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Jason Wu for Lancome eyeshadow palette

Finally tried out my Jason Wu the colors...great for a night out but might be a little too much sparkle for the day.

De-Boxing Day Infiltrator

Jameson wants in on the action in the new doll shelf unit.

Happy De-Boxing Day: The Stingers and Broadway Magic Jem!

Wow.  These are amazing.  I think I am most impressed with Rapture.  Her sculpt might be my favorite of the bunch thus far...truly a knockout.  Plus there is that tiny banana clip....TINY BANANA CLIP PEOPLE!  How can you resist that?  These dolls have great hair and wonderful re-dress potential for non-Jem fans out there.  Riot is a total hunk and the outfit is fantastic.  Minx has gorgeous long hair and her outfit is going to mix nicely with all that swag from the Color Infusion Style Lab from the last Convention.  
Broadway Magic Jem has really lovely soft makeup that is such a big contrast to the other Jem versions out there.  Plus her side sweep hair and sausage curls are fun.  I am pretty luke warm on the outfit at this moment.  It is an accurate representation of the cartoon fashion...but it has never been one of my favorites. I do adore the little wireless mic though.

Happy De-Boxing Day: Who is He Kissing? Jem Giftset!

OMG!  I am completely in love with this set.  Jem is STUNNING.  I love her hair and her makeup.  Complete perfection...she is almost tempting me to just sell the Classic Jem off it is getting pretty crowded with Jem versions here what with five now (Hollywood, Classic, Glitter n Gold, Broadway, & now Kissing).  If we get another version this year than someone might get booted off the Hologram island.
Jerrica is also perfection.  Yes her bangs and super crunchy.  I did not even bother trying to comb them out and just stuck the super adorbs hat on her head.  I like the length of the hair and the curl in it.  She is also tempting me to boot the first Jerrica as a nude doll as well...but I hesitate since I am currently using Laka Orion from Convention as my Glitter n Gold Jerrica.  I had thought Laka and Jerrica were the same sculpt but evidently they are not....but Laka looks so darn good in that outfit and she is so very pretty to boot.  Hmmmmm.  
The outfits are great.  …

Happy De-Boxing Day: Ikea Huset Doll Furniture

I hobbled into the children's department at Ikea the other day to buy rugs and storage bins for the Grub room....and lo and behold found this swell set of mini Ikea doll house furniture.
The online price says 12.99 but I am pretty sure that I paid more like $16.99 for it...perhaps I am imagining that though.  At either price, it seemed like a deal for the bookcase, sofa, pillow, chair, end table, and rug.  The box also had little punch out cardboard decorations that are cute.  Anyway, I thought that it looked like the right scale for the Jem and Fashion Royalty dolls and I was right!  Now I am sure that I am late to the band wagon on this and everyone already has it and has been raving about this set....if not, get thee to an Ikea and get it!  Or get a friend to get to an Ikea...just get it!    
This was a 2013 set and I am REALLY hoping that they continue to do these picking different furniture and accessory favorites every yea…

Happy De-Boxing Day: Jem Stage

Finally got a new book shelf to finish getting out all the girls.  I figured the top shelf was perfect for this huge stage (and also safe from the cat and the baby)!  I left room in the back for Raya (fingers crossed we get her).  Though if she comes with a sit-down drum kit than I doubt she will fit back there.  
To add some more stability to the stage, I taped the stand bases underneath the cardboard which seems to have helped things.  I might actually add a few more holes to off-set Kimber and Shana so that Aja and Raya can be seen in the back row.  But for is it!

For those of you REALLY into your Ball Jointed Dolls....Here are some swell tights!


These are pretty spectacular.  Looks like they are custom airbrushed for you to your size and color specs and go for around $40.  You can get them zombie-fied as well.  Just more proof that etsy rules.

Create your own Jem Fashions with reproduction fabrics

Just came across this store at Spoonflower that is completely dedicated to replicating the fabric prints as seen on the Jem and the Holograms cartoon in both human and doll scale.!

or go straight to the source:

2014 W Club Registration is Open! Upgrade Dolls are AMAZING!

Download the pdf aqui....  Or go straight to registration and sign up here:  You have until January 21st.  You won't regret it.  I think I have been in the club for four or five years now and it is truly a wonderful thing.  I really like the forum and the perks abound: sneak peaks, dealer coupons, early access to convention, the exclusive's all worth it and then some.

The upgrade dolls this year....oh my.  I am excited.  We already knew one would be Poppy from the new mod Girl from Integrity line up...but I am over the moon for that Vanessa and Danielle!

Item # 91345
Fashion Explorer
Vanessa Perrin® Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2014 W Club Exclusive Deluxe Upgrade Doll

Doll Tech Specs: 

Body Type: FR 2013
Head Sculpt: Vanessa 3.0
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Brunette
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

She has a great Lara Croft vibe about her.  I…

In Search of the Holy Grail Doll

If you are a collector of any sort, there is always something for which you hunt for with a passion.  Whether that be a piece of your grandmother's wedgewood that your carelessly broke one day or a perfect mint version of your well-loved childhood toy....we all have em.  I think it is ultimately an excellent thing as a 'collector predator' to have a prey.  For me it is often 'the one that got away'.  There are a few that remain on this list (Dark Romance twins)...and many that I have happily scratched off (Hollywood Jem and Diana of Themyscira).  But this week I was able to score one that I thought completely lost...The Wonder Woman Trunk Set.  Well, a portion of it anyways.  I missed this when it first came out.  It was limited to 100 pieces from FAO and it was darn pricey...I had hoped it would go on sale but sadly it sold out too quick for me to muster the cash...and it has since gone for crazy prices on ye olde ebay.  While the trunk itself is awesome...the st…

Squee! Who's He Kissing Gift Set!

What wonderful luck I had the email from Gigi & Sherry's dolls that my gift set was in and I happened to be leaving work early today and had time to grab it! No time to de-box due to tech rehearsal...but I did gave time to open it up and take a gander. Gorgeous! I love Jem's makeup. The dark eyebrows and side glance eyes are fun. I know a lot of folks aren't into the side glance eyes but I think it works nicely with the theme of the set.  The hair looks pretty thick and the dress is cute. A nice suppose is the skirt which has the tiniest little sequins all over then. Adorable! Jerrica looks swell. The blue eyeshadow is cool but the eyelashes don't seem blue to me...maybe it was the light? I like her hair as well. The box is nice and it would make a nice back drop for posting and taking pictures.  Overall...super pleased. Can't wait to get these girls de-boxed.

Ice Castles Tulabelle

My black Friday Wilde Imagination purchase of the Cold Comfort Ellowyne outfit arrived yesterday. Overall, it is a bit big on Tulabelle...most notably in the tights. I think i will take those in when i get the chance. The bodysuit is also a little loose but could work for a slouchy look nicely. The puffer jacket is darn cute. Though for some reason...they opted for a non-separating zipper so you have to pull it on. Strange. The tutu skirt is adorable and the earmuffs are giant but cute.  The boots are a touch big, but since they adjust with Velcro and...well..since they are boots, i think they work.  So for the price, this was a decent deal. With a few tweaks it will be perfectly adorable on her.