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IT 2015 Spring Doll Reveal: My Favorites!

So it has been a rough few weeks for me filled with death of friends, difficult choices, and some major life roadblocks.  Needless to say, I had VERY high hopes for the Integrity webinar event.  I was really looking forward to a morning spent with my coffee looking at dolls. Alas, I was thwarted HORRIBLY.  I like many of my W Club peers, experienced a glitch while watching the webinar and we could not see the photos.  We were told to log back in and when we did, we were denied access.  It was enough to bring me to tears.  Yes, I know this is ridiculous.  But disappointment what not what I needed at that moment and, unfortunately, for Integrity, it tainted my enthusiasm for the dolls,  I only ended up ordering ONE THING from the lines if you can believe it.  Anyway...onto the dolls.

So the Katy Keene lineup was pretty swell.  Many were surprised to have her on the Jem/Color Infusion body.  I was pleased since I am a big fan both of the Jem line and the Color Infusion stuff.  Katy and f…

Makeup and Wardrobe Styling-Zombie Workout | Work on Your Zombie Survival at Youfit

This commercial shoot was so much fun. I did the makeup and costumes for the zombies.  Acquiring the zombie contacts was an epic adventure.

2015 W Club Mood Changers Poppy Parker Gift Set- Heads Will Roll

It seems like everything is running a bit behind at IT this year.  While it has given my wallet a chance to recover, collectors everywhere are getting the shakes in anticipation of a new genuine molded fix.  I feel like there must have been a collective SQUEEEE heard round the world on Monday when IT sent out the info on the first 2015 W Club doll...a three headed Poppy gift set!  The quick switch feature is nifty and this is the first time we will have it on the Poppy body.  I am sure many collectors will be on the hunt for Poppy bodies to behead and rehead.  I am thinking that my Funny Face Vero will lose her body, assuming the skin tones match. Must check.  
I am in love with the Raven.  She is beyond perfect.  I am less wild about the fashions.  I will likely keep the seafoam pants number.  I think that top will be adorable with a little mini skirt.  The other fashions will likely get the boot.  They are just not my style. I think i would have liked the pink dress better if it we…