New Jem/Pizzazz "In Stitches" IT DIrect Gift Set! GORGEOUS

Not sure why I haven't posted about this yet because OH MY SWEET LORD IT IS AWESOME!!!  So this was a surprise to IT Gift Set!  I was stunned and so very pleased to be getting this set.  It is really a great idea to do the paired designs in different colors for the dolly frenemies. Unlike the Who is he Kissing Gift Set which was and still is available in most doll shops and the IT store, the In Stitches Gift Set is only available through IT.   The set was available first to club members at a nice discount and is now available for all.  I got my set before the confidential time period was even over!  It was difficult not to spam everyone with pictures because the set is killer and even better in person.  I took some time the other day to comb our and style the hair on them both.  With a little water and combing, Jem's hair is nice and long in soft curls and would make a great rock and curl Jem stand in.  Pizzazz is FIERCE.  Both of the outfits are highly detailed and there are some great mix and match pieces here.  Many have noticed that Jem's yellow dress would make a great City Lights with only the addition of a belt, necklace and tights! 

Item # 14048  

In Stitches
JEM™ / Phyllis "PIZZAZZ" Gabor™ Duet Gift Set 
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls Worldwide
Approximate Ship Date: In-stock (Should ship shortly after payments are received) 
Price: $185.00 US (General Public) / $165.00 (W Club Members Special Price) 
Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Color Infusion / JEM
Head Sculpts: Jem and Pizzazz
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tones: Jem/FR White and Pizzazz/Japan Tones
Hair Color: Curly Pink and Neon Chartreuse
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Dressed in never before released looks from the hit 80's TV series JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS by HASBRO, the In Stitches Duet Gift Set has everything truly outrageous rock stars need to take the stage!

JEM and Phyllis "PIZZAZZ" Gabor are 12-inch fully articulated vinyl dolls with glamorous rooted hair styles and hand applied eyelashes. Produced for the first time in doll form, each lead singer's look meticulously reproduces TV-show inspired costumes and the Integrity Toys Design Team spared no details! This fantastic set comes complete with two dolls, each wearing their own version of SHANA ELMSFORD's rockin' fashion, microphones, miniature reproductions of Shana's fashion sketches, shoes, earrings, alternate hands and each comes with her own doll stand. For adult collectors ages 14 and up. 
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