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She's Gotta Have It: My Picks from the IT 2015 Cinematic Convention

Well, it is not fun being at home.  I had a whole year without a doll convention...and now I am in a new city without a doll club as well.  Basically I have no one around me who understands my 'crazy'.  Le sigh.  I really want to go next year if only to be among my people.  Here is hoping the location and my teaching schedule will let that happen.  If not, I may just get a proxy again.  Then I won't have to deal with the stress of getting stuff.

Looking back on the offerings and news from the last few dolls, here are the things that excite me the most!

Director's Cut Ace McFly: I am loving this one.  The outfit is amazing.  I think it would be awesome to pose Ace in this and a raven hair doll in and variation of the Wild One outfit but with a black t-shirt and white jeans...TWINSIES! They could be dates for Lilith and Eden.  I am trying to get my hands on this one via ebay, the forums, or a trade. 
Moving onto the Style Lab Color Infusion dolls...these were much less fun…

IT Cinematic Convention-Saturday Musings from Afar-W Club Luncheon & Gala Dinner

This afternoon was the W Club Luncheon.  For those not familiar with the IT Convention, the w club luncheon is an extra fee event open only to club members.  In the past, the souvenir has usually been an outfit.  Last year, we got Erin S.  There are typically enough centerpieces so that everyone can buy one and there have even been extra dolls to purchase in previous years.

This year the centerpiece is Veronique in a white dress with platinum hair.  It looks like she is inspired by Jean Harlow. The souvenir for the event was a super cute basic doll: Nu Face Sneak Peak Eden.  I love the platinum hair and the red lips.  I would love to get this doll.  I am surprised that the edition size was 600 for her.  Here is hoping I can get one later without selling a kidney.
The big news is a 12" Tulabelle line coming out next year! I am excited.  I look forward to another quirky fashionista.  
Now I am just sitting in a state of utter terror that something amazing will come out tonight an…

2015 IT Cinematic Convention Friday Doll Musings from Afar-Poppy Parker Luncheon

The Poppy Parker luncheon delivered two cute late sixties glam dolls.  Love and Let Love had a swell sequin one shoulder gown with wonderful eye makeup. Paper Doll's dress is cute and I like the pink makeup. Her hair bump does not do it for me.

They revealed the inspiration for next year which is late sixties Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Anna Karina. The line will be called Bon Bon: Poppy Goes to Paris.

A super adorable travel gift set that will finish out the Model Scene line was also revealed.  IT Airways gift set features a brunette bob with bangs wearing a pink uniform suit; a coat with funky boots, helmet hat, and travel bag; and a colorful mini dress.  I think she will be a W Club Exclusive.  I hope it is NOT a lottery as I think it will be in high demand. (But of course, it will be a lottery...and my luck with Poppy lotteries has been utter crap). I will try for it as I think it will work well with my mod spy Poppy collection.  The collection was …

IT 2015 Cinematic Convention- Sleepy Thursday Musings from A Far...

The Adele Makeda Time and Again Centerpiece doll is very classy.  I love the big hair on her.  She has a great Olivia Pope vibe.

After getting better looks at the Style Lab Dolls, I would love to get my paws on the Jaeme/Jerrica doll.  She looks great in that tan skin tone.  I also want to find some of the men's fashions.

Seeing real pictures of the  most recent Nu Face collection, Nadja is STILL the winner but I do really like the Ayumi as well.

This time zone thing is kicking my behind....I am having a hard time staying up to see the souvenir doll for tonight....might have to update this later.


Out of Sight Nadja yall...I love this sculpt.  I am pretty tempted to hunt her down as I also don't have any short haired flocked dolls.  Kudos to Integrity for there ongoing dedication to giving us gorgeous dolls in all beautiful colors (now if we can only get one in a plumper size...I would love an Adele doll...just saying).

Pics of Adele and Nadja here...

IT 2015 Cinematic Convention Color Infusion Thoughts

Nigel North as Marlon Brando is the standout here.  He looks amazing. I kind of want the outfit so that I can make a custom Zipper for my Misfits. I also love the Elvis thing with him. No Asian sculpt this year!  Crazy-ness. I am really glad I held onto the guy from last year.

I will definitely keep some of these for Katy Keene.  I love the Lavender Lady look on Rebel Desire.  I will likely keep the gold gown too and maybe one of the black or the lovely brown gown with the nifty midriff modeled off a Lauren Bacall dress.  I think it's great they made several of the dresses into body suits and skirts.  It adds more versatility.  There is some great jewelry and footwear in this group too.  Glad I got these.  Now to hunt down the Wild One leather outfit and the James Dean Tropical Sunrise fashion.

IT 2015 Cinematic Convention Musing from Afar- Wednesday

So thanks to the magic of Flickr...We have already seen the bulk of the convention collection.  So far, nothing is making me weep with sadness that I won't have it. What a relief!  I mean SURE I would love to have some of them, but nothing is killing me.  The Agnes gift set is very cool with the lingerie and the Dietrich suit but I prefer my Agnes more modern and less retro.  Giselle with the short hair is cute but I am not into the suit.  It is too much like the awesome tuxedo jumpsuit from last year's Elise centerpiece.  I swear I recognize Star Power Vanessa's dress from a film...but I have not been able to figure it out.  I think it is in one of my costume books at work.

