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Doll Sales this Week!

Cherished Friends has a sale...and an extra 10% off some items if you order by noon on wednesday...including a killer Tyler BJD special and an amazing sale on the Bolvanger Chill Mrs/ Coulter.

Angelic Dreamz has 20-60% off most in stock dolls...

January 09 Tonner Space Newsletter

Tonner posted the January 2009 newsletter! It covers Twilight and a new flexipose Agnes Dreary. They are debuting a new sculpt at Idex and it will be the convention doll as well. And no it is not Miss Piggy...collective sigh of relief. There will also be a new Janet Lennon doll and in the style of a Tammy doll i believe. She will debut at Idex.

Sister Dreary on the Cheap!

Woot...just scored myself a Sister Dreary for a nice price on ye olde ebay. Check it out. She's $64.99 plus free shipping in the US. They have four my pretties, fly.

ReImagination Snow Whyte on Sale at FAO

She's marked down from $200 to $119 plus use the code NEWYEARSALE to get an additional 20% off orders over $99...sigh, I wish the wonder woman trunk weren't sold out.

Buffy Ornament Swap

Check out all the lovely ornaments the folks made for the Buffy Ornament Swap. I adore all the stuff I got. I made little plushy stakes for my group. Here's a photo Buffyfest took of my ornament...

Christmas Crunch Time Craftorama!

Ugh...yes, it's 3a...and I am still awake and crafting. I just finished my latest entry for the bloody project dollway thingy and I am most pleased with it. I think it is one I might actually keep when this thing is over as it will look fabu on Wonder to come shortly.

And I managed to finish two cute little purses from the Cute Stuff Aranzi Aronzo book to send along to San Francisco with Brian as gifts for his nieces. This is a fun book with lots of cute and clever things to make. Highly recommended...

And I finished knitting several hats to send with him too. Here's the Twig Lace Hat made from the Knit Picks Medieval Sampler kit.

And I crocheted some little dishwasher thingies called Tawashi.

My hands feel like shriveled claws at the moment. I still have one more thing to sew and then I can chill for a little while...ugh. Holidays...and I even started early with all the knitting and sewing...but I still end up with my back against the wall. sigh. so much cr…

George Bush Hates Toys! now it's darn near impossible for the little business crafter to make and sell toys...just because some jerkfaces overseas think it's cool to put lead in the we all have to pay. Here's the shiny new legacy of more handmade toys...and yeah, I am over-simplifying here...but you get the drift.

So stick it to the man...send letters:

Lodge your objections no later than January 30 2009 to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Office of the Secretary, email . They can be faxed to (USA) 301 504-0127

The Office of the Secretary,
Consumer Product Safety Commission,
Room 502, 4330 East-West Highway,
Bethesda, Maryland 20814 US.
Comments should be captioned: Section 102 Mandatory Third-Party Testing of Component Parts'

Winter Empire Launch Sunday 12/15

More goodies to order... I adore my Fayrie wear...and can't wait to see what is in store for us in the next line!

Innoquii Dolls are Up at Superdoll!

Go get them if ya want em...Looks like the going rate is about 248 pounds...

Another round of stuff on ebay

Clearing out more stuff...there's at least one doll outfit though and some buffy figures.

My Dc Stars Lex Luthor

I scored a Daniel Craig Golden Compass doll...and decided he would make a swell Lex Luthor. I still need to remove the glue from his head and give the back of the head a sanding...but I think he fits the part quite nicely.

Free Shipping at Wilde Imagination

Domestic Orders use the code EWV to get free shipping. International orders get $9.95 off when you use the code EWW. Offer good until Dec 20, 2008.

Works for both Ellowyne and Evangeline.

Clearance Sale at DAE Dolls

There's a clearance sale at DAE. They have great retro fashions that will fit Gene dols and some will also fit Tyler...very cute cheeky stuff.

