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Victoire Roux: Pret a Partir Doll

I completely missed posting about this one.  This was a IT Direct club lottery doll.  I could not resist the outfit, that little train case, and those spectator shoes! To die for!  Luckily I won the lottery for her and she is on her way with my W Club upgrade dolls.   I will likely sell the doll nude though since paying for all three was BRUTAL and my Jem dolls are still in doll prison until I can muster the cash.
Item # 76015 Prêt à Partir Victoire Roux™ Dressed Doll IT Direct Exclusive  Limited Edition of 600 Dolls Estimate Ship Date: Approximately Mid-July 2014  Suggest Retail Price: US $99.00 + Shipping and Handling* *(+ applicable sales tax for Maryland residents only). Doll Tech Specs: Body Type: IT/Victoire Head Sculpt: Victoire Roux™ Quick Switch Feature: No Skin Tone: FR White Hair Color: Golden Blond Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied "Prêt à Partir" Victoire Roux™ is a fully articulated 12-inch vinyl doll with a stunning golden blond rooted updo hairstyle. Victoire travels in style in …

IFDC Poppy Parker Dolls....Organ Donation Drive

So Integrity SHOCKED THE WORLD it seems by using Poppy Parker for the IFDC dolls this year.  Poppy has never been used for a non-Integrity convention before but since it is her five year anniversary....they let loose with a more grown-up glamorous look for her.   All three of the dolls have a new hybrid body with high heel feet and no hideous ankle joints.  All other proportions are the same.  I am hoping to score It Girl in the W Club lottery.  Here's hoping my lottery karma is better than it was for Montaigne Market Elise (le sigh....i still want her).  These dolls are not cheap...but It Girl especially comes with such amazing accessories.  I love the aqua outfit color and adore the bright red hair and the 'bitchy bump' ponytail. People are are going crazy for all three and are trying to buy them at a "reasonable price".  (see pet peeve rant on this phrase....).  When will people learn that there is no such thing?  A much better question would be, do you reall…

Tonner SDCC 2014 Exclusive Vintage Wonder Woman in Resin!

Well I can assume right now that this is out of my league...unless it goes on sale later...I will likely not be able to get her.  I would like the outfit though.  Here's hoping I can get it loose!

- Resin -
T14DCSD01 $475
LE 100 - Limited!
Dressed Tonner character figure™ Face includes hand-painted details New Tyler resin head sculpt Resin Tyler body Tyler skin tone Blue painted eyes Raven removable wigged saran hair Red shantung bodice with metallic gold embroidery Navy blue pleated shorts with printed stars attached to the bodice White faux leather belt Nude pantyhose Gold lasso Black faux leather cuffs Red bead earrings Gold crown with red star decoration Red and white faux leather boots Stand LE 100