Tonner Wonder Woman 52 Pics Revealed....

Oh man...totally was hoping not to like her.  But sadly, no dice.  The New Tyler sculpt looks awesome with the Raven hair and red lips.  The outfit works pretty nicely as well.  So...yeah...might need to get it to be a Wonder Woman completist.
     Dressed Tonner character figure™
·         Face includes hand-painted details
·         Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
·         New Tyler head sculpt
·         16" Heroic body
·         Tyler skin tone
·         Blue painted eyes
·         Raven rooted saran hair
·         Regular hands and fist hands are included
·         Red faux leather bodice with silver trim
·         Navy blue lycra panty with silver faux leather stars 
·         Silver faux leather gauntlets
·         Silver faux leather armband
·         Silver faux leather choker
·         Silver faux leather headband with a red star decoration
·         Gold lasso
·         Navy blue and silver faux leather boots
·         Nude pantyhose
·         Stand
·         LE 300

*SHIPPING NOTICE - our licensing agreement allows us to ship this item to the following countries: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, & U.S. Military Bases.
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