Baby Crafts: Diaper Covers

Just finished these. They are made from PUL fabric with the pattern and materials from the Babyville line from Joann. They were pretty easy...though I think I will indeed pick up a fabric glue stick for the next time I make these just to keep the facings in place. (you don't want to put pins in this fabric since holes sort of make the anti-leak thing not so good).  My only complaint is that there was barely enough fold over elastic in the package to get two newborn diapers completed. It comes with two colors per package and I assumed each piece would get you two four total...but it was a close stretch for the newborn size. Anything larger would have only yielded one per cut elastic piece and a ton of waste. It definitely seems like its better to buy the elastic by the yard and not in the package.

So I made them with a yoke at the front and the back inside that is supposed to help hold a store bought prefold diaper in it. You could also make your own inserts but that seems like more work than needed.

Originally I had planned to do cloth diapers but when our washing machine got switched to coin operated instead of free...I questioned the sanity of that decision. But I thought even a few hours a day in the cloth diapers would still save money and be better for the baby.

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