February 2009 Haute Doll & Innoquii

I am sure I will get mine some time in March of 2010...which blows my mind since Haute Doll comes from frakkin' Milwaukee! Anyway, bitterness aside, the new Superdoll Innoquii is on the cover and you can read a bit more about them on the website feature section to hold you over until your subscription comes in...whenever that may be.

From what I can tell, the Innoquii are 14" porcelain Sybarites. There will be four different number editions of 300 pieces. They are basically shrunken Sybs with the same jointing and articulation as the 16" sybs including the hateful hip joints. The head is a revised DC mold and use mohair wefts for their wigs. If they are successful, basic versions of the dolls will follow as well as fashions and accessories.

I personally love it when Superdoll claims they inspired all the new resin ball jointed fashion dolls...perhaps they failed to notice a little part of the world called ASIA where resin dolls have been happening long before they came around. But I guess they did really set off the whole "fashion bjd" as opposed to the "asian bjd" so there is definitely truth there.

Wow, I'm feeling snarky today. I think I am still bitter about the crazy price of those recent sybarite fashions with the gas masks that I so so wanted to buy...grrr. I am currently not tempted by these new dolls as the LAST thing I need is another size of doll and another expensive doll at that.
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