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Ellowyne Wilde Free Shipping & "Tiny Expectations"

Promo Code EWR gives you free shipping. That new Ellowyne Tiny Expectations is also up for order. James Marsters Mini-Me Arrived!

Here's his head...still unpainted and sans eyes and wig at the moment...

I think he turned out perfect. Now just to give him a faceup and find eyes, wig, and clothes for him. Tra la new doll!

Modern Doll Convention Pics Surfacing...

Head over to prego to see some pics from the Modern Doll are some from Joanne...and I am sure there are more to come.

Happily I am STILL not swayed by the Devereaux sisters...there was a killer repaint the other day of one of them that was awesome...but I am still resisting... I believe they are named the Bee's Knees (black dress) and the Cat's Meow (yellow dress).

Here's the new Ellowyne "Tiny Expectations" on ebay...I believe she will be in the regular line though so don't scramble to pay too much for her. I am not keen on the name though. It makes me think it's a pregnant doll. I do like that blonde color on her even though it seems like it's that weird Nevermore loopy hair roll style on top. Cannot tell from the picture.

Ficon Doll Boutique Open...

They have got some snazzy separates, wigs, over there. The denim in particular looks awesome. Alas I am poor.

Comfy Twig Lace Cap for & Long Project

I knit this up in the last three days for the Stash and Burn 7 Long Project...hats for sick kids. I think the hat turned out nicely...its knit picks comfy in honeydew using a knit picks sampler set pattern.

Article of Tonner offers some clues!

First of this nice article about Robert Tonner. Next, notice the clues for upcoming dolls!

-Full figured fairies from Sleeping Beauty! I am assuming he is talking about Flora Fauna, & Merriweather. I am guessing they will also be short. Very cool. I just assumed he would be re-using the Munchkin body.

-A Dorothy re-sculpt to look like Judy Garland!

-AHHH! Tonner turned down the Dark Knight license...***mourns loss of Christian Bale doll***

-Bellatrix Lastrange doll! Ugh, so very cool but thus far I have resisted the Harry Potter dolls...they are making it harder and harder.

RUR at new show...good reviews...etc!

come see it...

Review from the Reader!

Review from New City!

Tonner makes Twilight Dolls!

Weee! I sort of expected this to happen. I hope they are in the Tyler world and not the Harry Potter World though...cannot wait!

Firm to produce collectible character figures in support of feature film’s November 21, 2008 release
Hurley, NY (September 22, 2008) – Tonner Doll Company, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-end
collectible dolls and figures, has been granted the license for character figures based on the much-anticipated movie from
Summit Entertainment, TWILIGHT, which arrives in theatres nation-wide on November 21, 2008.
Sculpted in the likenesses of the film’s lead characters - Edward Cullen (as portrayed by Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan
(as portrayed by Kristen Stewart), - each fully-authorized, highly-collectible TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE™ (TCF)
will give fans the opportunity to possess their very own Edward and Bella for all eternity. TWILIGHT TONNER
CHARACTER FIGURES™ range from 15&…

New Fashion Doll Chat Board

Run by the owners of Angelic Dreamz, Fashion Doll Talk looks like it will be a fun place to meet and share doll fun. It has lots of groovy features and seems to be open for all kinds of dolls and people. No applying and waiting, or worse yet, getting turned down. Which...having been turned down myself for one particular doll completely humiliating and made me feel just awful...made me not want to collect the sodding dolls anymore...

So I am all for inclusive doll boards...let the stupid selfish jerks play in their private clubhouses...everyone knows a block party is always more fun.

Metrodolls Souvenirs on Sale

Head over to Metrodolls to get the extra souvenir dolls from the recent luncheon...those Showboat dolls are very very pretty...I am sorely tempted to pick up Magnolia...but I need to see what the damage will be from Tonner Convention. Plus I don't need period I will wait for this sculpt to be released in the main line next year.

FS List: Updated! Tonner, Bjds, Ellowyne, etc...

Gotta clear out some room and the duplicates. Prices do not include shiping. I will do international. I accept paypal or us postal money orders. Trades wanted below. I have postive feedback on ebay under alyrenee. All items from a non-smoking house. I have cats but they stay away from the dolls. Cheers!