Yet Another Awesome Knitting Zine: Twist Collective

Yeah, because that's what I need...more knitting magazines. This one is another online mag but you do have to pay for the patterns. But they have some awesome patterns...check them out. Twist Collective

February 2009 Haute Doll & Innoquii

I am sure I will get mine some time in March of 2010...which blows my mind since Haute Doll comes from frakkin' Milwaukee! Anyway, bitterness aside, the new Superdoll Innoquii is on the cover and you can read a bit more about them on the website feature section to hold you over until your subscription comes in...whenever that may be.

From what I can tell, the Innoquii are 14" porcelain Sybarites. There will be four different number editions of 300 pieces. They are basically shrunken Sybs with the same jointing and articulation as the 16" sybs including the hateful hip joints. The head is a revised DC mold and use mohair wefts for their wigs. If they are successful, basic versions of the dolls will follow as well as fashions and accessories.

I personally love it when Superdoll claims they inspired all the new resin ball jointed fashion dolls...perhaps they failed to notice a little part of the world called ASIA where resin dolls have been happening long before they cam…

Winter 2008 Knitty is up!

Fly my pretties...

I am found of the Fern Glade Beret, the awesome Surface by Norah Gaughan, the Plaited Points socks because I love cables and toe-up socks! And Socktopus is so cute and the perfect way to use up all the off ends of sock yarn that i have lying about! And the Maja shawl is great...i love doing that particular lace stitch and who doesn't love manos? Not me sir...not me. In fact I think I will go buy two skeins of manos today. weeee! I think my mom would like that shawl...but you never can tell with her.

Doll Deals of the Week!

Mary Poppins $35.99 at Dollmarket

Lyra Silvertongue for $79.99 and Lyra at Oxford for $29.99 at Cherished Friends

Free Shipping at TonnerDirect until Dec 20th using the code FREE08.

Tonner 2009 Convention "On FIlm" Registration Open!

Fly my pretties fly... Reserve your spot with only $50 this time and you can use paypal...

More information here!

2009 Tonner Collectors' Convention - "ON FILM"
Friday, June 12, 2009 - Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
70 Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL 60148

“ON FILM” – 2009 Tonner Collectors Convention in Lombard, IL (Westin) is set and ready to roll. $50 holds your spot on the red carpet to attend the fashion doll event of the year! Expect icons that have been or should be seen “ON FILM” - click here to register your reservation! And hey, we now accept PAYPAL!

Featuring legends from yesterday, today and tomorrow, Robert Tonner and the Tonner Doll Company Crew are casting a premiere especially for you. For $349 - You will receive the souvenir doll, table favors, and a goodie bag worthy of the most famous celebrities. Also included is a new free event – Twilight at Midnight – where Robert Tonner will discuss his latest hot new license and plans for t…

Project Dollway Round "Dolman" 3 Pictures are Up!

The theme this time was "Dolman". Most people went the sleeve route but a few of us did the uniform thing...which is what I did. Mine is Lana...

Eventually these outfits will be for sale...

Color Wave 4 Gene Marshall....

And yet another wave from Wu's Gene Marshall line to finish out the year. That new Madra is pretty tempting...but I was really hoping for a basic Zita with the fun streak in her hair. Sadly, no dice.

Tonner Twilight Doll Preview is Up!

Squeal...Tonner's Twilight Dolls are up...

I like them...I think the likenesses aren't perfect...but good enough for me. I like that they used a paler vinyl for Edward. And his hair looks fabulous.

Update at Deva Dolls...

They have added some new detailed pics and contact information up at Deva Dolls. These new dolls look amazing. The body sculpt seems fabulous and I so love the African Malaika Doll. I know lots of people have had problems in the past where they flat out stole money and never sent the doll. I hope they fix the situation because I sure do want that doll...

Superfrock Demi-Couture is Up...And Pricey!

Superdoll Sybarite Demi-Couture is up along with some new wigs! Ouch.... the outfits are very cool but very pricey. I am fairly tempted by the Ascot outfit...but can I justify $315 bucks for a doll outfit? I wish that I could. I am hoping I can score the gas mask from someone....

Integrity Wu Club Membership Open!

I can't seem to get the dumb pdf to when I can get that to work, I'll let you know more.