IT Cinematic Convention-Saturday Musings from Afar-W Club Luncheon & Gala Dinner

This afternoon was the W Club Luncheon.  For those not familiar with the IT Convention, the w club luncheon is an extra fee event open only to club members.  In the past, the souvenir has usually been an outfit.  Last year, we got Erin S.  There are typically enough centerpieces so that everyone can buy one and there have even been extra dolls to purchase in previous years.

This year the centerpiece is Veronique in a white dress with platinum hair.  It looks like she is inspired by Jean Harlow. The souvenir for the event was a super cute basic doll: Nu Face Sneak Peak Eden.  I love the platinum hair and the red lips.  I would love to get this doll.  I am surprised that the edition size was 600 for her.  Here is hoping I can get one later without selling a kidney.

The big news is a 12" Tulabelle line coming out next year! I am excited.  I look forward to another quirky fashionista.  

Now I am just sitting in a state of utter terror that something amazing will come out tonight and I will never in a million years be able to afford it.  Le sigh.  At least there is always another convention and yet more dolls coming to ease the pain.


The table centerpiece is a swell looking brunette Starlet Elise Jolie in a complicated couture cocktail dress.  I am guessing a Jason Wu piece (but I haven't found it yet).  I like her but still not a must have.


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