$100 Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Dressed Doll complete (one rhinestone has gone MIA from her belt...but it is not noticeable)

$200 Lonely Hearts Ellowyne from Convention...

$400 Mini-fee Shu Shu w/custom faceup..normal skin

$100 Metallic Misaki Haute Doll complete

$15 Nude Riviera Susie with a slight shoulder split

Also, i have several outfits, separates, and really low priced repaints on my show and sell page. Please check them out.

Trades: DC Stars Joker, Vacation on Location Jac, Any Convertible foot Tonner Doll or body, Wonder Woman's red boots, any tall red boots, Sybarite clothing and footwear, reroot service…

Tonner Space Newsletter September 2008 is Up!

Ultra Basic Shauna at Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz has a platinum and red head Ultra Basic Shauna/Queen of Hearts doll for $59.99 scheduled to arrive mid-october. I am not tempted. For some reason..I am not a big fan of this sculpt.

Pirates Tia Dalma Doll up on Tonner Site

Wow! She is really amazing. Though still an insane $269 dollars...she does have an amazingly detailed costume with distressing, a great new sculpt, and fabulous hair. It looks like she even has freckles and some of the facial tattoos from the movie. I hope I can get her cheaper at some point....

Sybarite News...more chalk whites! It Girls, & Demi-Couture! Marlbe QueenBee Exclusive!

Here's the scoop:

Dearest Patrons, Collectors and Fans!

Ah! We guess it’s time for a bit of an update from us here at SDHQ, so here it goes…..
Firstly, the good news.
As we enter the 2nd half of 2008 we are delighted to offer dealer exclusives and then some!
As per tradition, will this year have the 3rd in her series of Sybarite dolls. This beauty called Queen Bee™ will be released mid October.

It was presumed that with the sale of our WAR™ collection of ooak dolls it was the close of 2008 Haute Couture here at Superdoll, but alas! that was but the season opening. For AW08 Haute Couture we are extatic at our great news.... read on!

Our absolute delight abound on receipt of some very, very good news for us. As y’all may or may not know, Chalk White™ dolls were retired some time ago, due to our UK production plant closing. The greatest news however is that we will be re launching these exquisite dolls! Yes, there are faux and wannabes, but now the reality exists that there …

Swell Tabletop Yarn Swifts on Ebay

I just got mine in the mail! if the stupid yarn winder would show up I can get to making lovely yarn cakes of wooly goodness. This swift was an extremely reasonable $26 bucks plus shipping. Check them out...

Metro Dolls Souveneir Magnolia

I am oh so sad I did not get an absentee package...this dolls is gorgeous. According to convention goers, this sculpt will be in the line next year. Not sure in what capacity...perhaps as another DC Star sculpt? Who knows. She would make a splendid Zatanna... Here's hoping Metrodolls has some extras to sell.

Tonner's BJD Sydney Production Photos

She looks super. Sorely tempted by this one. I think i am still holding out for a Supergirl BJD...not sure. But this Sydney is definitely my favorite thus far... But she is $550 in only a wig and a simple teddy. For only a little more, you can get a dressed Sybarite that will have a crazy resale value down the road and awesome clothes...assuming you can get the chance to order one...but you know what I mean.

More Mini Millinery for Sybs, Tyler, Ellowyne, & Gene

I finished a few more...and have more in progress...

Blood Bird Doll Millinery on Evil-bay

This is more of a test to see how people like my hats...i am trying to gauge the reaction and how much I should be charging for these little buggers. So bid away if you like it. I have many more coming in a variety of colors and styles.

Blood Bird on Ebay

Crochet for 16" Dolls Pattern Book

Heads up on this new how-to book for your fashion dolls. Melody is super sweet and I own several of her little crocheted numbers for my dolls. This book looks like great funa nd I cannot wait to pick it up at the Tonner Convention.

Scary Sockfest #1 Mummy Socks In Progress

Started these last night in RUR rehearsal. they are coming along nicely in Louet Gems Pearl Light Grey....

My Morning Glories

Well the bulk of my garden is now dead,dead,deadski...but the morning glories are a force of nature...