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Swell Semi- Jayne Cobb Firefly Hat Pattern!

I have already made a cunning Jayne hat with a different pattern that produced an uncomfortably tight hat...I found this pattern at Lion and thought it would be good. Though the original hat did not have the big it would not be super accurate.

Current Project: Reversible Cable Scarves

I have already knit two of these and I am working on a third. The first two were in Sensations wool blend yarn (name escapes me) and this is in sensations wool yarn in another name that escapes me. I also added some eyelash yarn at the ends. I like them. These are my second efforts at cabling and I think I have it down now. My pictures to come later. All a part of my ongoing misson to give everyone something home-made this holiday. So far so good.

Crafty blog in progress!

soon...stuff that will blow your mind. well not really...