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Psst...Carmilla & Laura can now get hitched across the street!

Quinn to sign civil union law - Chicago Sun-Times

Huzzah...I know it is only a civil union...but something is better than nothing right?

Idex Doll News and My Thoughts...

I find it funny that when you search for IDEX get a military defense weapon conference as well as a doll conference. Two great things that go great together evidently.

Check out James' wonderful pictures...

Lots of news from the doll companies. The Fashion Royalty FR2 line is going to kill me. I loved all of it. Ugh. I think I will break down and get an Elise and one outfit....but I also might wait for the convention. The Dracula and Brides collection is also very cool. I am trying to resist that though.

Tonner had some of their new items up as well. The Twilight Jasper sculpt is a winner. I think the Anne Harper series looks swell but I think I will manage to resist these dolls. The special Tonner event featured a souvenir Deanna Denton head shrunk to fit a Antoinette body. She is called "Fresh Face". The photos also show off the fun size changes for the new Alice in Wonderland dolls. I am crazy for Voyage of Wonder. I must have that outfit.


Crazy sales at Bearzabout....Amazon Wonder Woman Doll for $50

So so tempted...

Winter 2011 Knitty is up!

The Diversify Cowl would be swell to use up some of my handspun yarn. The Cartouche Shawl is gorgeous but slightly daunting since it's knit on size three needles! I love Lady Lovelace. So much knitting....

Carmilla opens tonight!

So I adapted a little vampire play. It opens tonight. I am very nervous.

Read the original story...then come see my show. I did the costumes too...and the makeup...and some of the props. I have been a busy girl.

New cookie A book...Knit Sock Love!

me wants it. I love the first sock book. I have finished three patterns from it already.

Tonner Virtual Factory Sale Wednesday jan 19th at Noon EST!

Save your pennies....

Tonner 2011 Toy Fair Preview is up! My thoughts...

There's are two new Gemma Arthertons for Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia. I wonder is they just reused the Tamina head for Io? If they did...I think her sculpt is better in the tan than this cameo skintone...but I still like Io. The outfit would make a great Amazon outfit. Both films were wretched though. However, the Io doll could be rerooted in red to make a swell Strawberry Fields doll from the recent Bond flick to go with your Daniel Craig from Golden Compass.

New Anne Harper characters! using the wonderful Friday Foster sculpt again, Diane Evans, and another new character, Patricia Holt with a new sculpt. The James Collins sculpt looks pretty wonderful. Costumes are fun too...

I really hope we see some more DC Stars though!

The new Joan Crawford Devil in White doll is STUNNING! I love the hair and smokey eyes.

Lots of new Alice in Wonderland things. I love that Voyage of Wonder Alice. the outfit is great and I really like this sculpt.

Vampire Diaries Dam…

New Chaise and Lamp for outfits as well and Evangeline...

Sweet new props for Wilde Imagination's Ellowyne are up. These will probably sell out in a jiffy. The chaise is $58 and the working lamp is $62. There is a 15% off code as well (WILDE03). I really like several of the new outfits. I am tempted to get the Rufus outfit as it would make a swell steampunk number! I wish there was an Amber Stanhope without the dread inset eyes. I am not a fan of those.

Evangeline has new dolls and clothes as well. Tangled Web is crazy fun. I love the aqua boots.

Ugh...why do I have to be broke.

Knitscene Winter 2011 preview! Yumminess!

I covet the Kenning Mitts, the Mette-Maritt Pullover, and the Bandha hoodie is AWESOME!