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Epic Cash Hemmorage

Oh dear....i might have just spent a ton of money...I knew that the style lab would be my achilles heal.  And it did not disappoint. I definitely wanted all the outfit variations but I doubt I will keep all of the dolls that I bought.  I am planning to turn one of the boys into Techrat and one of the girls into Danse.  There were several fun of the boys had blue steaks in his hair...might be good for Stormer's brother?  In the souvenir shop...i was lucky enough to have a coupon for the amazing Tricks Up Her Sleeve adorable. I also got the cute blue hair Tullabelle.  From the collection, I thought that blonde Veronique was stunning and I also got Agnes.  Not sure if I will keep either of them yet...they might be going up for sale post convention.In my mystery box was a Coney Island Poppy with her outfit (but she smells a bit like a basement and i think had a wonky eye...might make a good repaint) and a complete Avant Guard outfit...the one with the orange …

Fashion Royalty Convention Room Sales!

So I will be doing room sales again at the convention.  The flyer will be posted on the board...but here are my estimates hours:

Thursday 3:30-6:30p; Friday 2p-6p; and Saturday 2p-6p.

I will have lots of custom made hats for fashion royalty and FR16 dolls. Also pop-culture t-shirts for both sizes, some fashions, lots of jewelry, and much more. I am at table #39 if you would like to come find me to set up an appointment...or shoot me a message to set up an appointment.

Tonner Wonder Woman 52 Pics Revealed....

Oh man...totally was hoping not to like her.  But sadly, no dice.  The New Tyler sculpt looks awesome with the Raven hair and red lips.  The outfit works pretty nicely as well.  So...yeah...might need to get it to be a Wonder Woman completist.
     Dressed Tonner character figure™
·Face includes hand-painted details
·Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
·New Tyler head sculpt
·16" Heroic body
·Tyler skin tone
·Blue painted eyes
·Raven rooted saran hair
·Regular hands and fist hands are included
·Red faux leather bodice with silver trim
·Navy blue lycra panty with silver faux leather stars 
·Silver faux leather gauntlets
·Silver faux leather armband
·Silver faux leather choker
·Silver faux leather headband with a red star decoration
·Gold lasso
·Navy blue and silver faux leather boots
·Nude pantyhose
·LE 300
*SHIPPING NOTICE - our licensing agreement allows us to ship this item to the following countries: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, & U.S. Military Bases.

Fashion Royalty Convention Looms

I am getting so excited.  I have been sewing like a maniac for this one.  I made a ton of little t-shirts with fun logos for the FR girls and Tulabelle.  And hats galore of course.    I have one competition entry finished and hoping to get at least one more done this week if the stars align.  I have my Halloween costume about 85% done...just have to finish the hair-piece and make sure the little velvet coat I have actually fits over this giant gut bump.  I have not figured out the fashion options for the rest of the weekend though...that is always tricky.  I assume I will be freezing everywhere I go and, after this last week and realizing how hard it is now to wrestle on tights of any sort, I will likely be rocking pants for the weekends festivities.  But perhaps I will actually do a dress for the fancy party.  We shall see if I have anything that fits.

Sadly my new Clark's boots are too tight.  Ugh.  Have to take them back to DSW to see if I can get the next size up.  I had pla…

DIY Fake Blood

Jason Wu for Lancome

Somehow I missed that this was happening.  Jason Wu has designed a line of makeup for Lancome.  You can check it out at Nordstroms.  They also have a Lancome gift with $40 purchase at the moment (promo code COOL...the warm set is sold out online so if you want that one you will have to hoof it into the stores). I am thinking of getting the violet palette....

Update...I totally sprang for the Violet Streak palette.  Woot.  I will update with a review when I get it.  It has been awhile since I had any Lancome makeup (being a fairly loyal Benefit gal who occasionally strays into Urban Decay, Too Faced, and MAC)...but I definitely like their skincare stuff and lipstick.  It looks like the special gift will go nicely with this palette as well and really helps sweeten the deal.  Not like I need more makeup....don't judge me...

Sale at Wilde Imagination

Highly tempting sale on outfits and a few dolls at Wilde Imagination.

Witches Brew Evangeline....came and went.

She was pretty neat but sold out in a snap it seems.  People seem to be pretty annoyed that they could not get one.  For $225 she is actually a decent deal (and yes I realize the absurdity of referring to a $225 doll as 'decently priced').

Le sigh....

Tonner DC Stars New 52 Dolls!

Woot!  A new 52 Wonder Woman, Mera, and Supergirl!  Also a 22" American Model Harley Quinn.  I just sold my original Mera from the convention....looks like I was just in time to maybe get this one instead and have a less disco version.  I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman with the new Tyler sculpt...might be a fun new look for her.  I am glad the kept the Mera and Supergirl sculpts as those were both wonderful.  I am still a fan of the original Wonder Woman sculpt...but having a raven new Tyler sculpt is super exciting.  I liked the new Tyler quite a bit.  These are pretty limited at 300 each, but I am also to broke to pre-order these at full price right before the Integrity convention.  I will have to take my chances that Wonder Woman won't sell out....and then hope that I can catch Mera on sale and maybe get Supergirl's outfit loose.