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Birchbox and Citrus Lane: treat yourself

So, I decided to give myself a treat this year. I had heard about a monthly mystery box subscription for beauty stuff (birchbox) and also found one for babies (citrus lane).  I am a total whore for makeup and the box seemed like a fun way to try things out.  The baby box is customized to your both gender and age and based on reviews it seems like a good value.  I signed up for a year of Birchbox and 6 months of citrus lane. I found a discount code to get the first month at citrus lane for less.  My first birchbox arrived yesterday! I have only had time to try out the burt bees lotion (which was nice) and they had a good coupon to buy it in stores included. It also had some fancy shampoo and conditioner, some body lotion samples, and a travel size natural mascara.   I will try those out this weekend. As a part of my annual resolution to Make an Effort....I am also trying to be nicer to myself. I tend to buy things and then save them. I have heard people using the expression &q…

Adventures in Motherhood! Packing the Hospital Bag Part 1: Getting to the Hospital and Winter Baby Dramas

So I just hit the 37 week mark...I figured it was time to get that bag ready for the hospital. Better safe than sorry. Also, if you have ever met my husband let alone seen him pack for would not be surprised if I had packed this bag the second the positive pregnancy test came back.

So in preparation, I reviewed the list the hospital nurses gave me, researched online, and asked for advice on ye olde facebook.  I thought I would share the results and then report back after baby drop doomsday to see what was helpful, what was a waste of space, and what I missed having in the bags.

So here is Bag #1...a duffle with a pull out handle and wheels:

-For Brian: sweats to sleep in, two t-shirts, a hoodie, slippers, a change of socks and underwear, and a bath towel.  He is a big man and I am no dainty lady...I predict the hospital towels will be tiny and itchy.

-For Me: Bath robe, nursing tank, maternity bra, disposable nursing pads, old pair of cut off sweats I won't miss, o…

Baby Crafts: Quickie Bib

Just whipped this up from some scraps of quilt fabric and polar fleece.

Baby Crafts: Diaper Covers

Just finished these. They are made from PUL fabric with the pattern and materials from the Babyville line from Joann. They were pretty easy...though I think I will indeed pick up a fabric glue stick for the next time I make these just to keep the facings in place. (you don't want to put pins in this fabric since holes sort of make the anti-leak thing not so good).  My only complaint is that there was barely enough fold over elastic in the package to get two newborn diapers completed. It comes with two colors per package and I assumed each piece would get you two four total...but it was a close stretch for the newborn size. Anything larger would have only yielded one per cut elastic piece and a ton of waste. It definitely seems like its better to buy the elastic by the yard and not in the package.So I made them with a yoke at the front and the back inside that is supposed to help hold a store bought prefold diaper in it. You could also make your own inserts but that see…

Baby Knitting: sweater vest done!

Finished the little vest. I think it's darn cute. The pattern seemed fine right up until the end...if i would have picked up the number of stitches suggested in the pattern then my ribbing would have been a ruffle.  So i just used my judgment. It still needs blocking.The best thing about knitting for small humans is the instant gratification. Nothing like a sweater in a week.

Baby Knitting: Ike Sweater

Found my next baby project. I am doing the Ike Sweater Best from What to Knit When You Are Expecting. They pattern is calling for Rowan Cotton Glace and I am substituting some stash yarn that I have instead....Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and Classic Yarns Cash Cotton DK instead. I plan to do a three color stripe instead of the two to make the yarn last and as apart of the new year destash resolution.  I plan to make the 3-6 size so he can wear it for the spring and early summer.

2014 Tonner Convention Registration Live "Its About Time!"

So we got the registration go ahead from Tonner today.  I have to say...they really need to up their game to convince me this year.  After that Fashion Royalty convention, I doubt anything can compete (even this year's FR Convention...).  These veiled hints are leaving me cold.  All the references to time are leading most people to assume Deja Vu is one of the dolls. I currently have no interest in that sculpt. Also the hints mention Tyler...and we already know that one of the dolls available at the convention will be Lady Action using the Tyler 2.0 sculpt on the heroic body.  What we don't know is whether this will just be a doll available to buy in the salesroom or if it will be a breakout event souvenir...or something else.   Frankly I cannot imagine the regular convention attendee being excited about a Lady Action Breakout event for $200 or more.  Of course there could be another Tyler at one of the other events (or even the ultra basic doll often given as a souvenir).

The …

Gorgeous Fashion Week Jason Wu Doll...WANT!!

Integrity surprised us with an announcement about a collaboration between Jason Wu and Montaigne Market in honor of Fashion Week!  The doll features a scaled down version of Jason's designs from the spring/summer show.  I am totally in love with the outfit and the doll!  I think it is the Elise sculpt with stunning face screening, a gold sequin backless halter, great shoes and bag, and a safari jacket.  Elise has a long auburn ponytail.  She will be around $200 in us dollars ($150 euros) and god only knows how much more for taxes and shipping.  She is limited to 300 pieces.

I am trying to decide if I can afford to get her.  I really like the look and I think she will tie in well with the new club Vanessa in the safari look.  Plus, I love the sculpt and hair color.

If this is a hint of what we will be seeing in the upcoming year from the FR lineup....then hold onto your checkbooks folks...I am smitten and ready to sell this baby to get some more plastic fashion goddesses!

Resolutions 2014

So every year these need to be made...some get left behind but others linger the whole year.  My thinking is that if I manage to stick with these even part of the time then there is a benefit.Finish a script.
Get a script produced.
Finish custom Action figures that have been back burnered.
Ethical clothing challenge.
Stash diet...nothing new and work it down.
Knit four sweaters.
Keep house respectable.
Reduce clutter.
Eat better.
Exercise more.
Write more.
Create more.
Waste less time.
Be less fearful.

Wonder Woman 52 Review is up at Experience the Wonder!

Check it out...

Hmmm...her hair was way better in the promos and this one looks like she has a bit of the dread Tonner wonk eye syndrome.  I still want her though...hopefully she will go on sale.  I totally love the Tyler 2.0 face with this raven hair and red lips.  I think it is strange that she does not come in the DC Stars packaging though?

Tonner Virtual Factory Sale is Live

Go get your plastic fashionista fix...

I succumbed to Morning Mist ballerina in purple and the Tamed doll for the outfit.  I wanted Morning Mist for those purple ballet shoes and Daphne is a great I wish they had cameo nu mood hand sets.

Wavy Baby Blankie in Progress

Started on a baby blanket for the younging.  The pattern is from Vintage Knits for the Modern Baby and the yarn is Knit Picks Comfy i far so good. I modified three pattern to use with a chunky yarn and it is whipping up nicely.