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Jem Movie Cast Reveal and Teaser photo


Looks like it is slightly modernized but I guess we won't know until we see the dresses.

Are you ready to meet the band? Introducing Our Holograms: Jem - Aubrey Peeples (from Nashville) Kimber - Stefanie Scott Aja - Hayley Kiyoko Shana - Aurora Perrineau Rio- Ryan Guzman (from Step Up Movies)

And this guy is playing Zipper! 

Risen! WildClaw Easter Salon...I wrote a little play.

You should should be a really fun time.

Adventures in Motherhood: Diaper Cover Update

So we ended up getting a diaper service from Green Diaper Babies in Chicago and so far so good!  I really like being able to change diapers with wild abandon where when using the disposables...I keep like a running tally of money in my head every time I switch one.  I don't know why. We are still using disposables when we leave the house for any amount of time just for the ease of things and I occasionally toss him in one at night when I am changing the diaper at 3am.  He tends to hate diaper changes and anything to make the screaming stop as soon as possible at 3a is a good thing.

So the diaper covers I made are working great.  I could have skipped the newborn size and gone straight to the small size though.  I also did not need to put the "flap pockets" on the inside because I never use them to hold the diaper in place.  I use snappis to keep the cloth diaper on.  So I will skip that step when making the next size.  This first batch uses velcro closures.  The velcro i…

Adventures in Motherhood: Birth Story and `Packing the Hospital Bag Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!'

Image I had that baby back on February 26th...and I am only now getting around to updating things!  Crazy times.  But awesome fun times.  Anyhow, here is the lowdown on what worked and what didn't and a new updated list.

But first I need to explain the circumstances of the actual birth.  I was a couple of days past my due date and had my morning NST scheduled for 9a followed by the weekly visit to my obgyn at noon.  My mom wanted to come with to see an ultrasound and also to figure out where the hospital is and parking etc.  At this point it is still CRAZY COLD in maybe 5 degrees, so we were still not keeping the bags in the car.  Plus this was my mom's car.  Brian had ours at work down in River North.

NST's were boring as usual and the quickie ultrasounds showed everything was peachy. I had to schedule another NST for friday as I was at the 'twice a week' point.  Based on discussions with my doctor the week before, we figured that if labor had not…

New Jem/Pizzazz "In Stitches" IT DIrect Gift Set! GORGEOUS

Not sure why I haven't posted about this yet because OH MY SWEET LORD IT IS AWESOME!!!  So this was a surprise to IT Gift Set!  I was stunned and so very pleased to be getting this set.  It is really a great idea to do the paired designs in different colors for the dolly frenemies. Unlike the Who is he Kissing Gift Set which was and still is available in most doll shops and the IT store, the In Stitches Gift Set is only available through IT.   The set was available first to club members at a nice discount and is now available for all.  I got my set before the confidential time period was even over!  It was difficult not to spam everyone with pictures because the set is killer and even better in person.  I took some time the other day to comb our and style the hair on them both.  With a little water and combing, Jem's hair is nice and long in soft curls and would make a great rock and curl Jem stand in.  Pizzazz is FIERCE.  Both of the outfits are highly detailed and t…

2014 W Club Doll- Victoire Roux Le Grande Seduction

We finally got a look at our first club doll for 2014: Victoire Roux Le Grande Seduction!  Collectors were thrilled to see the return of STORIES for the dolls and hope this continues into the other line reveals for this year. I love the color, the stunning jewelry, and find the dress design interesting but I am going to pass on this beauty.  The reveals of the new lines are coming and I am happy with the Montreal Victoire and the Victorious brunette from convention.
La Grande Seduction (The Great Seduction)
During Europe's darkest hours, Victoire Roux not only fought valiantly to save the lives of her compatriots, but as a patron of the arts, she also worked tirelessly to protect the magnificent cultural heritage of France. Swiftly salvaging and hiding world famous paintings by the likes of Van Gogh, Monet and many others from would be conquerors and other miscreants in an ultra secret hiding place, Victoire successfully saved these irreplaceable treasures from almo…

MIA Collectibles...Documenting your Collection

I think every serious collector has done it at some point...misplace something from your collection. Often it is one of your favorite things too that you are sure that you put "some place special"!  Clearly it was so special that you you have out-foxed your future self.  It can really make you doubt your sanity the longer it takes you to find it..assuming that you do find it. You start to wonder if it even existed at all? Did you sell it? Was it stolen? Did the movers leave it behind? Etc...nightmare...etc...I moved to my current apartment in August of 2013. It took a month to get around to unpacking the dolls as I added some new shelves for my ever expanding Integrity Toy collection. I would slowly do a couple of boxes when I could and had to be clever about stashing the boxes in a closet, under beds, and in the storage room in our new basement. So for awhile, I assumed I just had not come across the boxes that had my DC Stars custom Joker and Lex Luther. I also noticed tha…

Tonner Convention- Lady Action Lunch Open Registration

Tonner has opened up the Lady Action event to everyone.  They have also dropped that the special souvenir outfit for Lady Action is for Wonder Woman!!!  Weeeee!  I wonder what it will be? I would love one of her soldier outfits like this one...if it is just another version of her regular wonder undies...I will be miffed unless it is a retro version with the shorts or skirt and the lace up sandals.

So if you aren't one of the regular convention attendees, you can now just sign up for the breakout event for the crazy price of $60!  That gets you food, a chance at door prizes, the lecture/program part of the event, and whatever random table favor they cook up.  You will then be able to purchase a Lady Action doll and the souvenir Wonder Woman fashion for her.  If I had to guess, the outfit will be anywhere from $60-$99) and Lady Action will be around $149-199.  Once I found out the price to attend, I opted to hunt down a proxy instead.  Convention goers can attend the breakout event…

Tonner 2014 Mainline Release

Well...yeah.  So that happened today.

Use the code MAINLINE14 to get 10% off and free shipping until 4/9.

Absolutely nothing for me here.  Frankly I don't get why they do releases and offer discounts with expiration dates when more than half of the dolls don't have images!  Unreal.  They want us to pre-order sight unseen? Not likely.

Lots of little girl dolls including more Patsyand Patsyette on the Tiny Betsy body and a new line called Half-Pint. Half-Pint is a modern cutesy whereas Patsy is retro cutesy.

I could care less about Big Bang Theory but I would love to get Sheldon's outfit at some point.  The sculpt looks good actually and I like that they used the teen body for Amy.  We have to wait to see the sculpt for Amy (unless you saw the forbidden photos from Toy Fair).  I also noticed it said "first edition" for Sheldon so I wonder if there will be a "second edition" like maybe an Comic-Con exclusive …