IT 2015 Spring Doll Reveal: My Favorites!

So it has been a rough few weeks for me filled with death of friends, difficult choices, and some major life roadblocks.  Needless to say, I had VERY high hopes for the Integrity webinar event.  I was really looking forward to a morning spent with my coffee looking at dolls. Alas, I was thwarted HORRIBLY.  I like many of my W Club peers, experienced a glitch while watching the webinar and we could not see the photos.  We were told to log back in and when we did, we were denied access.  It was enough to bring me to tears.  Yes, I know this is ridiculous.  But disappointment what not what I needed at that moment and, unfortunately, for Integrity, it tainted my enthusiasm for the dolls,  I only ended up ordering ONE THING from the lines if you can believe it.  Anyway...onto the dolls.

So the Katy Keene lineup was pretty swell.  Many were surprised to have her on the Jem/Color Infusion body.  I was pleased since I am a big fan both of the Jem line and the Color Infusion stuff.  Katy and friends also share Jem sculpts. Lorelei=Jem, Gloria=Roxy.  Katy=Rapture.  Rapture is by far my favorite Jem sculpt so I was mighty happy to see it used here.  All of the dolls were amazing and the fashions have great detail.  The Katy giftset was a total no-brainer for me and is currently the only thing that I pre-ordered.  She is just the perfect retro pin-up girl. I am almost tempted to dump my Victoire stuff in favor of her. She is a ringer for Dita Von Teese and I think it would be fun to recreate some burlesque looks for her.

It seems like the IT Design Team has been watching a lot of Scandal (like me).  I definitely saw shades of Olivia Pope all over the FR16 and Fashion Royalty line.  I don't collect FR16 at the moment.  I still have two Tulabelle dolls, but they might have to hit the road when we move.  The fashions in the FR16 line are always amazing though.  They have amazing detail and stunning accessories yet they are WAY less expensive than what you get from rival 16" dollmakers like Tonner.  Super Natural Anais is totally Olivia and I was highly tempted by her.  LOOK AT THAT BAG PEOPLE!  
And I rarely do evening gowns but that Exuberance Hanne is pretty amazing.  Love the platinum 'granny' hair bouffant and smokey eyes.  

I thought the whole FR16 lineup was wonderful this time and not a stinker in the bunch.  Every time I see these and all the gorgeous bits and bobs and fashion details combined with the price, I just don't know why I would even bother looking elsewhere.  The real key is that these dolls look modern with great execution and SCALE.  It is all about scale and IT rarely lets us down on that front.

It comes as no surprise that there were like 80 new Poppy dolls. She remains ridiculously popular.  I was less excited about this lineup than last year's mod spy movie themed selection.  These dolls are taking inspiration from the last sixties...not my favorite fashion era. The new man sculpt is promising and I like Darla with big hair.  I am darn tempted to get the Out of this World Poppy as I think that fashion fits in nicely with the stuff from last year and I like the pale lips with the white blonde hair.  The African American Poppy in the gold is mighty pretty too.  I would love to snag that outfit loose if I can because it also screams Bond girl to me.  The suit and little blue portfolio on Go See are also super cute.  I like that doll overall but I don't NEED her.  Like I said, I might have had a different opinion had the morning gone better for me.

***Update: I caved and managed to snag the last one from Gigi and Sherry's Dolls!

The Fashion Royalty lineup had a few old favorite characters return like Isha and Tatyana.  I was slightly temped to get Elise since her dress print is the same as the upgrade W Club Agnes that I have on order.  Kyori is also pretty stunning as a blonde!  I think these fashions are classic and will mix and match well.  I don't do ball gowns...but Adele is lovely in the dark skin with the pale blue.  I would love to have a Tatyana sculpt...but this does not do anything for me.  Le sigh.

 I think I will cave and order the event doll gift set.  I don't really like the ball gown, but the jacket and dress are great.  I think the jacket will be awesome with my Club Dania and the upgrade Agnes.

***Update:  I did indeed cave.  I don't have a Vero sculpt she might end up staying.  We shall see. 


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