Doll Musings: Know when to hold em and when to fold em...

Well poop.  I did not get picked for the Montaigne Market Elise lottery.  le sigh.  At least the Jem dolls arrived to distract me.  Then Integrity released picks for the next wave of ITBE girls.  This round of dolls is exclusive to W club members.  I threw my hat in for Janay and Monogram.  The forums were all excited about the AA Vanessa and AA Kyori as well.  Both cool but I had to stick with the two I liked the best. I am a sucker for platinum hair!

My Jem and Misfits accessory packs should arriving any day now.  I am hoping I will be able to pick up one more of each jacket for the bands loose or on ebay.  I also anticipate the announcement of another Jem soon.  Integrity dropped hints about a Jem with long curly hair seen in the Raya promo shots.  Speculation abounds as to what she will wear...I am hoping for a flipside fashion set.  The curly hair could mean Rock and Curl Jem...but I am hoping for something more exciting.  The mention the song Who is She Anyway? which is a Misfits song from the episodes Broadway Magic and The Fan.  Jem wears a purple dress in the video...but I hope this is not what we are getting.  The hint also mentions that the box is really big.  I am hoping that this means a giftset and/or a playset.  The popular opinion is a Synergy computer to put together.

Then of course we are fast approaching the spring Integrity line release...if there is more of the Urban Safari look as seen on the upgrade Vanessa and MM Elise...then I might be in trouble.  I might try to get some of the line to keep the fashions and sell off the dolls nude.  We shall see.

Meanwhile there is still Tonner.  I am still not going to the convention as of now.  The breakout events are for Lady Action (souvenir is an outfit...I assume I will be able to pick it up after the convention on and for Carmen Dell Orifice fashion doll.  It is a fashion event hosted by Tyler, so one assumes that they might actually have a Tyler companion doll or something.  I am interested in the Carmen doll but I prefer to wait and see her before buying.  I have not seen more details about the actual included events and what the souvenirs may be.  One assumes a Deja Vu doll (maybe as the ultra basic) and then something on an Antoinette body as the convention doll.  After the Cami-Palooza of last year, I have my money on Daphne, Lana, or Glinda as the convention doll sculpt.  Maybe we should start a pool.  I have not seen anything on the competition categories or workshops yet.  But then again, since I am not going I am not on the lists for these things.  I have mixed feelings about not going...I am sure I will be moping around the whole weekend on the convention, but not laying out all that cash and then stressing about selling off the stuff I don't like (which usually is the bulk of it)...and also not being run ragged by the salesroom hours will be a nice change.  I have ended up being really sick during and after almost every hopefully I can dodge that bullet this year.  
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