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Down the Blythe Rabbit Hole...

A couple of years ago I bought Nikki Lad Blythe.  She was an adorable tom boy doll.  Then I was getting I sold a TON of stuff so that we wouldn't be one of those idiot couples that end up in a bunch a debt from their wedding (no I would rather be an idiot doll collector in a bunch of debt from these genuine plastic divas demanding I purchase them all the damn time).  I sold her and did not look back....

Until I did. And here we are kids...I just got my first 'factory blythe'...meaning she is like an off brand Blythe un-officially cobbled together from official parts. I have been watching customization videos like crazy on ye olde you tube.  I got her last week and have already taken her a part, sanded her face, and used a dremel and files to give her lips and nose a new shape.  I have ordered the most freaking adorable pair of little pink nike sneakers for her and have been sewing up a storm. I am going with a rose gold glam look for her makeup and she will b…

W Club Exclusive Bon Bon Poppy- First Taste of Champagne!

Well, my wallet is very pleased that I have no interest in getting her. People seem really pleased with her though.  We don't get a lot of redheads and everyone is rejoicing that she is not in black. I am currently at critical mass with my Poppy girls at the moment and trying to save room for the mod collection coming next year.  I haven't even taken Kicks! and Big Eyes! out of their boxes yet as there is currently no room at the inn.  I even kicked out Mood Changers Raven...who I love...but damn it is getting crowded in here. Why must they all be so cute. Damn perky little pouty lipped temptress.

I would really love the little brooch and accessories but it seems dumb to fork over all that money just for tiny things that will honestly just get eaten by my cat or toddler.

Item # PP107 First Taste of Champagne
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
The Bonbon Collection 2016 W CLUB EXCLUSIVE Approximate Ship Date: May 2017 Limited Edition Size: TBA Dolls Worldwide Special W Club Price: $120.00 Doll …

Old Jem Dolls with "Bonus Edition" Outfits

Dressed Doll / Bonus "At The Awards" Dress
The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection Approximate Ship Date: In-stock Bonus Edition Size: 175 Dolls Only Suggested Retail Price: $119.00
The original "bad girl" of the JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS cartoon drama is ready for her big evening at the Awards Ceremony wearing her new rockin' on-stage look. Complete with fur boa, this look will help PIZZAZZ stand out with her band-mates in their matching looks!
This 12.5-inch fully articulated doll comes complete with all of her original gear, outfit and doll stand and now includes an additional stage look as shown! For adult collectors only.
This dress along with Roxy's matches the red dress from the Stormer BackStager set.  Though I like these, I passed for now. If they are still around when I have some more money after Christmas, then I might bite.  But for now, these aren't must have fashions for me. Item # 14032A ROXANNE "ROXY…

Reckless 2016 Nu Face Doll Capsule Collection! Swoon!

A Clueless inspired collection designed by Jessy Ayala was hinted at by David Buttry at the Supermodel Convention.  We were told it was amazing.  I am pretty pleased with the results.  Finally we are back to an edgy YOUTHFUL runway look for the Nu Face Models. Last year's Balmain stuff was okay, but I did not get any of it as there was way too much black.  Integrity is giving us an interesting, cohesive collection inspired by looks from Moschino, Givenchy, Chanel, and others with a direct nod to the festive fashions in the film Clueless.  I can definitely see the influence in the berets, fur, hair styles, and knee socks.  Very fun.  Much of the line seems to be already sold out from dealers good luck getting one! My thoughts are below in BLUE.

Item # 82070 She Owns Everything  Erin S.™ Dressed Doll The NU. Face™ Collection Approximate Ship Date: Early Spring 2017 Limited Edition Size: 700 Dolls Only Suggested Retail Price: $140.00 Head Sculpt: Erin 2.0 Body Type: NU. Face 2.0