematic Color Infusion Jaeme and Sterling

Well it has NOT been a season of restraint for me.  While I managed to resist the recent Tonner sale, it was less about will power and more about all my doll funds going to Integrity. I picked up Jaeme Costas and Sterling Riese to be pals for Katy Keene.  They look fabulous and I am very pleased with the trio.  Jaeme is still available from Integrity last I checked...she is gorgeous.

W Club Jackpot! J'Adore La Fete Elyse

Um...yeah I ordered this in a hot second.  So amazing.  I love the case. I cannot wait to see it all laid out in the box.  I am a huge fan of the Elise sculpt and love the raven hair and red lips.  I already had the stunning Workshop 2013 Elise with the FR White tone and raven hair...but I think I like this one better (sent the old one to eBay).  I could do without the ruffles...but I love the colors and the suit.  I wish one of the shoes were a different color...but overall this set is a stunner.  This is the kind of thing that makes me want to get a second membership for next year.  (Which I might do anyways so that my mom can go to the w club lunch at the Chicago convention next year).

Update: June yeah...I just let someone else take this one over. Though I am sure I will regret it, the more I looked at the ruffles, the more I realized that I would never want to put her in these outfits. So here's hoping there will be an amazing convention Elyse that will make me forg…