Currently I am most interested in the In Rouges Erin and the Workshop Lilith.  I like the hair and the pleated skirt is adorable. Lash out Poppy Workshop doll is also gorgeous with the platinum hair and the green eye shadow. I do love that Agnes.  I am trying not to think about her too much. I also lo…

IT Cinematic Convention Swag Doll List

Current Doll Count: 38 Fashion Only Count: 13
Other: (3) High Frequency Kumi ITBE Cocktail Party LE215
Heart Stopper Natalia 1.0 Mold ITBE Cocktail Party LE215 Reigning Grace Eugenia-W Club Upgrade Doll
Souvenirs: (4/1)
On Set Blue Retro gown LE600
Out of Sight Nadja R. LE600
Paper Doll Poppy Parker LE600
Sneak Peak Eden LE600
Making an Entrance Carolin Stone (Nu face) LE600

Centerpieces: (4)
Time and Again Adele Makeda  LE450
Love and Let Love Poppy Parker LE450
Stage Presence Veronique Perrin LE450
Starlet Elise Jolie
Convention Collection: (7)
LE 600 each Beautiful People Chip Farnsworth III In Rouges Erin Salston Inner Spark Natalia Fatale Feminine Perspective Agnes Von Weiss Giftset Perfectly Suited Giselle Diefendorf Sparkle, Poppy Sparkle! Poppy Parker Star Power Vanessa Perrin
Workshop Dolls: (3)
LE 450 each
Director's Cut Ace Mcfly
Up All Night Lilith
Lash Out Poppy Parker
IT Direct Salesroom (ticket to purchase): (5)
Come Live With Me Nigel North
First Blush Ayumi

IT Cinematic Convention Pity Party

I often get comments that I look like Claire Danes (albeit a mucho chubby Claire Danes since I had the wee bairn)...and I am pretty sure I UGLY CRY like Claire Danes.

The Integrity Toys Doll Convention starts tomorrow.  I am not there.  Sadness.  I also do not have a proxy this year (unlike last year).  Even more sadness.  I have a horrible sinking feeling that everything is going to be stunning and amazing and I will not be able to get my hands on any of it.  Buckets of sadness.

Currently, two things are keeping me upright.  One, I was totally uninterested in that Reigning Grace Eugenia. So if everything is in that vein, then I will not be so horribly sad. (She says trying to convince herself that it will be true). Two, I was able to secure all the women's Color Infusion fashions "for a reasonable price"...basically at cost plus shipping.

The dolls from this convention could go so many ways.  The classic Hollywood look of Reigning Grace (based on Rear Window Grace Ke…

Madame Alexander DC Dolls- Wonder Woman, Harley, and Poison Ivy

These were completely off my radar.  Somehow I am still on a Madame Alexander mailing list even though I have not bought an Alex doll in over a decade. These are new 16" dolls using the Alex articulated body. Wonder Woman's outfit is reminiscent of Linda Carter's oddly cut star spangled panties and gold chicken bodice.  If she ever goes on mega sale, I might be tempted.  Harley Quinn comes with a swell mallet but there is no photo of her without her mask or hood, so we have NO IDEA what lurks beneath that mask. The facial screening with the open smile is a little weird and her body suit needs to be way tighter. I think Ivy is the most successful.  I would love to see the leafy bathing suit thing in person and the leaf boots also look fun.  The tights are something we have not seen in previous doll versions.  Her screening looks nice and overall she captures the feeling and look of the character.

At $199 each, these are fairly in line with Tonner's DC Dolls prices but…

Never Ordinary Lilith and Eden Nu Face GIftset-W Club Exclusive

Finally some love for the Nu Face gals in the W Club.  I was excited as I have missed out on several chances at the infamous twins.  I am not sure if this will be the set to die that quintescential version of a character or sculpt that once you own it, you feel like you can rest easy knowing it cannot get any better than this doll.  I like these, but I am not in love with them.  It might be more of a "love the one your with" option for me.  I like the screening a lot.  I even like the funky hairdo that seems to be polarizing for many collectors.  I like the look and cut of the fashions but I am not in love with the colors.  The original inspiration from Balmain features gorgeous orangey reds and greys that are totally drool worthy.  BUT....the coats are amazing.  I love the jewelery and the price is amazing for two complete dolls that, up until now, have been nearly impossible to get for a good price.  So I have ordered knowing they will fill a niche for now.  Wh…

30th Anniversary Award Night Jem! W Club Exclusive Doll

I will admit that I was hoping for someone OTHER than Jem for the W Club doll this time.  My shelf is getting mighty crowded.  I was semi-tempted to pass on this one...but the Jerrica sculpt, the makeup, the hair, and that AMAZING necklace thingie won me over.  I was never in love with this fashion but it is pretty nicely executed and does look like the cartoon.  Along with the announcement, club members were treated to a very nice Q & A video with designers Vaughan and Alain.  Some hints for the future include more guys and gals, another year for the line, and polls in the club forum to help collectors show their enthusiasm for what might be produced next.

Item # 14064 Award Night JEM Dressed Doll The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ COLLECTION 2015 W Club Exclusive Limited Edition Size: TBA  Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late Q1/Early Q2, 2016 Regular W Club Price: $130 + Shipping, Handling and Applicable Sales Tax*. Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Jerrica Benton Body Type: Jem / Color Infusion

Shopbop Jem Items Now on Sale!

And yikes are they pricey. I already secured my doll luckily.  And if you have amazon prime then you can get shipping for free. I did not anticipate the fashion items being so expensive.  I am really tempted by the cashmere scarf at $130. The jewelry is amazing and I would kill for the sunglasses but totally not in my budget. With luck, the stuff will go on sale later.,os=7,link=Mobile-JEMHOAssort01-CTA-100115