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Late to the Jem Party? You can still get in on the fun!

Custom Jem Outfits/Accessories for Integrity and more!

Wilde Virtual Factory Sale- A Bumpy Ride

After a frustratingly long day of error messages, the virtual sale is finally a go.  There was a collective grumble heard round the doll world when the shopping cart system crashed and much groaning on the internets.  But it seems like these virtual sales are destined to crash when you have that man people hitting a site all at once.

I missed out on two things that I wanted:  the Rufus Totally Natural outfit and the creepy franken-rufus which I wanted solely for the outfit and boots...(hopefully I can get those loose from someone).  I was able to get the leopard cardy, the striped cardy, the black frills tank top, and the other rufus totally casual outfit.  I thought the boutique pieces would work nicely for Tulabelle.  The Rufus outfit is a great deal and I love the pieces.  I was tempted by the black parasol but I realized that it does not close.  I can likely get one that actually closes if I wait for hobby lobby to put out the christmas stuff again (which knowing hobby lobby is …

Doll Musings: Lottery Success and Jem Accessory Sets

So I am happy to report that I got both the Night Strike and the Red Strike ITBE dolls! Woot.  Go me. hat sort of takes the sting out of losing the Montaigne Market Elise doll.

Also, my Jem and Misfits accessory sets arrived! These are really fantastic!  The jackets are gorgeous and the instrument cases are fantastic.  Pictures coming...


Doll Musings: Know when to hold em and when to fold em...

Well poop.  I did not get picked for the Montaigne Market Elise lottery.  le sigh.  At least the Jem dolls arrived to distract me.  Then Integrity released picks for the next wave of ITBE girls.  This round of dolls is exclusive to W club members.  I threw my hat in for Janay and Monogram.  The forums were all excited about the AA Vanessa and AA Kyori as well.  Both cool but I had to stick with the two I liked the best. I am a sucker for platinum hair!

My Jem and Misfits accessory packs should arriving any day now.  I am hoping I will be able to pick up one more of each jacket for the bands loose or on ebay.  I also anticipate the announcement of another Jem soon.  Integrity dropped hints about a Jem with long curly hair seen in the Raya promo shots.  Speculation abounds as to what she will wear...I am hoping for a flipside fashion set.  The curly hair could mean Rock and Curl Jem...but I am hoping for something more exciting.  The mention the song Who is She Anyway? which is a Misfi…

Astral and Jetta

Picked up my dolls from Gigi's Dolls today...and I have had the chance to debox two of them. So far I am super pleased with them.  Jetta's heels are a sparkle black vinyl...very cool.  The Jetta sculpt is great. She has a bit of an Agnes vibe to her with a more square jaw. If I can get my hands on another one on sale, I would love to reroot her with silver steaks.
Astrale's hair is gorgeous and get makeup is really nice. I can barely tell that this is a reused sculpt. 

Yo, meet Baby Joe!

He is my little sack of sugar.  8lbs 14oz...21 inches.

Evening in Montreal Victoire Roux is Perfection!

Totally in love with this doll.  She is gorgeous in every way.  I am particularly in love with the color of her hair as it works with the champagne fur shrug and the chocolate cocktail dress.  She is going to make a fantastic hat model.  I am contemplating making a similarly styled dress for the Workshop Victorious Victoire doll from the 2013 Convention.  They both have similar hair styles in opposite maybe a silver dress with a black shrug?  Then I would have a warm and cool version.

My best craft project ever: Baby Joseph Dante!

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