Idex Doll News and My Thoughts...

I find it funny that when you search for IDEX get a military defense weapon conference as well as a doll conference. Two great things that go great together evidently.

Check out James' wonderful pictures...

Lots of news from the doll companies. The Fashion Royalty FR2 line is going to kill me. I loved all of it. Ugh. I think I will break down and get an Elise and one outfit....but I also might wait for the convention. The Dracula and Brides collection is also very cool. I am trying to resist that though.

Tonner had some of their new items up as well. The Twilight Jasper sculpt is a winner. I think the Anne Harper series looks swell but I think I will manage to resist these dolls. The special Tonner event featured a souvenir Deanna Denton head shrunk to fit a Antoinette body. She is called "Fresh Face". The photos also show off the fun size changes for the new Alice in Wonderland dolls. I am crazy for Voyage of Wonder. I must have that outfit.

Tonner report roundup:

-New Mood Tyler, Sydney, & Esme- make your own doll with inset eyes, 3 chest plate options, wigs, and changeable hands and feet.

-Marvel Dolls planned- Emma Frost, Rogue, Wolverine, Captain America, Electra, & Black Cat

-Theatre de la Mode is coming back on the Antoinette body and extra fashions for Tyler

-More sculpts for the Revlon body

-American Model is back with articulation. Pics look sort of Gothy.

-Next DC Star is Starfire on the big girl body. People think she looks pornographic. I sigh in response. Get over yourselves's a friggin' superhero doll. I think she looks great...but I am not really a Starfire fan. I am really surprised they did not do a Green Lantern Jade or Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire...especially with the upcoming movie? Maybe we will get a Nightwing doll to go with Starfire thought? *Fingers crossed*

Cheryl Crawford has a new line of super-detailed resin bjd artist dolls priced in the $700 range.

-Madame Alexander looks like they have tweaked the Alex sculpts again.

Horsman also has new and interesting things coming out for Zita along with fantastic furniture!

-The Wilde Imagination line is STUNNING. I might break down and get another Evangeline. I had sold my resin doll off recently...but I might have to go back again. The clothes were great. I love the one in the pink dress...

-More resin male and female dolls from Angelic Dreamz' JamieShow line. One of the male dolls is Asian. Also more of those fabulous shoes.

-Joan Greene has a new line of historical dolls named Cordelia through Greene Lam Studios.
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