In Search of the Holy Grail Doll

If you are a collector of any sort, there is always something for which you hunt for with a passion.  Whether that be a piece of your grandmother's wedgewood that your carelessly broke one day or a perfect mint version of your well-loved childhood toy....we all have em.  I think it is ultimately an excellent thing as a 'collector predator' to have a prey.  For me it is often 'the one that got away'.  There are a few that remain on this list (Dark Romance twins)...and many that I have happily scratched off (Hollywood Jem and Diana of Themyscira).  But this week I was able to score one that I thought completely lost...The Wonder Woman Trunk Set.  Well, a portion of it anyways.  I missed this when it first came out.  It was limited to 100 pieces from FAO and it was darn pricey...I had hoped it would go on sale but sadly it sold out too quick for me to muster the cash...and it has since gone for crazy prices on ye olde ebay.  While the trunk itself is awesome...the stuff that came with it was the real temptation with one came with the original Wonder Woman outfit and a doll that looked no different than the original issue Wonder Woman.  I thought this was sort of lame at the time.  It did have a cape similar to Lynda Carter's stars and stripes cape...but I actually found one on eBay that was far superior to the trunk cape.  The second outfit was a cute little white one shoulder Greek number similar to a few outfits in the comic book that Diana wore on Themyscira.  I made a version of my own design a few years ago that held me over.  The real thing that I wanted was the intricate little Wonder Woman 'cheerleader outfit' as I like to call it.  Well I finally scored it on eBay the other day with the original trunk Wonder Woman doll.  I am lacking the sword and shield...but I can steal the sword from the Queen of Swords Tyler...and maybe I can make a shield or something?  it was more than I would have liked to pay for it...but chances that I could ever afford the complete set are slim to none.  So it was worth it for me....and the glory is all mine...MINE!

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